All this useless beauty

All this useless beauty June 5, 2010

And all I have to do today is make you happy …

"Beautiful," Aimee Mann
"Beautiful Child," Eurythmics
"Beautiful Day," U2
"Beautiful Dream Visions," Sarah Masen
"Beautiful Girl," Aztec Camera

"Beautiful One," Daniel Amos
"The Beautiful Ones," Prince and the Revolution
"Beautiful Rain," The BoDeans
"Beautiful World," Coldplay
"Beauty and Sadness," The Smithereens

Hearing Sammy BoDean (Sam Llanas) sing all 10 of these songs would make me very happy.

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Shine an ever-loving light on me

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  • tls

    Beautiful ~ Carole King
    Beautiful Life (Simlish Version) ~ Charlotte Martin
    Beautiful Loser ~ Bob Seger
    Beautiful Morning with You ~ The Seatbelts (FLCL soundtrack)
    The Beautiful People ~ Marilyn Manson

  • lynn

    Beautiful Star/Katamari Damacy
    Beautiful Collision/Bic Runga

  • Beautiful- Moby
    Beautiful- Paul Simon
    Beautiful Enemy- Dar Williams
    Beautiful Feeling- PJ Harvey
    Beautiful Jam- Grateful Dead
    Beautiful Night- Ani Difranco
    Beautiful Machine pts 1-4- The Apples in
    Beautiful Way- Beck

  • Emcee

    “Beautiful” – Carole King
    “Beautiful” – Sunday in the Park with George, 2006 London Cast
    “Beautiful City” – Godspell, 1993 Studio Recording
    “Beautiful City” – Godpell, 2001 National Touring Company
    “Beautiful Girls” – Follies, Original London Cast
    “Beautiful Music” – Barry Manilow
    “Beauty and the Beast” – Celine Dion
    “Beauty and the Beast” – Beauty and the Beast, Original Broadway Cast
    “Beauty and the Beast (Reprise)” – Beauty and the Beast, Original Broadway Cast
    “Beauty School Dropout” – Grease, 1994 Broadway Revival (with Rosie O’Donnell)
    So, yes, I have 2 versions of Beautiful City, but not the original version from the Original Soundtrack. Which isn’t really a Bad Thing, as it is the weakest version. (And, I do really have it, just not on my iTunes as of yet…) Of all the professional recordings of Godspell I have, the 1993 Studio album is probably my favorite, as it is the first to have “Tower of Babel” on it, and I realized many years later, has John Barrowman singing “We Beseech Thee”, and we love Captain Jack :-)

  • Amaryllis

    I really need to branch out from my British/Irish traditional collection– all my songs about pretty people or things begin with “Bonny” instead of “Beautiful.” So all I’ve got is
    Beautiful Girl – Eliza Carthy
    The Beautiful Shepherdess of Arcadia – The Baltimore Consort
    and, slightly out of range, but not to neglect the gentlemen
    The Beaux of London City – Brass Monkey

  • “The Beautiful Blue Danube,” Johann Strauss
    “Beautiful red Dress,” Laurie Anderson
    “Beautiful Pea Green Boat,” Laurie Anderson

  • Chris

    “The Beautiful Lie,” Amazing Rhythm Aces
    “The Beautiful Waitress,” Terry Allen
    “The Beauty Spot / The Maid Behind the Barrel,” Danu

  • mountainguy

    “Beautiful disaster”-311
    this was one of my favorite songs of 1999

  • An American classic: Stephen Foster’s “Beautiful Dreamer.” (“List while I woo thee / with soft melodies”)

  • Noah Ramon

    More Sammy vocals is ALWAYS a Good Thing.
    (Also, come on : no “Beautiful World” by Devo?)

  • interleaper

    “Beautiful”, Creed
    “Beautiful Land”, Nina Simone
    “Beautiful People”, Melanie
    “Beautiful Queen”, Emile
    “Beauty and the Beast”, David Bowie
    “Beauty and the Beast”, Stevie Nicks
    “Beauty in Darkness”, Patrick O’Hearn
    “The Beauty Within”, Patrick O’Hearn

  • Beautiful And Dangerous – Desmond Dekker & the Aces
    Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) – John Lennon
    Beautiful Brother Of Mine – Curtis Mayfield
    Beautiful Feeling – PJ Harvey
    Beautiful Gardens – The Cramps
    The Beautiful Invader – Tall Dwarfs
    A Beautiful Peace – Robert Wyatt
    Beautiful Plateau – Sonic Youth
    Beautiful Stranger – Mike Heron
    A Beautiful War – Robert Wyatt
    Beautiful World – Devo (I got it!)
    Beauty Queen – Roxy Music

  • burgundy

    No one’s put up Belle & Sebastian yet? I am shocked.
    “Beautiful,” Belle & Sebastian
    “Beauty Song (Jia Ren Qu), House of Flying Daggers soundtrack

  • Saffi

    Beautiful – Carol King
    Beautiful Day – U2
    Beautiful Dream – Suddenly, Tammy!
    Beautiful Dream – World Party
    Beautiful Homes – Chris Isaak
    A Beautiful Life – Everclear
    A Beautiful Mess – Jason Mraz
    Beautiful Milka – Mystery of Bulgarian Voices (yes, that’s the group’s name, not the album title)
    The Beautiful Ones – Prince and the Revolution
    Beautiful Rain – Afro Celt Sound System
    The Beautiful Side of Somewhere – The Wallflowers
    Beautiful, Dirty, Rich – Lady Gaga
    Beauty and the Mess – Nickel Creek
    The Beauty Process – L7
    The Beauty Spot Reels – Solas
    HOW did sweet little Nickel Creek get wedged in between Lady Gaga and L7? (shudder)
    Suddenly, Tammy! was a great but short-lived band that consisted of just a bass, a piano, and drums. I played their two albums to death back in the 90’s. I can’t find any links to the “Beautiful Dream” track, but here are two (Mt. Rushmore and Hard Lesson) that are among my favorites.
    I love the story about how they got their name. The lead singer and piano player (Beth Sorrentino) didn’t like to wear makeup at her job, but one day she showed up with some on, and someone yelled, “suddenly, Tammy!” (as in Tammy Faye Baker, the notoriously overly mascara’d ex-wife of a disgraced televangelist).

  • Thrifty

    Beautiful — Barenaked Ladies
    Beautiful Disaster — Kelly Clarkson
    Beautiful High — Sister Hazel
    A Beautiful Life — Everclear
    Beautiful Mind — The Verve
    The Beautiful Side of Somewhere — The Wallflowers
    Beautiful Thing — Sister Hazel
    Yeah, TWO Sister Hazel songs.

  • David no longer in Maine

    “Beautiful Self”, Eleven
    Highly recommended.

  • Beautiful – Carole King
    Beautiful – Gordon Lightfoot
    Beautiful – Paul Simon
    A Beautiful Morning – The Rascals
    Beautiful Noise – Neil Diamond
    Beautiful Pain – Rosanne Cash
    Beautiful Racket – Mary Chapin Carpenter
    The Beauty Of Mauna Kea – Keola Beamer & George Winston

  • Santa Claustrophobia

    Beautiful by Marillion
    Beautiful Day Without You by Royksopp
    Beauty of a Dream by Thomas Dolby

  • Tommy Tanaka

    Beautiful Red Dress – Laurie Anderson
    Beautiful Day – LEN
    Beautiful World – Devo (Here’s another one, Noah.)
    And Garbage gets an honorable mention for the album, Beautiful Garbage.
    I’m saddened that I don’t Beautiful Pea Green Boat. Laurie Anderson is pretty high on my list of performers I need complete collections from. So is Eurythmics, for that matter. I almost got started on them last weekend, but went with Cyndi Lauper instead. Over in the Sex & Money thread, the topic of personal possessions and what quantifies too much was brought up. For me, I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as too much music. (Or too many books, though I’m divided on electronic vs. paper.) I should probably have more Musical soundtracks, but I’m more likely to get the Musical on DVD instead, and watch the whole thing when I get a hankering for one of the songs.
    RE Godspell: I’d be tempted to perform in that just for a chance to sing Judas’ part in All For the Best. (Joseph, I can’t think of any songs that really grab me. JC Superstar, it’s a toss-up between Jesus and Judas. They both get some really good songs. Pity they don’t tend to cast basses in those roles.)

  • lemur

    Beautiful as You – Adam Cohen
    Beautiful Disaster – Miranda Stone
    Beautiful Girl – Poe

  • sarah

    Beautiful Dawn, The Wailin’ Jennys
    Beautiful Day, U2
    Beautiful Star of Bethlehem, Emmylou Harris (from her Christmas album)

  • Saffi

    Runs over to iTunes to get “Beautiful Self” by Eleven
    Thanks, David! :-D

  • Beautiful – Christina Aguilera
    too pop music-ish?

  • rm

    Beautiful — Carol King
    Beautiful Brown Eyes — Burl Ives
    Beautiful World — Devo

  • “Beautiful Days”, by Fantastic Plastic Machine
    “Beautiful Morning With You”, by the pillows
    “Beautiful Picture”, by the pillows

  • i’m surprised by what i have. hopefully not embarrassed.
    Beautiful – Christina Aguilera
    A Beautiful Collision – David Crowder Band
    The Beautiful Letdown – Switchfoot
    Beautiful Little Sharp Chicks – Pigeon John
    Beautiful Martyr – Daniel Amos (LOOOVE this song, Fred)
    Beautiful Sound – Newsboys (yet another guilty pleasure)
    Beauty and the Beast – David Bowie
    A looot of CCM here…

  • Beautiful Sunday – Daniel Boone

  • noyatin

    Beautiful – Youngbloods

  • Beautiful Change – The Innocence Mission

  • LeRoc

    Beautiful Dancer – Fela Kuti (A lesser known song from Fela – great sax solo!)
    Beautiful Soul – Kobo Town (I like the lyrics of this song – nice and uplifting)

  • sam


  • Jon P

    Tides, they turn, and hearts disfigure / But that’s no concern when we’re wounded together / And we tore our dresses and stained our shirts / But it’s nice today / Oh the wait was so worth it
    Beautiful Day – U2
    The Beautiful Letdown – Switchfoot
    A Beautiful Mess – Jason Mraz
    The Beautiful Side of Somewhere – The Wallflowers
    Beautiful Ways – Pat McGee Band

  • Beautiful – Belle & Sebastian
    Beautiful – Carole King
    Beautiful Day Without You – Röyksopp
    Beautiful Dreamer – Future Pilot AKA
    Beautiful Dreamer – Mates of State
    Beautiful Life – Gui Boratto
    Beautiful Morning With You – The Pillows
    A Beautiful Shape – Six By Seven
    Beautiful and Suspension – Solarists
    Beautiful Cream – Tamas Wells
    The Beauty of the Impending Tragedy of My Existence – Leyland Kirby

  • Whoops – the “Beautiful”s in my second and third last songs should be “Beauty”s, of course.