One big exhale never did me no good

One big exhale never did me no good August 22, 2012

“Look Look what that human being just did! UNBELIEVABLE!”

What has NASA done to make your life awesome?

“Its giddy language games and its cultivated diction, as much as its lightweight adolescent backdrop and its steady exploration of what it means to be ethical, to be human, to find meaning in being — perhaps calls into question the idea that slight and substantial, ephemera and art, language and content are mutually exclusive just because we tend to treat them as binary opposites.”

“Our Church exists in the midst of the Vatican’s. But there are so many more of us out here than there are priests and prelates walking the hallowed halls of the Vatican.”

“The financial mismanagement and questionable business practices would have seen widespread resignations at the top of any other public institution.”

“For my part, I found it was easier to simply stop identifying as evangelical rather than to try to convince others of what shade of evangelical I was.”

“According to LaBarbera and Mefferd, it is inappropriate for companies to back gay rights efforts or groups because they will be offending customers when they should be remaining neutral in the ‘culture war.’ However, if a company like Chick-fil-A opposes gay rights, then it is an admirable decision worthy of support and any criticism of their activism is an assault on freedom.”

“Former Bellevue police chief Don Van Blaricom reviewed the police reports and determined they ‘were obviously written in concert, after the fact, to CYA [cover your ass].'”

You need a lot of money to run for Judge in Pistolvania.”

Carbon dioxide is plant food. So the more of that there is in the air the more the crops grow and the cheaper the food is around the world, this actually helps especially the poor.”

“Well, no. Actually, it would be very bad.”

“An alarming percentage of these people appear to lack a junior high understanding of science or human physiology once we exclude Bible-based theories. So, you know, maybe STFU about it.”

When confronted by opposing facts, you kill them. It’s war after all.”

“I’ve been trying to think of any notable cults, sects or religions that have sprung up in the past 20 years, and I can’t think of any.”

“See what some of the most forward-thinking and imaginative storytellers of that time saw when they cast themselves toward today.”

“And, by humble, I mean driving a domestically made mid-size sedan with high mileage.”



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