Just Just

Just Just October 26, 2007

Turning clay into gold can sometimes get you down

Just,” Radiohead
“Just About Glad,” Elvis Costello
Just Another,” Pete Yorn
“Just Friends,” Chet Baker
“Just Going Blind,” Vigilantes of Love
Just Like Heaven,” The Cure

Just Like Heaven,” Katie Melua
“Just Like the USA,” Aztec Camera
Just One of Those Things,” Ella Fitzgerald
“Just One Thing,” Jeffrey Gaines
“Just Remember,” Mightyhead
“Just Someone I Had in Mind,” Amy Rigby

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  • (Remembering one of the great scenes from the miniseries “V”: a confused alien saying “I am just.”)
    “Just a Little Bit Better” – Herman’s Hermits
    “Just Friends” – Amy Winehouse
    “Just the Way You Are” – Billy Joel
    “(This Song’s Just) Six Words Long” – ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

  • wanderingoutlaw

    “Just a Season” – The Byrds
    “Just Like a Woman” – 5 versions (original Bob Dylan studio version, three live versions by Bob Dylan–and with The Band on at least one of them, and a version by The Byrds)
    “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” – 2 Bob Dylan versions (original studio version and a live version–with The Band, I believe)

  • Dave

    “Just Another Night”, Cat Stevens

  • Not very impressive, I’m afraid.
    Just An Old Fashioned Love Son Three Dog Night
    Just My Imagination Temptations
    Just a Gigolo Louis Prima
    Just Remember I Love You Firefall
    Just Like a Woman Bob Dylan

  • inge

    “Just a Day Away,” Barclay James Harvest
    “Just a Shadow,” Big Country
    “Just Alone,” Rage
    “Just Another Poor Boy,” Chris deBurgh
    “Just Around The Corner,” Mary Black
    “Just Like an Arrow,” Magnum
    “Just Look At Me Now,” Chumbawamba
    A diverse lot this time.

  • Ray

    Just Can’t Get Enough – Nouvelle Vague

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  • kodiak

    “Just about The Only blues”, Lowest of the Low

  • On this website, bin laden looks for you!
    Just Like Christmas – Low
    Just Looking – The Stereophonics

  • cjmr

    “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” (instrumental)
    “Just As I Am” (instrumental)

  • Literally nothing.
    I go from “Just” by Radiohead to “Keep Me In Your Heart” by Warren Zevon.
    I need more music, apparently …

  • Jon

    Just Another Love Song – Suicidal Tendencies
    Just Like You Imagined – Nine Inch Nails
    Just Look Up – Joe Satriani

  • Colin

    Long time reader, first time poster (and eagerly awaiting LB Friday)…
    “Just a Ride” – Jem
    “Just a Touch” – R.E.M.
    “Just Call Me Joe” – Sinead O’Connor
    “Just Friends” – Nine Black Alps
    “Just Like Heaven” – Laura Cortese
    “Just Like Heaven” – The Cure
    “Just Like You Said it Would Be” – Sinead O’Connor
    “Just Like You Imagined” – Nine Inch Nails
    “Just One Fix” – Ministry
    This is probably the only short span on my iPod where you could get two Sinead songs…

  • Anonymous

    “Just A Girl,” No Doubt
    “Just Another Nervous Wreck,” Supertramp
    “Just Another Night,” Jude Cole
    “Just Begin Again,” Spinal Tap
    “Just Can’t Get Enough,” Depeche Mode
    “Just Go Away,” Blondie
    “Just Got Lucky,” Jo Boxers
    “Just Got Paid,” ZZ Top
    “Just It All,” Q-Unit
    “Just Like A Woman,” Bob Dylan
    “Just Like Christopher Columbus,” The Nields
    “Just Like You Imagined,” Nine Inch Nails
    “Just Play Music!,” Big Audio Dynamite
    “Just The Way It Is, Baby,” The Rembrandts
    “Just What Do You Think You’re Doing, Dave?,” Dialogue from 2001: A Space Odyssey
    “Just What I Needed,” The Cars
    A very deep list this time; I could easily recommend half of the entries, and there’s nothing I don’t enjoy on some level. “Just Like Christopher Columbus” probably takes first place, closely followed by “Just Like A Woman,” with “Just Can’t Get Enough” in third. Honorable mentions go to No Doubt, Supertramp, Blondie, Big Audio Dynamite and the Cars, and maybe to Jude Cole, Spinal Tap, Q-Unit and the Rembrandts as well. Like I said, a deep list.

  • Arcane

    “Just a Thought” Gnarls Barkley
    “Justify my Love” Madonna

  • Chris Koeberle

    77 songs, 10 of which have already been mentioned. Of the ones already mentioned, “Just Another Nervous Wreck” and “Just What I Needed” are my favorites. My favorites that haven’t been mentioned:
    “Just a Child,” DDA
    “Just a Dream,” Nena (so very cheesy)
    “Just a Friend of Mine,” Vaya con Dios
    “Just a Little Light,” Grateful Dead
    “Just How Lonely,” Southern Culture on the Skids
    “Just Like Anyone,” Aimee Mann
    “Just Like Heaven,” Dinosaur Jr. or Goldfinger, both covers
    Just One Rhyme,” Pete Miser (My favorite from this list)
    “Just Walking in the Rain,” Johnnie Ray

  • “Just A Test”, Beastie Boys

  • “Just a Girl,” original Pearl Jam demo
    “Just Another Victim,” Helmet & House of Pain (the Judgment Night Soundtrack. It’s awesome)
    “Just Like Anyone,” Soul Asylum
    “Just Like Me,” Harry Connick, Jr.
    “Just Tonight,” Jimmy Eat World
    “Just Watch the Fireworks,” Jimmy Eat World
    Yup, Pearl Jam, Jimmy Eat World, House of Pain with Helmet and Harry Connick, Jr. What a nice collection.

  • ChristianPinko

    “Just One Look” — Doris Troy
    “Just Like a Man” — Graham Parker
    “Just a Gigolo” — David Lee Roth
    “Justice and Independence ’85” — John Mellencamp
    “Just Another Night” — Ian Hunter

  • Theo

    “Just Another Girl”, Johnny Thunders
    “Just As I Am”, Willie Nelson
    “Just Like a Lizard”, Nakaido Chabo Reichi
    “Just Like a Woman”, Bob Dylan (two versions, plus one by the Byrds)
    “Just Like Eddie”, Heinz
    “Just Like Me”, Paul Revere & the Raiders
    “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues”, Bob Dylan
    “Just One Smile”, Dusty Springfield
    “Just 13”, Die Toten Hosen

  • MikailBorg

    All I’ve got is “Just Keep Gettin’ Better” by Widelife, from the Queer Eye soundtrack.

  • I’ve got a lot that have already been mentioned, plus these…
    “Just A Closer Walk with Thee” Kermit Ruffins with the Rebirth Brass Band
    “Just Another Sucker On The Vine” Tom Waits
    “Just Like Honey” The Jesus & Mary Chain
    and I’m assuming parenthetical titles count…
    “(Just Like) Starting Over” John Lennon
    Kermit Ruffins and Rebirth are 2 of the best acts/artists out of present day New Orleans; highly, highly recommended. Seeing them live is even more highly recommended.

  • Anonymous

    what no “just like heaven” – Dinosaur JR.

  • “Just a Girl,” No Doubt
    “Just a Kid,” Manic Street Preachers
    “Just a Memory,” Elvis Costello
    “Just a Touch Away,” Echo and the Bunnymen
    “Just Another Day of Searching,” Peter Knight & Bob Johnson
    “Just Another High,” Roxy Music
    “Just Another Sucker on the Vine,” Tom Waits
    “Just as I Am,” Johnny Cash
    “Just as the Tide Was Flowing,” Eliza Carthy
    “Just Because,” Johnny Dowd
    “Just Because…,” Joe Jackson
    “Just by Myself,” Greg Brown
    “Just Can’t Be Happy,” Manic Street Preachers
    “Just in Passing,” Archie Fisher
    “Just like a Dog,” Johnny Dowd
    “Just like a Woman,” Bob Dylan
    “Just like Birds,” 16 Horsepower
    “Just like Fred Astaire,” James
    “Just like Tom Thumb’s Blues,” Bob Dylan
    “Just Lust,” Buzzcocks
    “Just out of Reach,” The Zombies
    “Just Say She’s a Rhymer,” Mary Gauthier
    “Just the Other Side of Nowhere,” Johnny Cash
    “Just the Right Bullets,” Tom Waits
    “Just to Get Away,” Saint Bushmill’s Choir
    “Just what I Needed,” The Cars

  • Is the Laura Cortese “Just Like Heaven” a cover of the Cure song, and if so is it worth seeking out?
    “Just Another Day”, Oingo Boingo
    “Just Another Drive / Hey Pretty”, Poe & Mark Z. Danielewski
    “Just Call Me Joe”, Sinead O’Connor
    “Just Can’t Get Enough”, 20 something recordings by Depeche Mode, plus covers by Dave Gahan (does that really count as a “cover”?), Bypass Unit, Ultra Vision and Nouvelle Vague
    “Just Don’t Give a Fuck”, Eminem
    “Just Get Back”, No Doubt
    “Just Go Away”, Blondie
    “Just Got Lucky”, Jo Boxers
    “Just Jinkin’ Ya!”, Firesign Theatre
    “Just Keep Me Moving”, K. D. Lang
    “Just Keep Walking”, INXS
    “Just Like Heaven”, 15 recordings by The Cure but no covers
    “Just Like Hilary Clinton”, Trunk
    “Just Like Honey/More Than This”, The Jesus and Mary Chain
    “Just Like My Father”, Violent Femmes
    “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues”, Bob Dylan
    “Just Like U Said It Would B”, Sinead O’Connor
    “Just Like You Imagined”, Nine Inch Nails
    “Just Like You”, Rollins Band
    “Just Like a Movie Star”, Dominique ?
    “Just Like a Woman”, 4 Bob Dylan recordings, plus covers by Jeff Buckley and Judy Collins
    “Just Lose It”, Eminem
    “Just One Kiss”, The Cure
    “Just Out of Reach”, Jesus and Mary Chain
    “Just Out of Reach”, Patsy Cline
    “Just Say Yes”, The Cure
    “Just Tell Me What You Want!”, Sound Effects
    “Just a Bad Day”, Various Artists
    “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”, Patsy Cline
    “Just a Dream”, Nena
    “Just a Girl”, No Doubt
    “Just as I Am”, Johnny Cash
    “Just as Nice”, Man of the Year
    “Just the Other Side of Nowhere”, Johnny Cash
    That’s a pretty nice group

  • wb

    Looking over the list, there aren’t a lot of titles in the “Too Old To Listen To Music” archives that haven’t already been listed. All we have tonight are:
    “Just For You” – Sam Cooke
    “Just Won’t Burn” – Susan Tedeschi
    “Just You ‘N Me” – Chicago
    In the humble opinion of this ol’ fart, Susan Tedeschi is one of the best female vocalists of the last ten years or so….

  • Indiana Joe

    “Just Friends”, Charlie Parker
    Nobody else likes Charlie Parker?

  • mcc

    “Just About Over”, Goodie Mob
    “Just a Thought”, Gnarls Barkley
    Special Cee-lo Green edition!

  • Sophist

    (I’ll try not to duplicate any that have been posted)
    “Just A Friend”, Biz Markie
    “Just A Bit”, Blue Cheer
    “Just A Spark”, Songs: Ohia
    “Just Abandoned My-Self”, Boris
    “Just Another Girl”, Dios
    “Just Because I Do”, My Morning Jacket
    “Just Couldn’t Tie Me Down”, The Black Keys
    “Just Don’t Care”, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
    “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)”, Willie Nelson
    “Just Drums”, Tapes ‘n Tapes
    “Just Give Me Time”, Okkervil River
    “Just Like A Woman”, B.B. King
    “Just One Of Those Things”, Billie Holiday
    “Just One Thing”, My Morning Jacket
    “Just To Break Free From A Hundred Families”, Castanets
    “Just To See My Holly Home”, bonnie ‘prince’ billy
    “Just Just to See you Smile”, Will Oldham
    “Just Traveling Through”, The Thrills
    “Justice Aversion”, Smog
    “Justify My Thug”, Jay-Z

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  • borealys

    Just a Girl – No Doubt
    Just Another Name – Lifehouse
    Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode
    Just Friends – Nine Black Alps
    Just My Imagination – The Cranberries
    Just the Way You Are – Billy Joel

  • Tim Lehnerer

    Just ‘Cause You’re You / Robert Ravis
    Just a Closer Walk With Thee / Shooby Taylor
    Just a Face in the Crowd / The Honeycombs
    Just a Pilgrim / Robert Ravis
    Just Across the Street / The Del Rios
    Just Another Day / John Mellencamp
    Just Another Sunday / The Blasters
    Just As I Thought / William Bell
    Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely / The Main Ingredient
    Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) / Kenny Rogers & the First Edition
    Just For Chicks / The Ramblers
    Just For You / Sam Cooke
    Just Friends / The Kinks
    Just Got Lucky / The JoBoxers
    Just Idleing / Joe Goldmark
    Just Keep On Dreaming / Freddy Starr
    Just Like a Dog / The Headcoatees
    Just Like Eddie / Guy Burnette & the Western All-Stars
    Just Like Eddie / Heinz
    Just Like Eddie / Henrik Hall
    Just Like Honey / The Jesus & Mary Chain
    Just Like Joe Meek’s Blues / Graham Parker and the Rumor
    Just Like Me / Paul Revere & the Raiders
    Just Like Me / The Spitballs
    Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues / Bob Dylan
    Just Like You / Ray Dexter
    (Just Like) Starting Over / John Lennon
    Just Once In My Life / The Righteous Brothers
    Just One Chance / The Sparkletones
    Just One Look / Doris Troy
    Just One Look / Hortense Ellis
    Just One More Day / Otis Redding
    Just One Smile / Gene Pitney
    Just Passing / The Small Faces
    Just Runnin’ Wild / Rodd Keith
    Just Say Yes (live) / The Dickies
    Just Tell Me / Toots & the Maytals
    Just the Five of Us / Rockstars
    Just the Other Side of Nowhere / Johnny Cash
    Just the Two of Us / Grover Washington Jr. & Bill Withers
    Just to Be Close to You / The Commodores
    Just to Get a Rep / Gang Starr
    Just Too Late / Graham Fenton & the Western All-Stars
    Just Too Late / Jess Moller Rasmussen
    Just Too Late / Peter Jay and the Blue Men
    Just Too Late (alternate take) / Peter Jay and the Blue Men
    Just Walkin’ in the Rain / The Prisonaires
    Just What I Needed / The Cars