Does it matter if Medjugorje is real or not?

Does it matter if Medjugorje is real or not? June 11, 2015


I would say that Mary, my mother in heaven who knows me and loves me, would not be happy to see her children duped into following around a sock puppet that looks like her, even if it makes them say the rosary and go to Mass more often. I would say that, as the eternal queen of Heaven and earth, Mary can work to convert the hearts of sinners without the help of a tour guide agency.  I would say that no one should dare muscle past my Holy Mother and say, “Looks like you need some help with these pesky kids, little lady. You sit back, and I’ll put on a really convincing show, and we’ll have them peaceful and docile in no time!” I would say that no one must dare to lie to Mary’s children, especially in her name. There are some things you don’t mess around with. 

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Image: “Maryja 02” by Piotr Frydecki – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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  • Leeandra Nolting

    But She told me to buy a bowling alley!

  • mukker

    It DOES matter: the spiritual./psychological/emotional consequences of having been duped are very serious and should not be underestimated. What if you did believe the alleged visionaries, and then it turned out to be a scam? What if you trusted your gut, visited Medj, was transformed and came home to live a new life of faith.
    And then….
    You find out it was never real. What then? Who will you believe now? Who will you trust? This can be very devastating, and you never really know how you will react until you have gone through it. Even worse: what if you have influenced others to follow or believe. What then.

    Believe me: there is plenty at stake.

    • Bear Fact

      What if you believed the pope and he had three kids?

      • Heather

        That would be hypocrisy, which is different from the message itself being false.

      • mukker

        What if you went to a priest for spiritual direction and then he started hitting on you. What if a bishop secretly embezzled a ton of money over the course of several decades. What if the Pope turns out to be a racist, sexist jerk. Yup, can happen.

        The personal integrity of priests and bishops and yes, the Pope, is kinda really super important. But Jesus and what He said is way more. So Jesus: biggest scammer ever? Or the only person who ever did “all things well” (Mark 7)?
        If He is the real deal, and He founded this Church and promised it would be His Bride, then no single priest, bishop, archbishop, lay minister, Cardinal or Pope is going to be able to ruin the Faith.

        That said, it’s okay for us to be on our guard against false teachings that contradict what is in the Deposit of Faith. Oh yeah and apparitions? Those are totally optional. When in doubt: simply ignore.

  • One of the best articles on this subject I have seen to date. Well done.

  • D611

    Excellent commentary Simcha. I tried to post at the Register, but that’s closed!

    There is something else that goes with this. If the Church is convinced the alleged apparitions themselves have no supernatural origin, there is a duty to truth and justice, no matter how many good fruits there are. Bad fruits accompany falsehood and can be more hidden. Some priests I’ve heard say, it’s best to let it be, even though they believe it is false, because it’s the “Confessional of Europe” and there are conversions, etc. But, where is the regard for truth in such thinking?

    While we hear often of good fruits, we haven’t heard much from the voices drowned out by “good-fruit fervor” – those wounded somehow by Medjugorje. I know people whose marriages ended because if it, bankruptcies, and others so scandalized by things associated to it, that their spiritual well being has been affected.

    Then, if the Holy See has evidence of falsehood or fraud, or diabolical activity, there is a duty to try to save the souls of those behind the activity, which isn’t helped by enabling people to cling to that which they produce or propagate. Before those people meet their Maker, the merciful course is to confront them with the truth, and make them accountable.

    And, we for our part must pray for all of these.

    Truth is the only thing that can set everyone free.

  • Emily Kimmel

    I honestly haven’t known WHAT to make of Medj. This is food for thought, thank you.

  • D611

    Commercialization has gone too far, really