Canada to Capistrano Beach

Canada to Capistrano Beach March 30, 2012

Hope she knows I only turned out half bad …

Canada vs. America,” Broken Social Scene
Canceled Check,” Beck
Candle in the Wind,” Elton John
Candlelight Song,” Violent Femmes

Candy,” The Astors
Candy,” Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson
Candy,” Morphine
Candy,” Steve Hindalong
Candy Everybody Wants,” 10,000 Maniacs
“Candy Guru,” Chagall Guevara
Candy’s Room,” Bruce Springsteen
Caney Mountain,” Ha Ha Tonka
Cannonball,” The Breeders
Cante E Dance,” Pink Martini
Cap in Hand,” The Proclaimers
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,” Vampire Weekend
Capistrano Beach,” Terry Scott Taylor

Very pleased to find that there’s more of the Reid twins on YouTube than just “(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles.” I was almost as excited to find this live version of “The Light” as the guy standing next to whoever had the camera. (“I believe in God alright / It’s folk like you I just can’t stand” — good stuff.)

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  • Canary – Liz Phair
    Cannibal’s Hymn – Nick Cave
    Can’t Get Out Of What I’m Into – Liz Phair
    Can’t Lose You – Type O Negative
    Can’t Slow Down – Joe Satriani
    Can’t Stop – Suicidal Tendencies
    Cantspeak – Danzig
    Capital G – Nine Inch Nails
    Capitalists Suck – DRI

  • Can’t Get Away With That – Stiff Little Fingers
    Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound – Johnny Cash
    Can’t Keep It In – Cat Stevens
    Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Can’t Stop Messin’ – Aerosmith
    Can I Kick It? – Sage Francis
    Candy – Ash
    Candy’s Room – Bruce Springsteen
    Cantina Band – Ash
    Captain Anarchy – Anti-Flag

  • Brent White

    Nice inclusion of a song from one of my favorite albums that few have ever heard: The Violent Femmes’ “The Blind Leading the Naked.” That’s one of the best things that came out of that decade.

  • “Canada”, Low
    “Cancer”, Meat Beat Manifesto
    “Candidacy”, Ani DiFranco / Utah Phillips
    “Candy”, Dag
    “Candy”, Morphine
    “Candy”, Ween
    “Candy”, Foxy Brown ft. Lil Kim
    “Candy Everybody Wants”, 10,000 Maniacs
    “Candy Girl”, Low
    “Candy Guru”, Chagall Guevara
    “Cannibal Resource”, Dirty Projectors
    “Cannibal Song”, Ministry
    “Cannonball”, Brandi Carlile
    “Cantara”, Dead Can Dance (from _Within the Realm of a Dying Sun_)
    “Cantara”, Dead Can Dance (from _Toward the Within_)
    “Cantering on Fool”, Eddie From Ohio
    “Cantus”, Faith and the Muse

  • Anonymous

    Another one that I have a lot of songs near the range, but precious few in it:

    “Canada Is Really Big”–Arrogant Worms (I’m a masochistic American, what can I say?)
    “Cantate Domino”–choir of a college I went to for one semester before flunking out, waay back in the day
    “Cantiga”–Mediaeval Baebes
    “Capital G”–NIN

  • Ganimed

    Cancel the Exhibition – 3 Colours Red
    Candidate – David Bowie
    Candidate – Joy Division
    Candy and a Currant Bun – The Mars Volta
    Candy Perfume Girl – Madonna
    Candy Says – The Velvet Underground
    Candyman – Siouxsie and the Banshees
    Cannibal’s Hymn – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    Cannibal Song – Ministry
    Cannonball Days – Ryan Adams
    Cannons – Siouxsie and the Banshees
    Canon alla Decima – JS Bach
    Canon alla Duodecima – JS Bach
    Canon alla Ottava – JS Bach
    Canon per Augmentationem in contrario motu – JS Bach
    Canope – Debussy
    Cantible in Bb Major – Chopin
    Canterbury – Diamond Head
    Capriccio in E Major BWV 993 – JS Bach
    Capriccio on the departure of his most beloved brother – JS Bach
    Caprice – Prokofiev
    Captive Honour – Megadeth
    The Capture of Ivan, Arrival of Kastchei the Immortal – Stravinisky

  • noyatin

    Lots of Candy Men

    Candy Man – Mississippi John Hurt
    Candy Man – Rev. Gary Davis
    Candy Man – Hot Tuna
    Candyman – Grateful Dead

  • Hypocee

    “Canada”, by Low, and indeed most of the rest of The Great Destroyer. One of my top five albums alongside a couple Floyds and a couple Beatles. Largely masterpieces with nary a true stinker in the bunch.

  • Huh.  I’ve got a crapload of California songs.  I’ve got even more Cans and Can’ts.

    Within the range I have exactly two, neither of which set my heart aflutter:

    “Candy from a Stranger,” Soul Asylum
    “Cannonball,” Pat Green


  • picklefactory

    “Can It be All so Simple,” Wu-Tang Clan (and the Raekwon remix). But now I just want to listen to some Gladys Knight. ‘Scuse me for a second.
    “Can You Handle It,” Prince Paul
    “Canada,” Low — man, awesome stuff. I love Low.
    “Canal Heist,” Lion Rock
    “Canal Street,” Raekwon
    “Candidate,” Joy Division
    “Candle,” Skinny Puppy — the creepy quiet song from The Process
    “Candy,” The Presidents of the USA
    “Candy Everybody Wants,” 10,000 Maniacs
    “Candy Girl,” Low
    “Candy Perfume Girl,” Madonna
    “Candyfloss,” Wilco
    “Candyland,” Gwen Stefani
    “Canine Ecstasy,” Marumari
    “Cannonball,” Brandi Carlile (thanks F.C.)
    “Canola,” Speedy J
    “Canon,” Clogs
    “Capital G,” Nine Inch Nails

    Just for fun, here are the Can’ts: Can’t Buy Me Love, Can’t Cry Anymore, Can’t Cry These Tears, Can’t Do Nuttin’ For Ya Man, Can’t Get Right Blues, Can’t Get Up, Can’t Get You out of My Head, Can’t Hear My Eyes, Can’t Keep It In, Can’t Run But, Can’t See, Can’t Stand It, Can’t Stand Losing You, Can’t Stop Feeling, Can’t Stop Now, Can’t We Be Friends?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t Cry Anymore – Sheryl Crow

  • Anonymous

    Canary in a Coal Mine – Police
    Captain Jack – Billy Joel

  • Mathbard

    Canadian Idiot – Weird Al YankovicCandy Store Rock – Led ZeppelinCapac Nan – Wayra

  • Anonymous

    “Canada” – Pilot
    “Canadee-i-o” – Bob Dylan
    “Candy Gal” – Sadie Compton
    “Candy Man” – Roy Orbison
    “Candy Man” – Taj Mahal
    “Candyman” – Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
    “Cannonball” – Duane Eddy
    “Cantina Band” – John Williams (the famous tune from “Star Wars”)
    “Caninta Band #2” – John Williams (music the cantina band played during the scenes in the Mos Eisley bar)
    “Cantina Theme (Workin’ For the Law)” – Bob Dylan
    “Cape Lookout Shoals” – Kyle Blackmon

  • tenniszombie

    Can’t Stand Losing You – The Police
    Canary in a Coal Mine – The Police
    Candles and Cults – Johnny Foreigner 
    Candy Kiss – The Creepshow
    Canvey Island – British Sea Power
    Caprice – Jeremy Soule (Morrowind Soundtrack)
    Captain Kelly’s Kitchen – Dropkick Murphys

  • Anonymous

    “Can’t Hold Back”, 38 Special
    “Callas Went Away”, Enigma

  • Chris S.

    Blue Highway, “Canadian Bacon”
    Hot Tuna, “Candy Man”*
    Reverend Gary Davis, “Candy Man”*  
    Mississippi John Hurt, “Candy Man Blues”*  
    Grateful Dead, “Candyman”*
    Merle Travis, “Cane Bottom Chair”
    The Stairwell Sisters, “Cannonball”
    Doc Watson, “Cannonball Rag”
    Merle Travis, “Cannonball Rag”
    Guy Clark, “The Cape”
    Patty Griffin, “The Cape”   

    *Hey there, noyatin.  :-)

  • rm

    Hooray! It’s been, like, years.

    I’m going to pretend I have “Candy” by Iggy Pop and “Cap in Hand” by The Proclaimers because I once owned them on cassette tape, and I am still waiting for the music industry to offer me free digital upgrades for all my obsolete media purchases — I wait for delivery each day until three.

    Canadee-I-O — Bob Dylan
    Canary — Phyllis Geller
    Canary in a Coalmine — Uncle Earl
    Candle in the Wind — Elton John
    Candy Everybody Wants — 10,000 Maniacs
    Candy Gal — The Rocky Toppers
    Candy Gal — Sadie Compton
    Candy Girl — Uncle Bunt Stephens
    Candy Kisses — George Morgan
    Candy Man — Chris Smither
    Candy Man — Erik Darling

    Candy Man — Mississippi John Hurt

    Candy Man — Roy Orbison

    Candy Man — Taj Mahal

    Candy Man Blues — Mississippi John Hurt
    Candy Store Blues — Toni Harper
    Candyman — Dave Van Ronk
    Candyman — Grateful Dead
    Canned Heat Blues — Tommy Johnson
    Cannon Ball Blues — The Carter Family
    Cannon Ball Blues — Frank Hutchison
    Cannonball — Frank Fairfield
    Cannonball #3 — Lee Moore
    Cannonball Blues — Furry Lewis
    Cap’n Bynge/The Britches Full of Stitches — The Cape Cod Fiddlers
    Cape Breton Tune — Jody Stecher

  • The Beatles – Can’t Buy Me Love
    UB40 – Can’t Help Falling in Love
    Weepies – Can’t Go Back Now
    Sheryl Crow – Can’t Cry Anymore
    Garbage – Can’t seem to make you mine

  • Anonymous

    “Canadian Idiot”, Weird Al Yankovic
    “Candyman”, Christina Aguilera
    “Canis Lupis”, Aquabats
    “Cannibals”, Mark Knopfler

  • Amaryllis

    Oh, hey, the alphabet game is back!

    Canary Bird Waltz – The Federal City Brass Band
    Candor veli niveam – Canty
    Candy Cane Children – The White Stripes
    Cantares de mi terra – Fiestas of Chiapas
    Canute – The Oldham Tinkers
    Cape Sky Waltz – John Faulkner

    Well, that’s a mixed bag. And if we’re stretching the point slightly….

    …more wine for the captains!
    Captain Bover – The Whisky Priests
    Captain Kelly – Matt Molloy and Sean Keane
    Captain Shepherd’s Quickstep – The Federal City Brass Band
    Captain Thompson – Trian
    Captain Wedderburn – Bellowhead

  • “Candles” – Within Temptation
    “Can’t Lose You” – Type O Negative

  • Skiriki

    Can You Forgive Her? – Pet Shop Boys
    Cantus Excio – X-Files soundtrack
    Cameron’s Inferno – Terminator 2 soundtrack

  • Anonymous

    Canada – Low
    Canada – Themselves & Why?
    Canadian Girl – The Walkmen
    Candidate – Joy Division
    Candlelight – Six By Seven
    Candy – Ash
    Candy – Morphine
    Candy Girl – Low
    Candyfloss – Jonny
    Candyfloss – Wilco
    Canoe Canoa – Populous w/Short Stories
    Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten – Arvo Part
    Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa – Peter Gabriel & Hot Chip
    Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa – Vampire Weekend

  • Theo

    Not a whole lot, if we don’t count the “Can’t” ones.

    Canadee-I-O – Bob Dylan
    Candy – Iggy Pop
    Candy Man/a> – Bob Dylan

  • Anonymous

    Can’t Stop the World – Go-Go’s