On and On

On and On August 22, 2008

No, this is how it works …

“On,” The Delays
“On an Evening,” Martin Crane
“On Hyndford Street,” Van Morrison
“On My Street,” Hoodoo Gurus
On My Way,” Mavis Staples
“On the Avenue,” Aztec Camera
“On the Bus Mall,” The Decemberists
On the Evening Train,” Johnny Cash
On the Fritz,” Steve Taylor
On the Radio,” Regina Spektor
“On the Verge,” Vigilantes of Love
On Your Side,” Pete Yorn

Steve Taylor also made another video for “On the Fritz” for a live album 10 years later, but the link in the list above features the original with the ’80s perm and clownsuit.

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  • On A Holiday – Brian Wilson
    On eBay – Chumbawamba
    On Returning – Wire
    On Streets Without Names – LiLiPut
    On The Beach – Neil Young
    On The Beach – Sister Double Happiness
    On The Bed – George Harrison
    On The Move – Mudhoney
    On The Road Again – Bob Dylan
    On The Roof – The Feelies
    On The Town Square – Robert Wyatt
    On Tomorrow – Captain Beefheart
    On With The Show – The Rolling Stones

  • rm

    On My Way — Mavis Staples
    On Saturday Afternoons in 1963 — Rickie Lee Jones
    On the Rock Where Moses Stood — The Carter Family
    On Top of Old Smokey — Roger McGuinn
    (Then follows “Once in a Lifetime” and a whole lot of songs beginning with “One”)

  • “On a Plain,” Nirvana
    “On a Tuesday in Amsterdam Long Ago,” Counting Crows
    “On Almost Any Sunday Morning,” Counting Crows
    “On the Back of a Broken Dream,” Flogging Molly
    “On the Cover of the Rolling Stone,” Refreshments (cover)
    “On Top,” The Killers
    And that’s immediately followed by five versions of Pearl Jam’s “Once.”
    Also, the two Counting Crows songs are brought to you courtesy of Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings, a surprisingly good album that just came out this year and is the first genuinely good Counting Crows since Recovering the Satellites

  • ThisIsNotHere

    Ok…I have to admit to being a little embarrassed by a few of these…
    On A Holiday – Brian Wilson
    On A Night Like This – La Bouche
    On A Plain – Nirvana
    On A Yriatin Street – Doctor Zhivago Soundtrack
    On And Off – Funkabilly
    On Broadway – George Benson
    On Earth – The Sundays
    On Every Street – Dire Straits
    On Moonlight Bay – The Beatles
    On My Way – Phil Collins
    On Peanuts Playground – Wynton Marsalis & Ellis Marsalis
    On The Dunes – Donald Fagen
    On The Phone – Julian Lennon
    On The Radio – Donna Summer
    On the Road Again – Lovin’ Spoonful
    On the Road Again – Canned Heat
    On The Run – Pink Floyd
    On The Way – Paul McCartney
    On The Western Skyline – Bruce Hornsby & The Range
    On Your Shore – Enya

  • SchrodingersDuck

    It seems like all the songs I have that start with “On” are pretty new:
    “On” – Bloc Party
    “On A Day Like Today” – Keane
    “On A Wire” – Funeral for a Friend
    “On The Campaign Trail” – The Automatic
    “On The Mend” – Foo Fighters
    “On/Off” – Snow Patrol

  • hilker

    “On a Holiday,” Brian Wilson
    “On Earth as It Is in Heaven,” Ennio Morricone
    “On My Own,” Ulrich Schnauss
    “On the 1 & 2,” Zero dB
    “On the Set of Fender Bender,” Kid Koala
    “On Yer Haunches,” Fila Brazillia
    “On Your Feet,” Matthew Herbert
    “On Your Marks,” Bonobo
    “On Your Way,” The Album Leaf

  • Amaryllis

    On A Foggy Night – Tom Waits
    On Doit Fine Amor – Anonymous 4
    On Raglan Road – Van Morrison and the Chieftains
    On The Road – Tom Waits
    On The Road To Lurgan – Paddy Killoran
    On Your Way Down – Elvis Costello and Alan Toussaint

  • borealys

    On/Off – Snow Patrol
    On a Day Like Today – Bryan Adams
    On a Slow Night – Metric
    On Jase de Toi – Noir Silence
    On My Way – Danny Michel
    On the Other Side – Cory Tetford
    On the Outside – Sheryl Crow
    On the Roof Again – Eve 6
    On the Sly – Metric
    On the Verge – The Tragically Hip
    On Top – The Killers
    On Walks the Night – Jesse Cook
    Although I’m not sure the Noir Silence tune counts, since that’s not actually the English word “on.” Oh well.

  • victoria

    “On N’a Pas Besoin” – Paris Combo
    “On The Border” – (sung by) Cecelia Otto
    “On The Good Ship Lollipop” – Lost Dogs*
    “On Your Wings” – Iron & Wine
    *bonus points for anyone else who has this hidden track

  • the opoponax

    On Guard – Le Tigre
    On The Road Again – Willy Nelson
    On The Verge – Le Tigre

  • wanderingoutlaw

    On a Monday – Leadbelly
    On a Night Like This – Bob Dylan
    On Another’s Sorrow Blake – Allen Ginsberg (poetry)
    On Neal’s Ashes – Allen Ginsberg (poetry)
    On the Road Again – Bob Dylan
    On Top of Old Smokey – Roger McGuinn

  • “On a Carousel”, by the Hollies
    “On a Chair”, by the Fantastic Plastic Machine
    “On a Holiday”, by Brian Wilson
    “On Danse sur ma Chanson”, by Edith Piaf
    “On Her Doorstep”, by Moxy Früvous
    “On My Way to Vegas”, by Brian Tyler
    “On Parade”, performed by the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
    “On the Dunes”, by Donald Fagen
    “On the Run”, by Pink Floyd (also, versions by the Seatbelts and the Easy Star All-Stars)
    “On the Sunny Side of the Street”, performed by Louis Armstrong
    “On the Wall”, by bôa
    “On Treasure Island”, performed by Louis Armstrong

  • cminus

    “On A Night Like This,” Los Lobos
    “On A Plain,” Nirvana
    “On Her Doorstep,” Moxy Fruvous
    “On My Oath,” The Boogie Knights
    “On My Radio,” The Selecter
    “On The Dark Side,” John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band
    “On The Dunes,” Donald Fagen
    “On The Outside,” Sheryl Crow
    “On The Street,” Original Broadway Cast of Rent
    “On The Turning Away,” Pink Floyd
    “On We Go,” Nancy McCallion
    “On Your Knees Again,” Pain
    “On, Wisconsin!,” The All-American Marching Band
    Most recommended: Moxy Fruvous; the entirety of the Wood album is good but much more somber than Fruvuous usually gets. Runner-up, “On The Dark Side,” a classic 80s one-hit-wonder that doesn’t get the rememberances it deserves. The Los Lobos, Sheryl Crow, Nirvana, and Donald Fagen tracks are all pretty good in and of themselves, but the albums they’re from — Bob Dylan and friends’ Masked And Anonymous, the compilation Songs In The Key of X, Nirvana’s Nevermind and Fagen’s Kamakiriad deserve all the acclaim they receive (Kamakiriad is something of an acquired taste, though).

  • On a Limb — Stefan George
    On Fire — Revolting Cocks
    On Hearing The First Cuckoo In Spring — Frederick Delius
    On Location/History Unfolding/Space Battle, Babylon 5: The Fall of Night — Christopher Franke/Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
    On The Air — Peter Gabriel
    On the Drag — They Might Be Giants
    On the Outskirts (Of a Strange Dream) — David J
    On The Rise — Dr. Horrible cast
    On the Wall — The Jesus and Mary Chain
    I’m surprised no one had the Dr. Horrible one yet!

  • noyatin

    On a Holiday – Brian Wilson
    On Jordan’s Stormy Banks – Seventh Day Adventist Choir
    On the Wall – Louise Johnson
    On the Wings of a Nightingale – Everly Brothers
    “On the Wings of a Nightingale” was written by Paul McCartney for the Brothers’ 1983 reunion album, and is far, far better than most of his post-Beatles output.

  • I didn’t know there were so many Smile fans on Slacktivist. Unweigh the anchor, Yank, and we will party!

  • ohnoabear

    “On a Train,” TV on the Radio
    “On a White Lake, Near a Green Mountain,” M83
    “On Planet Off,” The Notwist
    “On the Brink,” Dinosaur Jr.
    “On the Drag,” They Might Be Giants
    “On the Line,” Fono

  • Lesse here…
    “On A Plain” Rogue Wave
    “On A Slow Night” Metric
    “On An Island” Dave Gilmour
    “On Dark Street” Elton John
    “On Distant Shores” Five Iron Frenzy
    “On Every Street” Dire Straits
    “On Grafton Street” Nancy Griffith
    “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand” Jars of Clay
    “On Love, In Sadness” Jason Mraz
    “On My Own” Les Mis
    “On My Shoulder” Westlife
    “On My Way” Phil Collins
    “On My Way Home” Enya
    “On My Way to Heaven” The Waterboys
    “On My Way to the Caanan Lands” Jackson C. Frank
    “On Peak Hill” Stars
    “On the Fourth of July” James Taylor
    “On the Beach” Neil Young
    “On the Beach” The Raspberries (appears to be two different songs)
    “On the Border” Eagles
    “On the Bus Mall” The Decemberists
    “On the Dark Side of Town” Janis Ian
    “On the Front Porch” Burl Ives
    “On the Open Road” Aaron Lohr & Bill Farmer
    “On the Other Side” Janis Ian
    “On the Road Again” Tom Rush
    “On the Road Again” Willie Nelson (yeah, they’re two different songs…)
    “On the Run” Pink Floyd
    “On the Sly” Metric
    “On the Steps of the Palace” Stephen Sondheim/Into the Woods
    “On the Sunny Side of the Ocean” John Fahey
    “On the Sunny Side of the Street” Manhattan Transfer
    “On the Threshold of Liberty” Mark Isham
    “On Top of Old Smoky” Pete Seeger
    “On Top of Spaghetti” Tom Glazer
    “On Your Wings” Iron and Wine
    Some interesting things here. Nothing I’m overly embarrassed to have in my collection.

  • Robert

    On en a marre ! – Natacha Atlas

  • Wow, there’s some really good stuff in this range:
    On a Plain (x2) – Nirvana
    On Fire – Switchfoot
    On My Own – Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald (hey, it was on a Burt Bachrach compilation!)
    On Saturday Night – Lyle Lovett
    On The Bound – Fiona Apple
    On The Corner (Subterranean Channel Mix) – Bill Laswell Remixing Miles Davis’ Panthalassa
    On The Dark Side of the Moon – Frank Comstock
    On The Other Side – Janis Ian
    On The Run – Pink Floyd
    On the Sunny Side of the Street – Diana Krall
    On the Sunny Side of the Street – John Lithgow
    On the Tweek Again – Primus
    On Top Of the Rain – Vertu
    On Your Side – Pete Yorn
    On Your Way Down – Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint

  • JayDeeJaye

    “On Our Side,” Chris Tomlin
    “On the Road to Beautiful,” Charlie Hall
    “On Your Shore,” Enya
    “On Your Way Back Down,” David Wilcox
    Seems I should have had a few more…gotta get back to ripping :-p

  • Ryan

    “On a Holiday,” Brian Wilson
    “On a White Lake, Near a Green Mountain,” M83
    “On the Bus,” Frank Zappa
    “On the Road Again,” Bob Dylan
    “On the Road Again,” The Grateful Dead
    “On Wheels and Wings,” Johnny Cash
    “On Your Own,” The Verve