Today only: 15% discount on magazines from Cricket

Today only: 15% discount on magazines from Cricket December 1, 2014

To get the discount, use Promo Code NF12-002 at checkout. 

cricket magazine

We have had subscriptions to lots of different  magazines from this publisher, including Cricket, Muse, Cobblestone, and Ladybug, and we have never been disappointed. The artwork is top notch, and the content is very well pegged for the various age groups designated, without being pandering, and does a good job of making the reader feel like he’s part of a club, with lots of in-jokes and extra featrures. Good stuff, and a nice present for a kid who has enough plastic crapola. These magazines are worth saving and reading over and over.

(In the past, I tried to save money by ordering magazines from third parties, but you may want to beware! I once never got the magazine and never got my money back –  just a pure scam.)

I’m not making any money off subscriptions! Just passing along something our family has enjoyed.

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  • Martha Oram

    If you sign up for their emails, you get 55% off a magazine subscription!! They don’t allow you to stack discounts that I could figure out, but the 55% off is a good deal – my MIL got Baby Bug for my 2 yo, Lady Bug for her 3 yo cousin, and Spider for the 5yo – for $19.95 a subscription, instead of $33.95.