Up to The Usual Thing

Up to The Usual Thing February 15, 2008

The weekend edition has this town way overrated …

“Up,” Ticklepenny Corner
“Up All Night,” Green
“Up in This (Blood on the Banjo Remix),” Don McCloskey
“Uphill Battle,” Sarah McLachlan
Upside Down,” Jack Johnson
Uptight (Everything’s Alright),” Stevie Wonder
Uptown,” Prince
Upward Over the Mountain,” Iron & Wine
“Us,” Michael Been
Used to Get High,” John Butler Trio

Useless Desires,” Patty Griffin
“The Usual Thing,” Marshall Crenshaw

Bonus track: “Uuuu (Medium Swing),” The Seventy Sevens. Mike Roe and the boys paying the bills with a peppy little number written and recorded for the CD that accompanies an instructional video called “Ballroom for Beginners.” If there’s a second video for more advanced dance students, the 77’s really need to record “Uuuu (Fast Swing)” to cut loose the way they sound like they want to on this song.

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  • “Uptown Girl” – Billy Joel
    and an out-of-range “UHF” by Weird Al…

  • wanderingoutlaw

    Up in Heaven (Not Only Here) – The Clash
    Up on Cripple Creek – The Band (three versions, one of which is a live version possibly with Bob Dylan)
    Up on the Housetop – Reba McEntire (from a Christmas album)
    Up to Me – Bob Dylan
    Up Where We Belong – Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
    Uptown – Roy Orbison
    UR – Alanis Morissette
    Urban Legends – Swirling Eddies
    The Uruk-hai – LOTR: The Two Towers soundtrack

  • In range:
    “Urusei Yatsura Theme” – Animetal Lady
    Out of range:
    “UFO” – Pink Lady
    “UFO Theme (teletype version)” – John Barry
    “Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny” – Lemon Demon
    “Uncle Albert – Admiral Halsey” – Paul McCartney & Wings
    “Under Ice” – Kate Bush
    “Under Pressure” – Queen & David Bowie
    “Underdog Theme” – Butthole Surfers
    “Useless Chatting” – dot/Hack//SIGN Soundtrack

  • D Johnston

    Up From the Underground – Chris Thomas King
    Uptight – Green Day
    Up On the Ladder – Radiohead
    Using Our Feet – Badly Drawn Boy
    Up So Close – Cake

  • Chris Koeberle

    60 songs, 56 after cleaning out the duplicates. I like:
    “Up Front,” Wipers
    “Up the Beach,” Jane’s Addiction
    “Upstarts and Broken Hearts,” Dropkick Murphys
    “Uptown Girl,” Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
    “The Upwards War and the Downwards Cycle,” Less Than Jake
    “Us and Them,” Pink Floyd
    “US Forces,” Midnight Oil
    “The Usual,” Welt
    And “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start” by the Ataris gets an honorable mention for its title, but it’s really not a great song.

  • Anonymous

    Again an eclectic list from Fred – from indie faves like “Iron & Wine” to fratboy hero Jack Johnson. Fred seems to avoid classic rock & 80s punk/new wave so my lists never have much overlap, and this week is no exception:
    “Up-Toon” – The Clash
    “Up for the Down Stroke” – Parliament
    “Up from the Skies” – Jimi Hendrix
    “Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)” – The Clash
    “Up in the Air” – Husker Du
    “Up in the Country” – Scissorfight
    “Up In the North” – The fiery furnaces
    “Up On Cripple Creek” – The Band
    “Up The Junction” – Squeeze
    “Up The Neck” – the Pretenders
    “Uprising” – Joe Lovano
    “Us and Them ” – Pink Floyd
    “US Forces” – Midnight Oil (1 studio, 2 live).
    “Use It” – New Pornographers
    “(Used to Be) a Cha-cha” – Jaco Pastorius
    “Used and Abused” – Midnight Oil
    Standout track? I have to go with “Up In Heaven”, you can’t beat the Clash. The Parliament track is a close second. Midnight Oil doesn’t grab me anymore the way they did when I was 16, but I was glad to see Peter Garret on the BBC the other day – seems to be doing well in his new role as Environmental Minister.

  • “Up All Night,” Counting Crows
    “Up All Night,” Unwritten Law (no relation)
    “Up and Away,” Dave Matthews
    “Up In the Sky,” Oasis
    “Upon the Wind and the Waves,” The Waterboys
    “Uptight,” Green Day
    “USA-Holes,” NoFX
    “Use Me,” Hootie and the Blowfish (yeah, Hootie! I have an irrational love for them. Not really their music, mostly their existence.)
    “User,” Local H
    “User (Demo),” Local H

  • “Up Above the Daily Hum”, by the Flaming Lips
    “Up Around the Bend”, by Creedence Clearwater Revival
    “Up in the Hills”, by the High Llamas
    “Up on Cripple Creek”, by Bob Dylan
    “Up the Ladder to the Roof”, by The Supremes
    “Uptown Odyssey”, by Galactic
    “Uranium”, by the Commodores (the lesser-known band of that name)
    “Us and Them”, by Pink Floyd, and as performed by the Easy Star All-Stars
    “Useless Song”, performed by Martin Wolfson
    “Üss a kölökre”, by Beatrice

  • Jeff

    I’d ask if you remember “Husker Du”? [*], but you didn’t remember to sign your name, so I can’t. [Sad now]
    [*] “Husker Du” is Norwegian & Danish for “Do you remember?”
    Someone has Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl”, I’m sure. ‘Fess up!

  • cminus

    A good selection today:
    “Up Around the Bend”, Creedence Clearwater Revival
    “Up So Close,” Cake
    “Up To Me,” Jethro Tull
    “Uranus, The Magician,” Zubin Mehta; New York Philharmonic Orchestra
    “Us And Them,” Easy Star All-Stars
    “Us And Them,” Pink Floyd
    “U.S. Blues,” The Grateful Dead
    “U.S. Blues,” The Harshed Mellows
    “U.S. Forces,” Midnight Oil
    “Use It,” The New Pornographers
    “Used To Love Her (But I Had To Kill Her),” Voodoo Glow Skulls
    “Useless Stuff,” Cracker
    “Usurper Girl,” C Average
    From this selection, I’m going to recommend “Use It,” but everything is worth a listen although “Up So Close” and “Useless Stuff” are far from the best efforts from the bands in question. In addition, I would be reluctant to recommend “Usurper Girl” unless you’re the kind of person who enjoys old-school Dungeons & Dragons and thinks that Black Sabbath songs are too short, too slow, and too emotionally uninvolved.

  • “Up on Cripple Creek,” – The Band
    “Upside Down,” – Diana Ross

  • vanya

    Jeff – Jeg husker, and yeah, jeg ikke husker to write my name. I’ve had an irrational (?) dislike of Billy Joel since middleschool, so you won’t find “uptown girl” on my iPod.
    cminus – “Use It” is a really good song, so is that whole album.

  • mmack

    “Use Me” – cover version by Howard and the White Boys

  • borealys

    Up Against the Wall – The Be Good Tanyas
    Up in This Town – Boy
    Upside Down – Jakalope
    Use It – The New Pornographers
    Use it Up – The Tragically Hip
    A very fine list this week, if short. I must echo the love for the New Pornographers. Also, the tunes by the Be Good Tanyas and Jakalope are among my favourites from each band’s repertoire.

  • Ray

    Up Against The Wall – Peter Bjorn & John
    Up The Punks – Add N To (X)
    Upon Westminster Bridge – Half Man Half Biscuit
    The Upper Peninsula (Rebuild! Restore! Reconsider!) – Sufjan Stevens
    Uranus, The Magician – Holst
    URAQT – M.I.A.
    Us And Them – Pink Floyd
    Us V Them – LCD Soundsystem

  • rm

    Up Above My Head I Hear Music In the Air — Sister Rosetta Tharpe
    Up Around the Bend — CCR
    Up in the Air, Junior Birdsmen — Sharon, Lois, and Bram
    Us — Les McCann
    Usher Me Down — Jennifer Knapp

  • Theo

    Up Against the Wall – Full Metal Jacketz
    Up in Heaven (Not Only There) – The Clash
    Up on Cripple Creek – the Band
    Up to Me – Bob Dylan
    Up to Me – Roger McGuinn
    Upfield – Billy Bragg
    Upp med kjolarna / Snus och mus och brännvin – Dalarna Femund Spelmanslag
    Uptight – Green Day
    Used – Rocket from the Crypt

  • David no longer in Maine

    “Up In Hell”, Desert Sessions

  • clay

    I know you like Regina Spektor, so there’s really no excuse for her “Us” to not be on your list. It’s off of Soviet Kitsch, and it may be her best song.

  • coffeedryad

    “Ur Djupet” – Finntroll
    “Urgent” – Foreigner
    Just out of range: “Ulochki moskovskaya”, by Lyube