What does the Apostolic Nuncio’s letter about Medjugorje signify?

What does the Apostolic Nuncio’s letter about Medjugorje signify? November 6, 2013

Spirit Daily has posted the following letter:

I was seeing confusion and varying interpretations about what this letter actually signifies or implies. Scott P.Richert of  About.com’s Catholicism page gave me this background explanation:

[A] bishop (singular) initially thought that there was something to the apparitions, but as he investigated it more deeply, he came to see otherwise. Since then, the bishops with the authority to investigate and determine the validity of the apparitions have all said, as the letter itself states, that “On the basis of the research that has been done, it is not possible to state that there were apparitions or supernatural revelations.” As a consequence, those bishops have forbidden pilgrimages, etc., to the site of the alleged apparitions.

Yes, the letter is a specific warning addressed to the bishops of the United States. But the substance of the warning is that clerics and faithful should not participate in these events in the United States for the same reason that they should not participate in them in Medjugorje.

Scott has written this article to clarify what the bishops have said in the past, and how the process of evaluating a purported vision actually proceeds:  An Exorcist Looks at Medjugorje.

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  • michicatholic

    Collections are taken up during these “events” which are accompanied by visions on command. It’s interesting. I’m glad to see them put an end to it.

    • Christine Hebert

      Ah, but it won’t end. The Medj. thing has been going on for years. The declaration of the Bishops of the former republic of Yugoslavia was dated April 1991. Despite that declaration this “phenomenon” has continued. People in the US seem particularly taken in by Medj. and despite continued declarations they travel to Medj. 🙁

  • anna lisa

    Something supernatural is happening in Medj. I’m certain of it!
    — It’s called The Holy sacrifice of the Mass. I’m not going to lose sleep about M or buy a plane ticket for two grand to get a better version of the mass.
    I worry about people who chase after visions and prophesies. We are all going to die. We are all going to meet our maker. There is more merit in plodding on in our hum drum lives, and trying to add some extra works of mercy.
    .–The *Truth* about whether or not I’m being honest about *that* makes the truth about Medj. seem insignificant. People who have made M the source of their income stream must be feeling pretty uncomfortable right now.

    Sometimes I peek at Spirit Daily too. Hey–you can’t beat all those devil stories, eh? I also peek at the headlines of the National Enquirer at the grocery store. Sometimes its hard to decipher truth from fiction, but if it gives me a creepy little thrill of titillation, I’m immediately suspicious of my motivations for reading it. I’m left with the same feeling in the pit of my stomach that buttered popcorn at the movie theater leaves.

  • richard

    I was not surprised at the nuncio’s letter. This has been stated by the Vatican before.
    As for the messages: read and discern.

  • Nan

    I’ve seen commentary from devotees indicating this is all a precursor to approval; ignoring that a) the problem here is disobedience as it’s atypical for the Vatican to be involved in apparition discussions; b) the apparition itself denounced the bishop (in contrast to what Mary said in Cana “do whatever he tells you” or what she said to St. Bernadette “obey the bishop; ” c) most apparitions appear up to several times, not on command for decades; d) visionaries typically don’t benefit financially; e) visionaries often join religious life.

    • Heather

      From what I’ve read, the apparitions at Kibeho in Rwanda did take place over the course of a number of years, between 1981 and 1989, and at least three of the visionaries there were determined to be genuine (with more that may have been credible but could not be fully investigated due to circumstances). So it’s not unheard of. But I think that may have been a special case of a protracted desperate plea to return to the Lord in the face of impending disaster, given what happened in that country a few years later.

      My completely non-expert opinion regarding Medj. is that who knows, there may well have been something to it initially but if so, it has likely since been hijacked by other interests. There are so many other genuine devotions out there that I don’t need to concern myself with dubious ones. If I want to go on a Marian pilgrimage, my first choice of destination will be Lourdes.

  • Mary schultz

    At that time when the visions in Medjugorje first started, what people conveniently
    forget or are ignorant of, is that communisim was very much in that country and
    forbade the people to gather with the visions at the site of the Apparitions of
    the Virgin Mary. One of the Priests there at that time, Fr Jozo Zovko
    believed that what the children said was true, after hearing an inner voice
    saying “Protect the chlldren” he did just that, against all
    opposition(communists) he remained faithful to God and to His Blessed Mother,
    as a result he was tortured greviously by the communists because why? He
    refused to deny that they (visionaries) were seeing the Blessed Virgin
    Mary. He still bears the scars today, now why would he endure all of this
    if he did not feel in his heart and spirit, that what they were saying was true
    and it still is.

    All six visionaries at different times were interrogated in the early days, and all six
    affirmed that what they were saying was true.If it weren’t why suffer at the
    hand of the communists for what? All six visionaries have had all the tests that science could think of and there is written documentation of this – look it up – conclusion was unexplainable -supernatural. They were not disturbed by any outward going on at the time of the visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There have been numerous miracles which are well documented” Go to medjugorje.hr – healings etc.For thosewho keep rubbishing Medjugorje think about this. I am living proof that the Apparitions are true, because it is through Our Lady and doing what She is asking in Medjugorje that I have radically changed into a better person, a
    prayerful person. It is through the great tender love of God for all His children that He is sending His Mother to call us back to Him through Her Immaculate Heart, fand truly this is a time of Grace, why waste is? Why not bend, listen and do everything She is asking – If it was not of Heaven, surely it would have finished years ago, look at the fruits there are many. Mary ps Wayne Weible was a Lutheran and converted, look up is books, they explain a lot – he has his own website.