Let’s ditch the prom

Let’s ditch the prom March 26, 2015


prom rejection


Parents, if you imagine that your child’s life will be irreparably damaged if he or she misses out on this one monstrously noisy, hideously expensive night of painful shoes, emotional pressure, and hysteria, then I strongly encourage you to think harder about what the rest of your child’s life ought to look like

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  • Guest

    I don’t imagine any such thing. I didn’t go to my own prom and had no desire to, but my daughter is excited for hers and is working a PT job and paying for it herself. There is no need to make it expensive, the cost of the ticket and dress and accessories are reasonable. She’s driving with a group of friends so no limo. What’s the problem? It’s a memorable and fun night with a group of friends.

    • Eileen

      That’s right. A prom doesn’t have to be expensive. We found several dresses at Penney’s that were under $50 that my daughter was willing to wear if she and I couldn’t find one we agreed upon. And if you need shoes, you can always find something for under $20 at Payless. And if even those numbers are too pricey and borrowing’s not an option, thrift stores usually have good prom dress/bridesmaid selections. I can see where spending money, dressing fancy, and going to a bad chicken dinner is not everyone’s cup of tea (it’s actually not mine), but what I’m having a hard time understanding is all this hatred for proms that I’m seeing. Sure proms can sometimes be a disaster and feelings can be hurt, but that’s life as a teenager. Maybe we should try to spare our kids all their angst filled teenage horror stories and just keep them home from everything.

      • IRVCath

        The problem is that increasingly it has been over-commercialized, especially among the middle classes.

        • Eileen

          Of course it has. And that may be a good reason to ditch the prom for your particular kid, but why ditch it for all those kids who know the difference between getting all dressed up to have a fun time and spending ridiculous amounts of money just to worship Bacchus?

  • I didn’t go to prom- but 3 friends and I went to the big city and went to a ballet and greek restaurant and a movie and coffee- home by midnight- we had so much fun! I think we had the best time that night 😉 …so parents, give your kids a fun, safe alternative and your kids will smirk when half of their classmates had an awful time…boyfriend broke up with her, didn’t dance at all with her or pressured her, etc, etc

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Senior prom: still one of the worst days of my life.

  • Rose R.

    I went to the prom my junior year because I was a class officer and we were told we had to show up. I wasn’t dating anyone, so I ended up asking an old classmate of mine from middle school (I went to an all-girls’ high school). I wore a dress I had as a bridesmaid for my sister’s wedding, and the whole night was super awkward. Then my senior year I was pressured by my friends into going. Once again I had no date, so I was set up on a blind date, I wore the same dress from the previous year and once again….awkward! I wish I would have skipped out both times. Such silliness!

  • LiveOaksandSpanishMoss

    During my prom I was singing Haydn’s Creation with the local choir, and it was one of the best days of high school for me. No regrets.