Raising safe, independent kids

Raising safe, independent kids January 20, 2015

 It’s good and natural for parents to want to keep their kids safe, but it’s healthy for the entire family to acknowledge that our main job as parents is to prepare kids for the rest of their lives. A kid who has never learned to judge for himself when it’s safe to cross the street is a kid who is unsafe.

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  • helgothjb

    We walked over a mile to school everyday day as kids and we rode our bikes all over creation. When I lived in Austria the local kids rode their bike to the train station, hopped a train for 45 minutes and got off to go to school, everyday – because there was not a grade school in the small town where they lived. Here’s a great article parenting Switzerland style – http://www.cbsnews.com/news/why-my-child-will-be-your-childs-boss/
    Makes one think about our over protective parenting practices