Day to Days

Day to Days January 16, 2009
You're going gray, my baby …

"Day 1," Explosions in the Sky
"Day After Day," The Pretenders
"Day After Day," Texas
"Day After Tomorrow," Tom Waits
"The Day Before I Went Away," Texas

"Day by Day," The Hooters
"Day for Night," Matthew Sweet
"Day Tripper," The Beatles
"Day Tripper," Otis Redding
"Daybreak," Chet Baker
"Daybreak," The Stone Roses
"Days Go on So Long," The Frogs

Two from Texas, because Sharleen Spiteri's got some pipes.

"But why is he still staying there?"

May 23 Flashback: Strachan-ded
"Micromanagers. Good for video games, bad for real life."

May 23 Flashback: Strachan-ded
"Such as Bakker's The Dinosaur Heresies, about the change in interpretation of dinosaurs from sluggish, ..."

May 23 Flashback: Strachan-ded

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