Columbia Students Lay Siege to Themselves

Columbia Students Lay Siege to Themselves May 14, 2015


So here’s what I say to the Columbia students clutching their carefully cultivated pearls as they face down the hot breath of those terrible, wild gods: you’re damn right it’s not safe. You’re not in control here, not on this playground. You may find yourself climbing too high and too fast, and you may reach out for that rung on the monkey bars only to find that you’re grabbing thin air, and down you will plummet, onto the hot asphalt, or maybe further, down into the underworld, where dark Hades glowers over the fluttering dead.

So what?

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image via Wikimedia Commons

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  • What you say about the danger of safety is spot on. However, the Columbia students (and the head of the humanities department!) are not asking that Ovid be removed from the curriculum, but rather that professors discuss the content as well as the form of the texts that they read. Which requires more work, but honestly, what is the point of reading the classics if you are going to ignore the ideas?

    The students are asking for a real education, but some of the professors would rather stick to nice safe discussions of grammar and imagery.

    Anyway, here are my two cents on why trigger warnings matter: