What are you doing for catechism this year?

What are you doing for catechism this year? September 16, 2014
All right, YOU catechise this, if you’re so smart.

For the older kids, in 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th grades, I give up. Wait, no, that’s not what I meant to say out loud. What I meant to say is that we haven’t found either EDGE or LifeTeen to be a good match for our family, and every time I try to read something aloud to the kids, or do a pre-packaged curriculum with them, something happens to capsize the whole endeavor.  It’s some combination of the kids being in three different schools, and me and my husband working four different jobs, and the kids having this dumb idea about having social lives, and me falling into a prenatal coma around 6:00 every night, that just makes it difficult to keep up with the diligent inquiry into beginner’s theology that I always imagined enjoying in the soft quiet of evening with my older kids. And no, we can’t do anything in the car. I don’t want to explain why. We just can’t.

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  • Lynette Agee Cabeen

    As a convert, I have been very disappointed with Edge and LifeTeen — they are not very robust and tend to be “pandering” in their approach. Most recently I’ve been looking into Y Disciple (http://www.ydisciple.org/) and it looks to be much more promising.

    • Dan F.

      I’ll throw a quick defense of Edge/LifeTeen out there – As with most programs, the group running the program and the involvement of the priest are critical to the success of the program. The fruit of those programs is that even though only about 10-15% of parishes offer LifeTeen, almost 70% of current seminarians in the US come from a LifeTeen parish. Of course I’m sure there are exceptions and there’s a whole other thread-jacking argument/conversation about the appropriateness of a “Teen” Mass with a full band that I suggest we don’t get into here.

  • What about Dynamic Catholic’s new Decision Point Curriculum? I’m planning on using it with my special needs son- and giving him several years to get through it.

  • Monica

    Where did that lunchbox come from? I want one to carry my food when I’m on first-aid duty.

    • Episteme

      I want a pyx that says that…on one side (the other side would read ‘divine organ’)!

  • The Ubiquitous

    Baltimore Catechism. Old as it is, it’s still less work to iron out the kinks in that one than for others.