Brief insights on a hideous man

Brief insights on a hideous man March 3, 2012

No woman deserves to be disrespected in this manner. This language is an attack on all women, and has been used throughout history to silence our voices.”

“She was respectful, sincere, and spoke with conviction. She provided a model of civil discourse. … And yet, some of those who disagreed with her position – including Rush Limbaugh and commentators throughout the blogosphere and in various other media channels – responded with behavior that can only be described as misogynistic, vitriolic, and a misrepresentation of the position of our student.”

Behold, the most influential voice in Republican politics.”

“Those Republican politicians who have genuflected to Limbaugh in the past — do any of them have daughters? Wives? Sisters? Mothers?

“It is worth calling this what is is — the normalization of cruelty — and asserting, no matter how redundant, that it is wrong, and evidence of the lowest aspects of humanity.”

“And, truly, it’s weird, creepy, offensive and even creepier than you might imagine. The intense rape mentality that fills Limbaugh’s attacks on a woman … is kind of frightening and pathetic and desperate.”

“Conservatives try to pretend like these blatant anti-woman attitudes are about something other than just seething hatred of women for being female, but this entire contraception debacle has demonstrated that nope, it’s just misogyny.”

You want to damage your Christian witness and convince every fair minded skeptic you’re a fraud? Simple, just profess a liking for Mr. Limbaugh.”

“Let’s just say I’m not going out of my way to buy anything from Pro Flowers, Domino’s Pizza or Auto Zone any time in the near future.”

“So far, Sleep Number, The Sleep Train, Quicken Loans, Legal Zoom and Citrix have pulled ads from the program, and several others are considering following their lead.”

“Screw Rush Limbaugh. Screw Gateway Pundit and the entire conservative blogosphere. Screw all of you who think that Sandra Fluke’s age and gender are remotely legitimate reasons to disregard or diminish her message. And finally, screw the rest of us. Because it’s 2012. And we’re still putting up with this. …”

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  • Ursula L

     What will save us from this perverted generation?


    You know, he’s right.  It’s tremendously perverted that Limbaugh would suggest that people be obliged to perform in pornography and post it for public viewing, in order to be eligible for basic medical care.  

    We can only look at this situation and see hope in the fact that Rush’s perverted generation will be outlived by the sensible, moral generation of Fluke and others of her age who believe that ordinary medical care should be covered by medical insurance, and no one should be coerced into sexual behavior they do not want in order to obtain medical care.  

  • Albanaeon

     I guess you mean “morals” as “arbitrary antiquated standards we cling to”  and “integrity” as “following those arbitrary standards that incidentally gives men a great deal of power and control over women.”

    Not the actual definitions of those words, fuckwit.

  • Albanaeon

     The “perverted” generation needs to learn to shut up and mind their own business.  Old white guys spend more time thinking about everyone else’s sex lives than the actual people and just won’t stop talking about it.  Really, it’s not healthy.

    If you mean that the younger generation is having lots of sex then your dead wrong there.  Humanity has been getting in on in lots of ways and often lots of people since forever.  It’s just now, some of us have decided to not pretend they are not and minimize the risks.  After all, you really can’t fight reality.

  • ako

    If my daughters decide to have sex with as many guys as possible during college

    Nobody does that.  Literally no one.  If you can’t see the difference between a woman having sex that you don’t personally approve of and her trying to imitate the Empress Messalina, that says more about your view of women than it does about the “perverted generation”.

    and so marry someone a few years later with so much emotional/sexual baggage that will cripple and probably cause their divorce

    How much baggage a person brings into a marriage is not a function of how much sex they’ve had.  People who have premarital sex aren’t doomed to divorce, and there are plenty of people who go into marriages entirely virginal but with loads of issues.

    not to mention all of the STDs that contraceptives won’t always prevent

    Most contraceptives are purely a matter of pregnancy prevention, not disease prevention.  However, it is true that condoms don’t perfectly prevent STDs.  And it’s not like reducing the risk of catching HPV by 70% and the risk of catching HIV by 85% is worth anything, is it?

    (Yes, abstinence is more effective if used perfectly.  However, research on teens who took virginity pledges indicates that over 80% go on to have sex, so “I’ll teach them right and they’ll be perfectly abstinent until marriage!” rarely works.)

    sure they can choose that for themselves

    That’s exactly what this is about.  Women being able to choose for themselves.

    but I wouldn’t choose that for them

    The question is, if they made a choice you disagreed with, would you want them punished by having to do porn for Rush Limbaugh?

    I think that the issue is that women are not valuing themselves more than animal lusts

    Really?  It seems like if they were purely worried about their animal lusts and not valuing themselves, they wouldn’t go broke trying to get the health care they need. 

    Wait, you’re one of those people who thinks “women valuing themselves” is a synonym for “women doing what their fathers tell them and not having sex so their husband can enjoy the benefits of their virginity” right?  Never mind, then.

    and that they don’t want to pay for their actions

    Right, because seeing the doctor, keeping the prescription filled, taking the medication, and paying to have health insurance doesn’t count at paying.

    What will save us from this perverted generation?

    Rush Limbaugh will save us!  By having them all do porn!  Oh, wait…

  • Gocart-mozart

    I think it likely that Rush is a big fan of a particular sub-genre of porn (worksafe link is here):

  • Gocart-mozart

    I blame Poe.

  • Gocart-mozart

    I read some comments that argued “having health ins. pay for contraception is like having car ins. pay for gas.”  Maybe that’s it but who really knows with those people.

  • Gocart-mozart

    Difficult but not impossible.  Here is some good snark on this subject:

  • Gocart-mozart

    Damn reply button lied to me.  I bet its a dittohead.  

  • Anonymous

    I read some comments that argued “having health ins. pay for contraception is like having car ins. pay for gas.”

    More like the safe driver discount.

  • Contemplating the Republicans this time makes me appreciate the good
    qualities of fire ants, cockroaches, and rats in comparison.

    Rats have many good qualities that Republicans seem to lack, including intelligence, curiosity, affection, and careful attention to personal grooming.

  • I was having a disccusion with someone on Reddit who made a similar comparison.  In that case it was claiming that it’s like everyone being required to pay for an insurance premium that covers the cost of oil changes, when only people who drive SUVs are able to take advantage of the service.

    It was late at night, and my mind was just too boggled by the failure to understand the differences between health insurance and auto insurance, and how auto insurance works in the first place – to say nothing of the bizarre analogy comparing women to SUVs – so I just gave up.

  • P J Evans

    but I wouldn’t choose that for them

    It isn’t your choice. It’s theirs. You are not your children’s goal in life. Once they leave home, you won’t be able to run their lives – and when they’re out of sight, you’re not running their lives now.

    Grow up. Get some hobbies. Live your own life, and don’t try to run the lives of others.

  • P J Evans

    Oy vey! – it sounds like someone who doesn’t own a car. Or maybe leases it and drives it until it breaks, without taking it in for service.

  • Lori


    It was late at night, and my mind was just too boggled by the failure to
    understand the differences between health insurance and auto insurance,
    and how auto insurance works in the first place – to say nothing of the
    bizarre analogy comparing women to SUVs – so I just gave up.  

    I can be really tough to process that kind of illogical garbage when you’re fully awake, forget about when you’re tired.

    In the future you might inquire how the person feels about coverage for men’s health issues, like prostate cancer.

    If you wanted to stick with the (idiotic) car insurance analogy you might ask if they’d prefer to pay for SUV oil changes or to be required to chip in to pay the cost of having SUVs break down as a result of not having the oil changed.

  • Lori

    This is basically the response to Rush’s fauxpology that I wish I had written. Rush fills me with such loathing and rage that it’s too much work to be this articulate.

    Even when he can’t stand the heat and has to pretend to apologize, Rush Limbaugh can’t – or won’t – stop lying.

    Today he said he was sorry for having called law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” for telling Congress that women needed access to contraception.  But even as he did so, Limbaugh repeated the central lie in his original rants:  that Fluke had somehow made her sexual activity a matter of public discourse.

  • Yeah, I thought about that line of argument, but it was clear that I was arguing with an Internet Libertarian and I decided it wasn’t worth the effort.
    His overall line of reasoning seemed to be that you should never have to pay for anything that you don’t immediately directly benefit from, and the health insurance requirement that’s part of the Affordable Care Act is a de facto tax because of the fines for not having insurance, and tax is theft and blah blah blah…

  • So how many convictions do you have, and are they misdemeanors or felonies?

  • Lori

    Oh, That Guy. Yeah, there’s no point arguing with That Guy. Pearls before swine and all that.

  • Lori

    Good response. I honestly can’t come up with much beyond a bunch of different intonations of asshole, so I’m doubly impressed.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a good breakdown of the “wrong words” defense, and Lori’s link to Mark Kleiman nicely covers Rush’s ongoing lie about the content of Ms Fluke’s testimony.

    Then in the meat of his appall-ogy he restates the lie that this issue has something to do with taxpayer funds: “I personally do not agree that American citizens should pay for these social activities […] Will we be debating if taxpayers should pay for new sneakers for all students that are interested in running to keep fit?” What does this have to do with employee benefits? And did he just throw in a midnight basketball-esque dog-whistle with the “new sneakers” bit? 

    And as if this “apology” didn’t have enough lies, he adds, “I posited that it is not our business whatsoever to know what is going on in anyone’s bedroom.” That’s what we’re supposed to get from his insistence that women’s healthcare should be subject to employers’ scrutiny? That’s the takeaway from his slut-shaming a woman who talked about someone else’s ovarian cysts? How on earth does not our business translate into but certainly not just the business of a woman and her doctor? It’s like sticks and stones are good and fine but words are where we draw the line.

  • Some health insurance plans do cover wellness benefits, like gym memberships. I believe we get a discount on our Y dues through my husband’s insurance, which covers us both. Over the course of a year, the savings may even cover new sneakers.

  • JohnK

     I wish these guys could stick with one story. If the fines for not having an insurance are a tax, then they have to stop arguing that the individual mandate is unconstitutional… or they have to argue that tax credits, deductions, and exemptions are unconstitutional. If the fines aren’t a tax, then you can’t really accuse Obama of taxing you to death since those provisions are pretty much the only things he’s enacted that can be remotely construed as a tax hike. It has to be one or the other; they can’t pivot back and forth to piece together an argument like that.

    (Well, they can, but they should be called out on it.)

  • Rikalous

     @Kubricks_Rube: I’m most confused about how his call for women to be required to star in publicly available porn constitutes not knowing what’s going on in their bedrooms.

  • Anonymous

     I’ve actually had some exposure to Nazisploitation via Brad Jones.  Most of it is pretty fucked up, but there are a few hidden gems of unintentional hilarity, like the scene in The Gestapo’s Last Orgy where a woman is being tortured by suspending her upside down over a box full of gerbils.

  • I can say that the only reason I took any notice of Rush’s comments on this particular matter has been because of the media backlash.  You see, I have made it a point for two decades now to not pay any attention to Rush Limbaugh because anything more than cursory exposure could cause potentially fatal blood pressure issues.  Even this makes me feel like I need heart medication.  Do any insurance plans cover that?  Maybe Rush needs to start paying his audience’s premiums if he wants to continue on this track…

  • Lori

    This. I no longer know what’s going on in Rushlandia unless it breaks through to other media because it’s always that same crap and there’s just no benefit to me keeping up with it.

    Obviously there’s no really logical reason that this should be the thing, of all the horrible things that Rush says, that gets everyone’s attention. I’m not complaining though. Every time people notice how terrible Rush is and try to do something about it IMO it’s a good thing.

    Michael O’Hare posted a follow-up to yesterday’s piece on Rush’s non-apology. In it he notes that this incident could act as leverage to finally get the show off Armed Forces Radio. That would certainly be a good thing. If Clear Channel wants to give that jerk airtime it’s a private business and we’ve given up all pretense that the airwaves are a public trust, so there’s nothing to be done about it. There’s no reason the government should be giving him exposure though.

  • Huh! As Rack Jite’s page noted, it got on AFR because the SecDef caved to political pressure, IIRC, and pushed for it to be on over the Joint Chief’s objections. That was in the Late Bush I or early Clinton days, so Rush has had his chance to push his crap for like 20 years over there. :(

  • Tricksterson

    So much for his being against government assistance.

  • just like Ed Shultz …

  • too bad about those STD’s

  • The Lodger

    Okay, now we’re just pining for the lost Lenore here.

  • The Lodger

    It’s possible to believe Limbaugh made an honest, excuse me, understandable mistake about how the Pill works if you don’t believe he’s ever performed an act with a woman that could result in pregnancy.
    Yadda yadda contraband ED medication yadda yadda boys yadda yadda yadda Dominican Republic.

  • The Lodger

    More seriously, who thinks the concept of “my employer’s religious feelings” makes any sense whatsoever if it doesn’t depend on the concept of “corporations are people?”
    Think about it: 99% of our employers, it we’re lucky enough to be working, are corporations of one form or another.  As corporations, they legally can’t refuse to hire someone on the basis of the employee’s religion. (Even my own church has hired a secretary who was a member of another denomination and a sexton… come to think of it, I have no idea what his faith is, or even if he has one.)
    So if it’s clear that the corporations operating Yeshiva University and Adventist Hospital can’t refuse to hire Catholic librarians, orthopedists or gardeners, then what kind of twisted feudalistic logic makes it OK for these employers to forbid them to get medical care on Saturdays?

  • Tricksterson

    Aaand we come one step closer to the Shadowrun dream of extraterritoriality.

  • vega

    I pity any child you raise, but your daughters the most. You will inflict such pain, all the while telling them it’s for their own good. You will deny them even the idea of choice. I mourn for them, and I mourn for you. I’m truly sorry.

  • vega

     (that was in response to MMWC. The “in reply to” tag seems not to be appearing.)