Life with darling Corrie

Life with darling Corrie March 2, 2015

She’s five days old and doing great! We’re all doing fine. Lots of ups and downs as usual (hint: it’s wonderful to be back at Mass after missing last week, but I wish I had remembered to bring tissues for the reading about Abraham and Isaac. Yeesh), but she has figured out how to nurse, I remember how to put onesies on babies, and we’re all settling in. Here are a few pics of the last few days.


IMG_20150228_152556772 (1)
Corrie meets my parents (who now have 41 grandchildren)


photo (24)
Corrie meets Damien’s mom and her cousin Eve


boomer baby (1)
and Corrie meets the dog, who THINKS SHE SMELLS VERY VERY INTERESTING. (If I had seen this picture before I was a dog owner, I’d think, “Holy cow, how irresponsible! He may be a good dog, but he’s still an animal!” Well, Boomer was born to protect little girls. Other than eat and poop and chase his tail, that is the one thing he has done consistently and tirelessly since the day we got him. He loves her with all his doggy heart, and can’t bear it when we do monstrous things like wash her ears. So, relax! He is a very good dog.)

In no particular order, here are various people enjoying being with Corrie:

photo (18)
silly faces with Lucy


photo (19)
snuggle with Clara
photo (20)
snuggle with Elijah
photo (21)
I sit on the couch and feed the baby, and Benny brings snacks, one for me and one for her.
photo (22)
Benny advances the theory that maybe Corrie can fly with her ears.


photo (26)
Wet hair! I say!
photo (27)
Clean baby has a real belly button now, and we even found the stump this time (bleh).
photo (28)
and Benny the bath helper has clean fingers and clean toes, too.

Well, that’s the general idea! Damien went back to work Friday, the kids went back to school today, and I fully intend to get dressed at some point today. I probably won’t write up a birth story, unless I keep dreaming about it and need to put it somewhere. Giving birth sucks, the end. But here is a truly wonderful baby to keep, so hooray!

Skeptical baby thinks maybe this Mama will do.
Skeptical baby thinks maybe this Mama will do.

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  • Alana McGough

    Wonderful pictures! I’m so happy for you and your family!!

    • antigon

      Indeed. Keep’em comin’ for awhile (tho am highly jealous of your papa’s disgustingly magnificent beard).

  • gregcamacho8

    Corrie Ten Boomer 🙂

    • simchafisher

      Ha ha, how did I not think of that?

  • CS

    Sighing with happiness for you all.

  • Betsy Fenton Archibald

    So beautiful! …if only there were enough love to go around in a big family. 😉

  • couldn’t help but smile and ooh and ahh through the whole post! She is adorable!

  • Tori

    Oh, good! Now you can put the stump in her memory box!

    In all seriousness, she is adorable and sweet and I am so very happy for you.

  • anna lisa

    So sweet. She’s so big! Aren’t you just shocked she was in there this whole time?
    I can’t think of anything more lovely than a chubby baby girl. What a gift.

  • She’s a cutie!

  • jillvt

    I am tearing up. Look at all those arms you have to hold her. I recently read an article about how one of the unintentional consequences of small families is a lack of cousins – the extended family who doesn’t live with you but still has your back. So glad your children not only have each other but a jillion cousins as well!

    • June1111

      I think I read the same article yesterday! On how small families are actually bad for the economy? Did you find it on, too? 🙂

  • Jann

    Congrats. No…many congrats. Wait, many, many CONGRATS!

    Also, tell your dad that he looks just like I picture Abraham!

    And finally, what percentage of those amazing grandkids is a direct result of your “sucky birth stories”? Now that would be an important stat to know!

  • JKealey

    You wonderful, beautiful, proud Mama! Thank you for sharing such beautiful, intimate photos of her with her family! I am so pleased for you, and for her! Lucky little Corrie! I will say a prayer for her little self and for your recovery before I go to bed.

  • Claire

    Congratulations! She is so sweet! And I love your birth story. Short and to the point, and accurate!

  • Claire Dalton Pak

    She’s beautiful. Congratulations!

  • eclare

    Congrats!! Lovely name, and best birth story I’ve ever heard, LOL.