One of the great injustices of the 21st century . . .

One of the great injustices of the 21st century . . . November 5, 2013

is that my sister, Abby Tardiff, does not have a blog.  We have to content ourselves with checking her Facebook page, where you will always find things like this story, about the two planes that collided in  midair and burst into flames

and sent their passengers hurtling through the air

but it was okay, because they were all professional skydivers . . .

juxtaposed with this:

from Fables by the master, Arnold Lobel.

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  • packpackpack

    The mid-air collision–that happened in my town. THAT HAPPENED IN MY TOWN!! I am incredibly excited about this because a.) everyone survived, and b.) it’s nice to finally read a story about Wisconsin that doesn’t involve alcohol.