The Writer’s Speech: Frank Cortrell Boyce

The Writer’s Speech: Frank Cortrell Boyce October 26, 2012
Frank Cottrell Boyce (right) with Danny Boyle
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When Oscar nominee, Colin Firth was asked to guest-edit the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, he wanted to look at the sometimes complex relationship between faith and film. Who better to talk about this than renowned screenwriter, Frank Cottrell Boyce? The writer of several films, including Hilary and Jackie and Welcome to Sarajevo, describes what it is like to be a Catholic in the film industry:

Cinema and religion are completely – in fact, architecturally – tangled up in my head. That’s largely because my Dad used to take me to a city centre cinema which later became a Church but kept the cinema seating. So to this day I will sometimes find myself spilling my popcorn as I absent-mindedly genuflect at the end of Row H in the Plaza, or sitting in Benediction, looking at the altar, waiting for the trailers to start.

To continue reading click the source for this article (lucky Jesuits!) Thinking Faith: the Online Journal of the British Jesuits

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