MSNBC runs free ads for Arnold

MSNBC runs free ads for Arnold October 3, 2003

Right now, MSNBC is broadcasting — LIVE COVERAGE — "Maria Shriver addresses CA Women's Leadership Event."

It's a campaign speech. She's going on about 10 thing she wants everyone in California to know about her husband. It's been on for 5-10 minutes so far. Uninterrupted.

The election is in four days and a supposed "news" network is giving a candidate free air time for an uncontested, unchallenged (and over-the-top) stump speech.

Will they do the same for Gray Davis, Cruz Bustamante and Tom McClintock?

This is astounding.

UPDATE: They ran the whole speech, about a half-hour, without commercial interruption. Ross Perot used to have to pay for that kind of network time. Even more astounding than MSNBC's irresponsible meddling in the election was Shriver's earnest defense of her husband. He offered vague contrition for his groping and harassment of women. Shriver is in white-knuckled denial.

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  • Dan

    It’s tough being married to a pig in politics — ask Hillary.

  • derek g

    You forget she is also an NBC employee on leave. This is ridiculous!!!

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