All Dance and Dancing

All Dance and Dancing October 2, 2009

They're rating it a 10 before they drop and die

"Dance Across the Centuries," Johnny Clegg & Savuka
"Dance and Boogie," The Pipettes   
"Dance Dance Dance," Lykke Li
"Dance, Dance, Dance," Steve Miller Band

"Dance Stop," Daniel Amos
"Dancing at the Policeman's Ball," Mark Heard
"Dancing in the Dark," Bruce Springsteen
"Dancing in the Dark," Tegan & Sara
"Dancing in the Shadows," After the Fire
"Dancing Lessons," Sinead O'Connor
"Dancing on Light," Terry Taylor
"Dancing Queen," Abba
"Dancing With Joey Ramone," Amy Rigby
"Dancing With Myself," Billy Idol

"'Dance Stop' instructions: You may dance any dance that you desire, but in the course of the song when the word STOP! is shouted and the music stops you must FREEZE in whatever position you are in at that moment. In the song you will then hear the crowd voices escalating. Resume dancing again when you hear the word DANCE shouted and the music resumes."

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Cakes and ale (and drag queens)

Cakes and ale (and drag queens)
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Cakes and ale (and drag queens)
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Cakes and ale (and drag queens)

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