Knock-knock. Who’s there? Bad Mama.

Knock-knock. Who’s there? Bad Mama. November 24, 2014


PIC Jesus knocking at door

Sound at the door: Shuffling, muffled sobbing, incompetent doorknob rattling; cries of, “Mama, Ma-maaaaaa.”

Bad Mama: Buuuuut it’s supposed to be my turn to sleep in.

Good Mama: But you’re her mother, her only mother, and they grow up so fast!

Bad Mama: I don’t think it’s going to kill her to go sit on the couch for a few minutes.

Good Mama: But remember the Gospel reading! Whatever you do for the least of my little ones  . . . so, wouldn’t you get up if it was Jesus knocking at the door? Wouldn’t you let Him in?

Jesus: Yeah, come on, sheesh.

Bad Mama: Well, Jesus, maybe You should learn how to work the damn doorknob already.


Yeah, yeah, I got up.

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  • Monica E

    Haha! I’ve heard that dialogue sooo many times.

  • Episteme

    William Holman Hunt’s painting of Jesus at the Door (“The Light of the World,” 1851) famously had no exterior doorknob, showing how *we* have to let Jesus into our own hearts rather than expect him to come in on his own.

    Personally, however, given the Lord’s experience as a carpenter before his ministry, I’ve never seen how the lack of a doorknob would stop him. If he knocks and we don’t answer, he’d just know how to hit the pins up out of the door’s hinges or something and get in that way…

  • Sheila C.

    Hey, even the lady in the Song of Songs whined a little. “I have taken off my robe, am I then to put it on again? I have washed my feet, am I then to soil them?” Something like that.