Due to knuckleheadedness on my part, baby shower is still on!

Due to knuckleheadedness on my part, baby shower is still on! January 26, 2015

As my previous post demonstrates, we are exactly the kind of people who should be having more children. Luckily for you, we not only are having another girl, but we honestly truly really still haven’t settled on a name yet. The due date is Feb. 26.

Luckily for me, Rebecca Frech of Shoved To Them is hosting a vitual baby shower for me, where you can leave your suggestion for a baby name.

name the baby

Yarr, I totally forgot that I was supposed to pick a winner, and I totally forgot to mention that dear Rebecca is offering a $15 Starbucks gift card as a prize! I blame the baby.

So, how about if I choose a winner this coming Friday? So please stop by and make a suggestion! The names we’ve already used are:

Lena Mary
Dora Fidelia
Clara Petra
Moses John Paul
Elijah Trinity
Sophia Mercy
Lucy Hope
Irene Penelope
Benedicta Maribel

And in the meantime, if you were moved by the spirit to maybe throw a few dollars my way, I’d be very grateful. Rebecca has a PayPal button on her blog. (Thank you, so much, to all the generous folks who have contributed so far! I have send thank-you notes to everyone using the email address provided by PayPal, so I hope they all went through.)  We are set for clothes and diapers, but not so much for the paychecks I’ll be missing while I recover. I get as much maternity leave as my boss thinks the organization can afford. Unfortunately, I am a freelancer, and I’m my own boss, and my human resources policies are downright inhumane. Is outrage! Don’t put up with this kind of shabby treatment of American motherhood! And so on.



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  • anna lisa

    You have done so well with names already. it’s going to be really hard to top Benedicta Maribel.

    Is there a saint that you really click with? I love Teresa of Avila. She was such a boss–and then there’s Teresa of Calcutta–total MODERN boss. Even though I complain about the little flower’s floweriness, I really love some of the analogies she used, especially the one about taking the “lift” (elevator) to heaven –or that she would arrive penniless and Jesus would have to take her in because she’d given away all of the indulgences she’d earned. Maybe the thought of indulgences annoyed her a bit. (That would make up for all the gushy stuff.) Anyhow, Teresa is a nice middle name too.

  • herewegokids

    Um, Hazel!

  • herewegokids

    Colette seems to go well w your others.

    • herewegokids

      Frances Collette?

  • herewegokids

    Or Jane.

  • AnonyMom

    Francesca/Frances Verity Fisher, Louisa Constance Fisher, Eliza Anne Fisher

  • anna lisa

    Have you read about Pier Giorgio Frasetti?
    His life is beautiful. I’d be tempted to use Giorgina as a middle name.

    I also like Pauline. There is a 20th century blessed by that name. One of the first saints or bl. of the 20th century is named Victoria.
    I thought of Maria Stella–Mila for short, but Mila Kunis might have made the name trendy.

    I knew a ballet dancer named Haven. She was so elegant, it made me love her name.

  • AnonyMom

    Didn’t you say you liked Alma? I love Alma. You should go with Alma.

  • jen giunta

    Agnes Perpetua
    Martha Elizabeth
    Edith Marjorie
    Louisa Frances
    Agnes Vesper
    Eleanor Augusta

  • I think Sexburga Fisher has a lovely ring to it. http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=5826

  • Tori

    I’ve always been partial to Evangeline but it sounds funny with our last name, so it’s a no go for us. Evangeline Grace, or Evangeline Caritas? I also like Francesca, which someone else suggested below.

  • rcordesy

    Susanna Grace

  • Beth Cleveland Maillho

    Amelia elizabeth
    Amelia Jane
    Actually, I like Amelie better but you seem to like you might like ending in “uh” better??

    Your welcome. 🙂