I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for March 12, 2012

“There is no way to measure the loss for the families of the victims, no way to understand the harm done to peace process in the country and no way to calculate the additional deaths of Americans, Afghans and others from across the world this will likely cause. There is no way to know the full cost of war.”

The possession of nuclear weapons [is] a grave sin and … the proliferation of such weapons is senseless, destructive and dangerous.”

Perhaps this is because we always need a ‘Party of Fear,’ whether it comes in the form of Federalists dubious of democracy in the New Republic, or nativists fearing the influence of ‘new immigrants’ in the 1850s (or the 200s), or contemporary commentators suspicious of Obama’s foreign, Islamic, or radical roots.”

“The Boomers (1946-1964 numbered 77 million, while the Millennials (1982-2000) totaled 81 million.”

“The ‘war on science’ has ballooned long past any mere attack upon the credibility of researchers and professors. It now manifests as a general ‘war on all knowledge castes’ — including teachers, economists, journalists, civil servants, medical doctors, skilled labor, judges, diplomats …”

“I get the idea from many of my evangelical friends that so long as a person shares their political convictions, it matters not how they live their life or speak about other people; a person is on the Christian ‘team’ as long as he votes for conservative candidates come election day.”

“From Stewart’s perspective, Santorum being ‘a strong pro-life person’ apparently gives him license to make up nonsense about the Netherlands.”

Tramps like us. And we like tramps.”

Isn’t that a better use of 30 minutes?

“Every interaction Jesus had with women was to set them free and lift their burdens of bondage. … I don’t know why the church built on his name has done the exact opposite.”

The void of women’s leadership in the Church is painful and palpable, and the spectrum of God’s image will never be fully visible so long as any are silenced, diminished, or excluded.”

When God called me into ministry, I suddenly was thrust into discussions and reflections about scriptural tensions regarding women in ministry.”

“Until those with power (men) decide to give it away to those who lack it (women), I believe we will continue to misrepresent Jesus’ heart and mar the beauty of his Kingdom.”

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