But it’s not my job!

But it’s not my job! May 5, 2015

shovel 2

Any normal person, when faced with a heap of excrement like this, would go get the shovel and clean it up. Maybe they wouldn’t be happy about it, but they would clean it up, because it is a pile of dog poop in the middle of the yard. Instead, I started listing all the things I had already gotten done that day, all the things I was still going to do, and I said, “No! It’s not my job! I had enough things that are my job. Not gonna do it. Not. My. Job.”

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  • Tori

    Self-righteous anger can be so energizing, though. I get a lot more done rage cleaning than regular cleaning.

    In seriousness, this is a huge temptation for me every day. Especially when my husband is gone at work. I become a martyr over every sock, every shoe, every dirty dish. I think after cleaning up after a million little kids all day I’m just not interested in cleaning up after another adult. But you’re right, things would be worse if I ignored it and tried to clean around those things. I almost broke our vacuum once because I didn’t want to pick up the tennis shoes on the floor and I ran over one of the laces. So I make things easier on myself and just do it as one of the ways I can love my husband and family. It’s not like he makes big messes anyway, comparatively. One day I may even manage to do it joyfully, haha.