Italian journalists: CDF says Medjugorje is not supernatural

Italian journalists: CDF says Medjugorje is not supernatural June 25, 2015



Catholic World News says (emphasis  mine):

According to several Italian journalists—notably Vatican-watch Gianluca Barile—the CDF agreed with [a special papal] commission’s finding that there is no evidence of supernatural activity at Medjugorje.

The only direct news reports about the CDF’s findings I can find so far are in Italian, so we will have to wait for more details. So far, nothing I’ve read surprises me.

If these initial reports are true, the next step is for Pope Francis to give the final word. He has given no indication that he sees the devotion to the alleged apparitions at Medjugorje in a favorable light, and has given many hints that he is suspicious at best.

I’ve written about the many red flags warning faithful Catholics away from behaving as if there are ongoing apparitions of Mary in Medjugorje — the reddest flag being the widespread disobedience to legitimate authority that so many Catholics display.

CWN says:

The CDF, according to the Italian media reports, has essentially supported the judgment rendered in 1991 by the bishops of what was then Yugoslavia. The CDF will reportedly recommend that pastors should not sponsor or support events that presume the reality of the visions claimed by the Medjugorje “seers.”

However, the CDF will reportedly urge recognition of Medjugorje as a special “place of prayer,” in light of the numerous reports of intense spiritual experiences enjoyed by visitors there. Pilgrimages to Medjugorje will not be forbidden, provided that they do not center on the alleged apparitions.

Sounds reasonable to me. It’s easy to become frustrated with the Church’s slow response to this and other matters. Why not just swat it down, we wonder? And the answer is that, like any good mother, the Church never wants to shut any of her children out in the cold.  A bruised reed she will not break, and a smoldering wick she will not quench.

As I’ve said many times, I fully believe that hundreds or thousands of Catholics have had genuine spiritual experiences at Medjugorje. I’ve said many times that this “good fruit” is no proof that Mary is appearing to Ivan & co. every day on schedule like a performing puppet. Instead, it’s proof that God loves us and wants to be with us, and is willing to meet us where we are.

So, we’ll see where we are with Medjugorje. I hope and pray that there will be no division or defection from the Church when (okay, fine, if) Pope Francis agrees that there is no supernatural activity there. Catholics who are extremely devoted to “Our Lady of Medjugorje” would do well to prepare themselves to obey the Pope, no matter what he says.

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  • cececole

    If the Vatican were as media-savvy as they should be, this info was leaked. As you say, Pope Francis has given many a hint as to his views so if it is true, no one should be surprized. With this info about the report circulating, people can get used to the idea that the CDF will rule nothing supernatural is going on before they have to swallow the bitter pill of the actual ruling.

  • Tim

    One major problem : The Vatican has not actually said anything.

    • marti mac

      Thank you Tim. You are correct. As a matter of fact, this is nothing short of the same scandal as the Encyclical being leaked and the media frenzy. Doesn’t anyone out there see the diabolical deception of the media? First things first. Let the Vatican have their say–in their time! Second, the Vatican never said there was nothing supernatural going on. Shame on you PATHOS for spreading gossip. I still believe JPII and Mother Theresa. They believed in it. So does this APPROVED apparition:
      From my friend, Peter B.—A Vatican pronouncement may indeed command obedience, but cannot settle the ultimate question of truth. That belongs to God alone.
      Meanwhile, in the Amazon rainforest … a message from an approved apparition site that appeared one day before the CDF meeting, where the very first message back in 1994 spoke of Medjugorje. Read it with your spirit and draw your own conclusions. Events are now about to speak for themselves…
      Message of the Queen of the Rosary and of Peace, June 23, 2015…/mensagem-da-rainha-do-r…
      My son, if I weep you* doubt. If I speak you do not believe. So when the day of Divine Justice comes, with the great chastisement that will befall the world, the Father will not listen or be attentive to your tears, because you despised and rejected my words and tears, shed for you for so long. Tell this to the world, to the bishops and priests, as quickly as possible, because God will ask much of them, more and more.
      I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
      [*PB It is obvious from the context that ‘you’ refers not to Edson Glauber but to those who have ignored or rejected Our Lady’s warnings throughout the world]

      • Tim

        I would not take it that far. I am just amazed that anyone bothers with the Italian media who prove time and time again they are nothing but rumor mills without reliable sources. Some people quote John Paul II and Mother Teresa on it but I have my doubts and even if they said those things that does not make it an authentic apparition. Even saints make misjudgments as sanctity does not confer infallibility. The fact that the Vatican has intervened to cancel the “public apparitions” hardly bodes well for those who believe in it. Private revelations must be tested according to the Vatican’s proven rules of discernment. If something is real let it confirm itself with miracles as Lourdes and Fatima did. That is the real test and Medjugorje still comes up short there.

  • Blobee

    I have a lot less problem with the Vatican issuing guidance on Medjugorje that determines nothing supernatural is going on there than I do with fellow Catholics gloating over it.

  • Leander

    This should have happened years ago, with the Holy See more forcefully backing the unequivocally negative judgment of the local bishops.
    The risk now is that the more fanatical of the followers of the alleged seers and their alleged apparitions will now dismiss the judgment of the Holy See as they have always dismissed the judgment of the local bishops. They will claim that “in their hearts” they know the apparitions to be true, and dismiss the authority of the Church, thereby making their own “feelings” the criterion of truth. The beginnings of a weird Mariolatrical-Protestant sect founded not on supernatural Faith, but on superstitious credulity?
    Let’s all pray the Rosary that this won’t happen.

  • enness

    “Pilgrimages to Medjugorje will not be forbidden, provided that they do not center on the alleged apparitions.”

    Good luck with that. Perhaps I’m less generous than you or CDF, but I don’t see why else people from here would spend money, get on a plane and go there, of all places. It might be a nice town, but that’s not enough. I have difficulty even wrapping my head around why someone would want to go near a place of phony apparitions.

    If there is defection, which would not surprise me at all, that will be the big lie that was worth all of this trouble to Satan.

  • Leander

    And now another well-known “Vatican watcher,” Andrea Tornielli, claims that everything said by Gianluca Barile (without mentioning his name) is entirely unfounded because there has as yet been no meeting of the CDF to discuss the Ruini dossier.

  • About your last sentence, may I suggest that you would do well, saying The Litany of Humility.–I speak from experience.