Hey, who wants to talk about Dr. Deisher and vaccines and autism and fetal cells and statistics? Some more?

Hey, who wants to talk about Dr. Deisher and vaccines and autism and fetal cells and statistics? Some more? September 18, 2014


PIC man showing woman statistics chart

Not me! But other folks do, and ain’t other folks what make the world go round? Here are a few good reads for vaccine/austism/fetal cell/Deisher/statistical analysis die hards, following an odd exchange I had with Stacy Trasancos in the comment box of my Monday post, But what if we’re not scientists?

The folks at Rational Catholic have added an even more in-depth commentary on the statistical analysis in Dr. Deisher’s study with Looking a Little Closer at the Numbers

Joseph Moore of Yard Sale of the Mind offers Simcha Fisher’s Science Post: the Gift that Keeps On Giving!

And after Stacy Trasancos wrote this, to her credit she asked highly credentialed statistician Matt Briggs to evaluate Dr. Deisher’s study. You can read his opinion at Autism and Stem-Cell Derived Vaccines: Deisher’s New Paper.

So now you are all caught up! I find that I am sitting here slowly making my way through an unattended stick of butter as I type, so rather than go through and find tantalizing pull quotes for you from the links above, I’m going to get away from my computer for a bit. Byee!

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  • echarles1

    Mr. Briggs is great. He makes statistics fun and almost understandable.

  • anna lisa

    Thanks for the links.
    I love it when scientists talk nerdy, but it has to be early in the morning when my brain is willing to strain a little.
    I wish there could be some stunning piece of evidence that could sway me from my current guarded position on the subject.
    What I found to be a little ironic was in the com box:
    Darwin made a startling claim based on his observations of nature, but lacked sufficient scientific (genetic) evidence for his claims.
    His theory is finally vindicated, generations later, with indisputable evidence.
    I wonder how many scientific breakthroughs began with an unsubstantiated but valid hunch based on spotty evidence?

    I hope Dr. Deisher doesn’t give up. I hope she and other scientists have the will and the passion to follow through with the kind of research that still needs to be done.. If she and other scientists believe that she could be right, it would be unconscionable not to do the research and not to keep pushing for an answer.

  • Sarah Pierzchala

    I’m sick of this whole debate. Who’s up for debating the artistic and evangelical merits of wholesome, truly Catholic arts and entertainment?

    • simchafisher

      Me, me! I just wrote up an interview for OSV with Sam Rocha, who is a talented musician and an enormous weirdo; and I’m setting up an interview with Neil Carlson, who did the Holy Family painting for World Family WhatHaveYou, for my more or less ongoing Catholic Artist series! Yay!

      • Sarah Pierzchala

        Oh, wait—you’re serious, aren’t you? I was being really mean and snarky about what constitutes “Catholic” art!

        • simchafisher

          Well, I’m afraid I’m too pure and sincere to recognize sarcasm when I see it. That’s just how I am. You may want to take your uncharitable literary devices, elsewhere. Harumph.

  • Deimos

    Dear Simcha and all who have commented
    We have four daughters and the youngest is ten and very autistic.

    But my post isn’t about the debate, we have these sort of thing every few years and we’re sick of it too. My much more important question is how we get her through her first communion and whether our priest will let us use cheese crackers and orange juice on the day instead of the usual bread and wine?

    My avatar picture is her support spaniel, a good catholic dog and happily married mother of eleven.