The full scope of the 'climate-change' conspiracy

The full scope of the 'climate-change' conspiracy August 26, 2011

It can’t just be a few “bad apples.” If that were the case, if it were simply the work of a handful of bad actors, those dishonest renegades would quickly have been called to account by their peers. They would have been exposed as frauds and been punished, expelled from the academy.

That didn’t happen. Their peers have offered nothing but support. Uniformly and almost universally, those scientific peers have rallied behind the proponents of “climate-change” theory.

And that can only mean that their peers are in on it too.

This is the task facing all of us who believe in this scientific conspiracy promoting the fraud of climate change. If we are to oppose this conspiracy, then we must understand its full scope. Doing that requires us to investigate who else is in on it — who else must be in on it. And the more we investigate that, the more we will begin to appreciate just how vast and all-encompassing this conspiracy must be.

Because it’s not just their scientific peers in a single discipline who are rallying in support of the proponents of the theory. The fraud and the cover-up have spread, compromising nearly every scientific discipline. The physicists, chemists, paleontologists, botanists and geologists all must be in on it too. They all are actively participating in the conspiracy. The ornithologists and entomologists and oceanographers and microbial biologists are in on it.

Without the full cooperation of all of them, the conspiracy could not survive. Every scientist in every discipline must be in on it.

And yet we see all of these fraudulent, corrupt scientists continuing to work at our public and private colleges and universities where they continue to enjoy the respect of all their non-scientist peers in academia. Where is the brave college dean speaking out against this fraud? Where is there a provost or university president standing up for the truth by expelling these corrupt scientists and corrupt sciences from the campus?

No such heroes can be found. So the universities must be in on it too. All of them. And all of the academic journals, and all of the popular publications that promote their findings, and the libraries and librarians who continue to fill their shelves with this fraudulent science.

They’re all in on it. They must be.

You’ll never read about their complicity in your newspaper, of course, because the media is in on it too. No surprise there. We already knew that the lamestream media was massively corrupt and untrustworthy. What’s one more conspiracy, one more massive cover-up to them?

But it doesn’t stop there. It couldn’t. As vast as we have already seen this conspiracy to be, its success depends on it’s being much larger than just what we have described so far. The conspiracy requires that it be much larger than that. It can’t be just the scientists and the sciences, the colleges and universities, the libraries, newspaper and the media who are in on it.

There are whole nations that are in on it. The Netherlands is in on it. And Bangladesh, Mauritius, Kiribati, Bali, Tuvalu and Grenada are all in on it. What do those nations all have in common? Only this: They have all chosen, for some reason, to become outspoken proponents of the climate-change conspiracy.

And rather than stand up against those nations’ lies and expose them as frauds as ought to be done, the other nations of the world have chosen to play along. Europe is in on it. The entire United Nations is in on it — not just the member states, but also the non-governmental organizations that work with it. The International Red Cross is in on it. Catholic Charities and World Vision are in on it.

Don’t be shocked by those last two. Don’t somehow expect that such religious agencies would, by virtue of their faith or their supposed commitment to altruism, be immune to the lure of this massive, nefarious fraud. The Vatican, after all, is wholly corrupted by the climate-change conspiracy. It is firmly on record in support of the lies of the scientists. So are most of the major Protestant denominations.

Who, then, can still be trusted? Who is left untainted by the corruption of this vast web of lies, fraud and deceit?

Not the military. The U.S. military is in on it too, from the highest levels of the Pentagon on down.

Not business. The business world is in on it too. The property insurance companies and reinsurers are, if anything, even more strident in promoting the conspiracy than the scientists themselves. And those insurers, of course, have ties to every other form of business, coercing them into accepting policies based on the lying science of the conspiracy.

The tentacles of this vast conspiracy reach into every corner of life — academia, government, religion, commerce. If that were not true — if all of these many agents were not in on it — then the conspiracy could not have endured so long without being exposed and renounced by now.

Without the full cooperation and participation of all of these actors in all of these groups the conspiracy could not exist as we know it does. It cannot merely be the work of a few bad apples or a few renegades. It’s all or nothing.

That makes sense if you think about it. A conspiracy promoting lies about something as vast, global and pervasive as the climate would have to be as vast, global and pervasive as the climate itself.

And it is. It must be. That’s what I’m pleading with you to understand here.

Many of my fellow Americans want to join me in standing for the truth and so they have acknowledged the existence of this conspiracy. Ask them and they’ll tell you that they believe it exists — they believe that the scientists are lying and that the media is letting them get away with it.

But while they recognize that the conspiracy exists, they haven’t thought through the full implications of that realization. They haven’t recognized the vast scope that such a conspiracy requires. They haven’t come to grips with the logical necessity that to believe in the reality of such a conspiracy at all requires one to recognize that nearly everyone, nearly everywhere must be in on it. If such a conspiracy exists at all, then it must be vast, global and all-encompassing — twining throughout every school, church, government and business.

The truth is out there. Trust no one.

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