Real-Reasons July 8, 2011

I realize this doesn’t help a bit / but what can I do what can I do

Real Down Town,” Vigilantes of Love
Real Girls,” Daniel Amos
Real Long Distance,” Josh Ritter
Real Love,” Smashing Pumpkins
Real Love,” Regina Spektor
Real World,” Matchbox Twenty
“Really,” Nellie McKay
Really Mystified,” Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Reason to Believe,” Aimee Mann & Michael Penn
Reason to Believe,” Bruce Springsteen
Reason to Believe,” Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Reason to Believe,” Billy Bragg
Reasons,” Earth Wind & Fire

Yes, I own that Matchbox Twenty CD, because I was alive in 1997. “Real World” isn’t a bad song, and I’m not displeased to own it, unlike some friends of mine who occasionally stumble across their copies of Yourself or Someone Like You, mystified and a little frightened, with no clear memory of how it was they came to own such a thing.

Three of the four “Reason to Believes” above are the Springsteen song from Nebraska. The Billy Bragg track is a cover of the Rod Stewart Tim Hardin song, made famous by Rod Stewart, which I used to think was called “Someone Like You.” I don’t have Stewart’s version. Rod’s got a great voice, but his decisions in recent years for how to employ that voice have diminished my ability to enjoy his older songs as much as I once did. (His “People Get Ready” with Jeff Beck, though, is still one of my favorite things.)

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