All Eyes

All Eyes April 13, 2012

‘Cause part of me knows what you’re thinking …

Eye,” Smashing Pumpkins
Eyé Adabå,” Asa
Eye in the Sky,” Jonatha Brooke
Eye Know,” De La Soul
Eye Know (Know It All mix),” De La Soul

Eye of the Hurricane,” The Alarm
Eye of the Storm,” Mark Heard
“Eye of the Tiger,” Josh Joplin
Eye on Springfield,” Kent Brockman
Eyeball Kid,” Tom Waits
Eyes on Fire,” Blue Foundation
Eyes on the Prize,” M. Ward
Eyes Wide Open,” Adam Again

It seems I have Josh Joplin’s fun cover of “Eye of the Tiger,” but not the original by Survivor. (Our high school mascot was the Tigers, so we used that song for layup drills. Cheesy, yes, but effectively cheesy.)

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