From Jack to James

From Jack to James January 29, 2010

… the life he thought would just happen to him like the changing of the seasons

"Jack of All Parades," Elvis Costello
"Jack's Valentine," Over the Rhine
"Jackeyed," Micah P. Hinson
"Jacksie," Over the Rhine
"Jackson," Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash

"Jackson," Lucinda Williams
"Jacksons, Monk and Rowe," Elvis Costello & The Brodsky Quartet
"Jaded," Green Day
"Jail Guitar Doors," The Clash
"Jailer," Asa
"Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley
"James," Huffamoose
"James Bond Theme," Leroy Holmes

"I went for a walk through the neighborhood just now, and a lot of men ..."

Someone sees the dreams we hide
"I didn't get into the whole story, but I know that when a captain is ..."

Someone sees the dreams we hide
"You forgot the Central African Republic"

Someone sees the dreams we hide
"He reportedly went through channels first, and only wrote the piece that became public because ..."

Someone sees the dreams we hide

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  • The universe is beautiful, because god is love, The flowers are beautiful, because some leaves of love, The blue sky is beautiful,Because there BaiYunZhi love. Earth is beautiful, Because have friends love! My wishes through space sent to you!

  • “anyone right-of-center needs to just lie down and take it like a bitch” should have been in the first draft. Damn my fastish fingers.