‘Down with the traitor, up with the star’

‘Down with the traitor, up with the star’ September 7, 2012

We will welcome to our numbers the loyal, true and brave …

That is a little slice of awesome pie.”

A young woman in old-fashioned clothes, a tiny smile on her lips and a hand extended solicitously towards her friend.”

“Revisen el orden de llamadas que trataron de hacer y saquen sus cuentas.” (“Check the order of the calls you tried to make and draw your own conclusions.”)

You are standing in an open field west of a white townhouse, with a boarded front door.”

“The real reason is that I liked the people who were waiting on line better than I liked the people cutting in front of it — that I couldn’t imagine counting myself among those paying for the pleasure of stepping in front of another child.”

“If there is a God — a higher power, a supreme being, who is behind all this, I feel we should just stop talking for a minute and … well … just stop talking for a minute.”

“You are about six times more likely to get zapped by an Act of God than to run into what this report counts as religious hostility.”

“They like to say they ‘have a heart for the Jewish people.’ (They don’t say ‘Jews,’ because they’re worried it sounds anti-Semitic, which, when they say it, it does. Because, when they say it, it is.)”

Oh, for the love of …

“When Allen jumped bail on his drunk-driving arrest, he claimed that the charges were nothing but ‘a trick of the devil to try to kill his ministry.’ He and his supporters claimed that all the drinking and corruption charges lodged against him were nothing but malicious slander.” (via)

“The new ad features Republican National Committee Director of Hispanic Outreach Bettina Inclan, who in the ad purports to be an average woman voter who supported Obama in 2008.”

“Romney’s campaign is not contesting the truth value of its assertions so much as contesting whether truth value itself is relevant.”

“You know why they remained in prison for two decades? Because the state didn’t care that they had the wrong guys on death row.”

“Suddenly I realized that, regardless of how many vulgar words these people used or how long their hair was, truth was on their side … in their music was an experience of metaphysical sorrow and a longing for salvation.”

Mulching is a process of inbred fertilization which employs certain decomposed organic materials — including, but not limited to animal sediment — to blanket an area in which vegetation is desired. The procedure enriches the soil for stimulated plant development while, at the same time, preventing erosion and decreasing the evaporation of moisture from the ground.”

The world becomes a map of the world.”

(Video at top via The Left Coaster.)

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  • Amaryllis

     The ship had more than the required number of lifeboats. The owners actually went beyond the then-current standard.

    After the sinking, those regulations were changed. There’s probably a political point there too.

  • Amaryllis

    “A young woman in old-fashioned clothes, a tiny smile on her lips and a hand extended solicitously towards her friend.”

    The soul selects her own society,
    Then shuts the door;
    On her divine majority
    Obtrude no more.

    Unmoved, she notes the chariot’s pausing
    At her low gate;
    Unmoved, an emperor is kneeling
    Upon her mat.

    I’ve known her from an ample nation
    Choose one;
    Then close the valves of her attention
    Like stone.

    -Emily Dickinson

  • Meanwhile, some of Obama’s critics are incensed that, in support of Obama’s reelection, one of the speakers at the DNC was a real true person talking about how Obama’s policies have made her life better.

    The decision to have an illegal alien address the Democratic National Convention this evening is indicative of the party leadership’s efforts to delegitimize and undermine U.S. immigration laws, charged the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Benita Veliz, an illegal alien, will likely receive a rousing reception from the party faithful.

    “In choosing to have someone who defiantly remains present in the
    United States in violation of federal law address the convention during
    prime time is nothing more than a celebration of lawlessness.  And  by
    celebrating illegal immigration, the Democratic Party
    is sending a clear message that our immigration laws are not only
    inconsequential, but that the people who break our laws are heroes,”
    said Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

    (For news coverage that isn’t pretty much a copy of FAIR’s press release – and is more recent – see Benita Veliz Speech Marks First Remarks From DREAMer At Democratic National Convention)

    Obviously it’s because they dislike the policy she benefits from, but really — actor telling a concocted story or real true person affected by the candidate’s policies, you can’t win for losing here.

    (I am also reminded of the 2004 election, when the RNC was outraged that the Democrats would have the gall to field an opposing candidate during wartime. The outrage over Veliz appears the version of that they do when their opponent is the incumbent. I mean, how dare Obama not have the grace to be ashamed of those of his policies which the Republicans dislike, right? How dare he have supporters testifying that his policies have helped him?)

  • Mike Timonin

    I saw the mulch link, and I knew it had to have something to do with Groo. I’ve always been a sucker for a running gag, even one that, really, wasn’t that funny.

  • Obama’s actions have led directly to me being able to get surgery which will alleviate a large amount or maybe all of my constant debilitating pain. It will allow me to work again, to do basic things like cook and clean, etc. And not to be in constant horrible pain.

    Watching Republicans tie themselves in knots over how this is somehow not actually due to Obama but is due to um look over there and Romney would do more anyway because um look over there is amusing. I have to be amused to stop from either raging or crying.

    And that’s not the only way in which Obama has helped me substantially. I’m a woman. There are the Fair Pay Act, and no longer having to pay significantly more for insurance than men. 

    I’ve never been loyal to a politician before. I am loyal to Obama. That man is saving my life — not necessarily my survival (though living with this pain forever might lead me to suicide), but my ability to actually live.

  • AnonymousSam

    And then the Wisconsin Republicans went and repealed their version of the Fair Pay Act because, to quote state senator Grothman, “money is more important for men.”

    And now Republicans want to repeal the minimum wage laws, because “You can always choose not to work for a place with crappy pay.”


    *Coughs* Sorry. I’m okay now. See, I don’t really do the crying option very well, so my options are between laughing at them and raging, and I don’t find this very funny.

  • PJ Evans

     You can tell that none of them have ever worked for minimum wage, without having their parents help them out with a room and meals. You can also tell that none of them think women are real people with real rights and real problems.

  • PJ Evans

     I’ve read that the bulkheads in the lower decks didn’t go all the way to the decks above – a compartment floods, it overflows into the adjoining compartments, and pretty soon you have a ship with a lot more water inside than it’s designed to contain. The steerage passengers would have been the first to go.

  • etv13

    It’s worth noting, though, that Disneyland is really expensive — probably much more so than any waterpark in the country.  They’ve made a decision to treat most people equally once they’re inside (I believe there are still some premium tours you can pay for, or that are available for VIPs, that allow you to jump the lines), but getting inside is a whole different deal.

  • Amaryllis

    Yeah. What I meant was, the owners and builders knew that there weren’t enough lifeboats for everyone, or even as many boats as the ship was designed to carry. But I’ve heard that they didn’t want to clutter up the upper decks, the passenger promenades,  with more boats. After all, the regulations said they’d done as much as they needed to. Anyway, the ship was unsinkable, right, no need to worry too much.

    And nobody looked at the regulations and said, wait a minute, these were written for ships with a much smaller passenger capacity. And nobody said, but what if? So I was thinking about all the complaints one hears about how government regulations are intrusive and burdensome and always changing; the Titanic’s passengers could have done with a little more intrusion and change.

    The other thing about the lifeboats is that some of them weren’t even fully loaded– er, I mean, with as many passengers as they could carry– partly because of panic and premature launching, but  apparently also because some people who had a chance at the first boats, declined. They felt safer on the ship, which was after all supposed to be unsinkable– or, at least, really slow to sink. They figured they’d be rescued before the worst happened, and preferred to take their chances on the big ship rather than in a tiny lifeboat. People are always guessing wrong about risk.

    But yes, it was a top-down rescue effort, and the steerage people got the worst of it.

  • aunursa

    It’s worth noting, though, that Disneyland is really expensive — probably much more so than any waterpark in the country.

    But other similarly-priced theme parks are offering priority passes, and thus treating guests differently based on the price of their ticket.

    * A Disneyland 1-day ticket is $87.
    * A Universal Studios ticket is $80.
    * A Six Flags Magic Mountain ticket is $64.99.

    Universal Studios also offers the Front-of-Line Pass for $129 and the VIP Experience for $249.  Both of Universal’s premium tickets include priority access to all rides, shows, and attractions.

    Six Flags sells separately THE FLASH Pass for $65 (Gold) and $105 (Platinum).  Both levels shorten the wait time for popular attractions.

  • Donalbain

    Without a first class section, airlines could space the seats so that
    each passenger would have more legroom.  And lavatory access would be

    Or just cram in more seats, with the same amount of legroom.

  • etv13

    So they’re basically doubling the admission price?  I wouldn’t think they’d get enough takers to degrade the experience of the regular ticket-buyers.  

    And here’s the thing:  nobody is a citzen of Six Flags, or Disneyland (though my daughter would probably like to be).  What we are is paying customers.  If we don’t think we are getting value for our money, we will cease to be paying customers.  The people at the Walt Disney Company have obviously decided that the best way to extract the most profits from their customers is by treating them more or less equally — everybody can get one fast pass at a time, and that’s it.  Six Flags and Universal are trying a different approach.  FWIW, my money is on Disney, because I don’t think that company does much that isn’t carefully thought through and calibrated to deliver the largest profits for the shareholders.   I don’t think they’re treating people equally out of an idealistic sense of egalitarianism, and I really don’t think they have any obligation to, because again, with respect to them, we’re customers, not citizens.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart


  • aunursa


    But still, the passengers-to-lavatory and passengers-to-flight attendant ratios would drop.

  • aunursa

    Disneyland can pretty much charge whatever it wants.  The attendance at Disneyland Park last year topped $16 million guests, and represents a 20% increase over 2004.  Other theme parks are suffering lower attendance figures than what they hope and expect.  Universal Studios Hollywood welcomed 5.1 million guests last year, almost the same total as 2004.  Universal is desperate to attract customers, which is why they offer a 2nd day free ticket for $80 and an annual pass (with blackout dates) and “Buy a day, get a year FREE” special for Southern California residents.  Disneyland’s lowest annual pass is $299 for Southern California residents (with blackout dates including all weekends, all holidays, and almost the entire summer.)

  • aunursa

    That’s correct.  The Disneyland Resort offers multi-day passes for both theme parks (i.e. Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure.)  For instance, you can purchase a 3-day ticket for $220 (~$73/day) or a 5-day ticket for $260 ($52/day).  As one who has visited Disneyland several times, I would recommend three days for first-time visitors who enjoy the Disney characters and movies.

  • Donalbain

    But still, the passengers-to-lavatory and passengers-to-flight attendant ratios would drop.

    Or they would keep the ratios the same and employ fewer staff to increase profits. Which is what planes without first class options generally do.

  • aunursa