Ding ding! Your wife is ready. Sex Ed at the Fishers, part II

Ding ding! Your wife is ready. Sex Ed at the Fishers, part II May 14, 2015

I’ve recently started using Marquette, and haven’t yet formed the habit of putting the monitor away in the morning. (I haven’t yet formed the habit of putting anything away, to be honest, but that’s a separate problem.) This means that the kids keep finding it and going, “oooOOOOOoooo, what’s THIS?” Because yeah, the new style monitor kinda looks familiar:




It’s confusing, Bill. We’re all confused.

Nevertheless, as parents, we believe in Always Answering Questions, in as much detail as seems appropriate for the time and place, and for the age of the kid who wants to know. It’s much more valuable to answer a spontaneous question than to give unsolicited information.

So when my son, who is ten, wanted to know what this machine does, I told him, “Well, you know a woman’s body changes throughout the month, and she can’t make a baby just any time. Sometimes her body isn’t ready to make a baby. So this machine helps her figure out if her body is ready right now, or not.”

So he says, “Oh, it’s like when you preheat the oven, and it goes ‘ding ding ding!’ when it’s time to put the cake in?”

And I said, ” . . . Yes.”

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  • Sarah B

    You mention that Marquette is a new method for you…where/how did you learn it? My husband and I have been thinking of switching from STM to Marquette, but it seems like the only resources are online (i.e. we’d have to teach ourselves). I haven’t had any luck locating an instructor. How did you make the switch?

    • TR

      It’s pretty basic to learn on your own (especially since you already know how a woman’s cycle changes through the month). The “rules” are pretty straight forward and pretty similar to what you’ve been doing with STM — you just use a test stick instead of checking your CM. Hope that helps.

  • sleen

    Wisdom. You haz it.

  • MightyMighty1

    Hilarious! Also, your last article on this prompted me to stop giving vague “stork” responses to my six-year-old when he wanted to know more. We ended up talking about Mommy seeds and Daddy seeds.