This post is not about Bill Cosby.

This post is not about Bill Cosby. November 25, 2014

If you want to talk about Bill Cosby (or Bill Clinton, or Woody Allen, or Roman Polanski) please find a conversation somewhere else. This post is about what you are supposed to do if you’ve been raped. What’s the next step?

Reading comments by self-identified Catholic conservatives in the last few days, this is what I have learned . . .

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  • Susan Anne

    Sadly, Simcha, you’re 100% correct. A victim can’t ever be vindicated, so people should just not get themselves victimized in the first place.

    There’s something sick about hearing victims’ claims which apparently pushes most non-victims into a state of instinctive and vehement denial mode. Perhaps it’s the utter, unfathomable horror of the victim’s claims which rocks the little bubble world of so many doubters. Or maybe it’s moral laziness: “If she’s telling the truth, then I have to help, and helping is work! Besides, it’s uncomfortable, and inconvenient!”

    All the above catch-22s apply to victims of domestic abuse, too.

  • I think Susan Anne is on to something. Some things are so awful the mind recoils. Also, we’re a presumption-of-innocence culture, and rape is very hard to prove.

    • irena mangone

      What about those miserable pedophiles nobody believed the children in the church either. What about marital rape. Will this never end