Bill Cain: A Jesuit Playwright Explores War and Redemption

Bill Cain: A Jesuit Playwright Explores War and Redemption August 10, 2013


Photo by Jenny Graham

This article is a delightful surprise.

By Robert Israel/ Religion and Politics

In April 2010, Father Robert Ver Eecke welcomed fellow Jesuit priest and playwright Bill Cain to a public forum at Boston College (BC). Modeled on the famed “Inside the Actor’s Studio” with James Lipton, it was billed as “Inside the BC Studio with Bill Cain.” Ver Eecke, an artist-in-residence at the school, is an old friend and classmate of Cain’s. To listen to these two men in conversation was to experience how a lifelong friendship has been made deeper by a shared devotion to God, faith, and the healing power of the arts. “I don’t remember a single class I took,” Cain said of his undergraduate days at his alma mater BC, “but I have strong memories of being involved in theater.” It was during one college production, which took place in the cancer ward of a hospital, that Cain discovered his calling. “In the face of this terrible disease, in the face of leukemia, our performance made people human. Something happened,” he said, noting he felt the presence of God. “I knew then that I needed to do this for a lifetime.” In the 43 years since, Cain has made a career of the theater, working as an actor, director, and now writer of screen and stage plays. A recent work, 9 Circles …

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