Alternate routes

Alternate routes September 7, 2012

We did “street” songs, then “road” songs, so here are the songs that didn’t quite fit into those lists.

The stars they’re just pretending to hide

Avenue B,” Gogol Bordello
Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” Green Day
Desolation Row,” Bob Dylan

Kentucky Avenue,” Tom Waits
Manhattan Avenue,” Nellie McKay
Memory Lane,” Daniel Amos
On the Avenue,” Aztec Camera
Penny Lane,” The Beatles
The Righteous Path,” Drive-By Truckers
Rodeo Drive,” The Swirling Eddies
Route 66,” Nat King Cole
Ruby Lane,” Milla
Scenic Routes,” The Lost Dogs
Sixth Avenue Heartache,” The Wallflowers
Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley,” Lee Dorsey
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out,” Bruce Springsteen

This turns out to be a fun list, with two generations of Dylans and three incarnations of Terry Taylor.

(I would really love to know what Bob Dylan thinks of the punk-ish cover versions of “Desolation Row,” such as this one by My Chemical Romance. But then if anyone asked him, I doubt we’d be able to make sense of his answer.)

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  • KempsterMDJD

    Jackson Browne, ‘Running on Empty’
    Allman Brothers Band, ”Ramblin’ Man’

  • mawado

    Blue Blvd. – Dave Alvin

  • The Alternate Routes are actually a band from the East Coast somewhere.  They’re quite good…

  • aunursa

    OT: Last night, when President Obama said,  “As Americans, we believe we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights,” I was amazed to find that my thoughts were instinctively drawn to this blog.

  • Theo Axner

    Lots of songs.

    2120 South Michigan Avenue – the Rolling Stones
    Avenue A – the Dictators
    Avenues & Alleyways – Rancid
    Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
    Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Hanoi Rocks
    Bully in the Alley – Three Pruned Men
    Café Avenue – Hanoi Rocks
    Dead End Justice – the Runaways
    Death Row Blues – Mojo Nixon
    Desolation Row – Bob Dylan
    Desolation Row – My Chemical Romance
    Devil Gate Drive – Suzi Quatro
    Dirty Blvd. – Lou Reed
    Doubleback Alley – the Rutles
    Down the Highway – Bob Dylan
    Endless Highway – the Band
    Hairball Alley – Rocket From the Crypt
    The Highway – Rancid
    Highway 61 Revisited – Bob Dylan
    Highway Chile – the Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Highway Patrolman – Bruce Springsteen
    Highway Patrolman – Johnny Cash
    Highway Song – Iggy Pop
    Highway to Hell – AC/DC
    Highway to Hell – Hayseed Dixie
    Highwayman – Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings & Kris Kristofferson
    Hillbilly Highway – Steve Earle
    In the Highways – the Peasall Sisters
    Long, Lonesome Highway Blues – Steve Earle
    Meet Me in the Alleyway – Steve Earle
    Paths of Victory – Bob Dylan
    Penny Lane – the Beatles
    Route 66 – the Count Bishops
    Route 66 – the Replacements
    Route 66 – the Rolling Stones
    Skid Row Serenade – Woody Guthrie
    Tied to the Tracks – Soul Asylum
    Wreck on the Highway – Bruce Springsteen

  • banancat

    Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant

  • zzxjoanw

    Edit: Nothin’ to see here.

  • Doctor Steel – Getting Directions/Thudd
    Doctor Steel – On the Run
    Unwoman – The Bridge
    Abney Park – Too Far to Turn Back
    Abney Park – Wanderlust
    HUMANWINE – Welcome to Vinland
    Dr. Caligari – Welcome to Medi.Co


  • Carstonio

    For many years, I thought the Springsteen song’s hook was “Tempt, devil, you freeze-out!”

    How about Johnny Cash’s version of I’ve Been Everywhere?

    One time we were traveling in upstate New York and tried playing a CD of old-time Western music, and we found that this genre sounds out of place anywhere east of Kansas City. Has anyone had a similar experience with genres (as opposed to artists)?

    I would like to see Fred compile a list of 50 pop songs for every state, such as North to Alaska or New York, New York or Take Me Home, Country Roads. I don’t know if every state could be represented. In the case of Georgia, the best known pop song is also the official state song.

  • FrenchRoast

    Broadway–Goo Goo Dolls
    The Highwayman–Loreena McKennit
    Ocean Avenue–Yellowcard
    Highway Blues–Marc Seales
    Shinbone Alley–Spin Doctors

    And if we’re allowed to include other languages:
    Sur La Route–Raphael
    La Route de Nuit–Raphael

  • Rizzo

    “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” but not the far superior “Stuart and the Ave.”?  For shame!   Also Avenues And Alleyways by Rancid:)

  • “Detonation Boulevard” by The Sisters of Mercy.

  • firefall

    Girls on the Avenue – Richard Clapton

  • Tenth Avenue Freeze Out – Bruce Springsteen
    Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant
    Hazelton Avenue – Manic Street Preachers
    Manhattan Avenue – Nellie McKay
    Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
    Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Mattafix
    Life in the Fast Lane – The Eagles
    Desolation Row – Bob Dylan
    Desolation Row – My Chemical Romance
    Highway Patrolman – Bruce Springsteen
    Highway Patrolman – Dar Williams
    Highway Patrolman – Johnny Cash
    Highway 61 Revisited – Bob Dylan
    Highway 61 Revisited – PJ Harvey
    Highway To Hell – AC/DC
    I Am The Highway – Audioslave
    Take Me To The Highway – The Doobie Brothers
    Cherry Lane – Ryan Lane & The Cardinals
    I’ve Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth – Fall Out Boy
    Conceptual Paths – Tom Gabel
    Path to Vanir – Enslaved

  • Amaryllis

    The Boys of Belly Row – Jez Lowe
    Bully In The Alley – Tom Lewis
    Cadillac Walk – Rude Dog
    Causeway – Nollaig Casey
    Doon the Wagon Way – The High Level Ranters
    The Good Old Way – The Watersons
    Guy Fawkes on the Highway – Aaron Bearden
    Highway Patrolman – Bruce Springsteen
    Kalfou Danjere* – Boukman Eksperyans
    Maiden Lane – Brass Monkey
    Mayden Lane – The New St. George
    Meet Me on the Corner – Lindisfarne
    Muineira Sul Sacrato Dell Chiesa** – Battlefield Band
    Round the Corner Sally – Tom Lewis
    Second Avenue – Lisa Moscatiello
    Shin Bone Alley – Spin Doctors
    Sidewalk of the City – Lisa Moscatiello
    Tenderness on the Block – Warren Zevon
    Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out – Bruce Springsteen
    The Turnpike – James Morrison
    Up the Raw*** – Lewis Killen
    Ways of the World – Possum Ridge String Band

    * – “Dangerous Crossroad” — which might have fit better with last week’s theme, but it didn’t come up on a search for “road.” That’s the way that it goes.

    ** – “Jig Danced At the Church Square”

    “This I had from Mateu’s own cousin as we danced– ”
    “You danced?” cried Jack, far more astonished than if Stephen had said “as we ate our cold roast baby.”
    “Certainly I danced. Why would I not dance, pray?”
    “Certainly you are to dance– most uncommon graceful, I am sure. I only wondered… but did you indeed go about dancing?”
    “I did. … I must tell you that on Sunday mornings it is the custom, in that country, for people of all ages and conditions to dance, on coming out of church…”

    -Patrick O’Brian, from Master and Commander

    *** – “Raw” — Geordie for “Row.”

  • erikagillian

     I used to live at Hillegass and Stuart, two or three blocks from the Ave.  And Dark Carnival, a great Scifi/fantasy/horror bookstore, was at Stuart and Telegraph for a while.

  • erikagillian

    No Ninth and Hennepin?   I didn’t realize till after I refound my Tom Waits cds, sometime after reading War for the Oaks by Emma Bull (if you haven’t read it, everyone should, it’s what Urban Fantasy was and was great!) that this is about Minneapolis.  Is ‘blue ruin’ a commonly known phrase?

  • Amaryllis

     I’ve heard it used for homemade gin– what my grandfather called “bathtub gin.”

    On the other hand, I have no idea what “rag water” might be.

  • erikagillian

     I know it from regency era slang/thieves’ cant, means gin.  But it might have a literary antecedent that I don’t know about.  Actually, I’m thinking of a series of engravings showing the ruin that came from cheap gin, only on the poor of course.

    Rag water, according to is thieves’ cant for whiskey.

    I went to find my 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.  Blue Ruin is thieves’ cant for gin, and blue flag is a reference to someone who runs a pub, as they wore blue aprons.  Here we have rag water defined as ‘Gin, or any other common dram:  these liquors seldom failing to reduce those that drink them to rags.’  Interesting punctuation in the original.  I have no idea if my source is better than theirs, but I bet mine’s older :)

  • borealys

    To add to the list…

    Elgin Avenue – Danny Michel
    Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane
    Highway Girl – The Tragically Hip
    Another White Dash – Butterfly Boucher
    Heroes of the Sidewalk – Two Hours Traffic
    Last American Exit – The Tragically Hip
    Alleyways – Hey Ocean!

    …I’m in the process of transferring all of my music to a new computer, so this is just what I could think of off the top of my head.  I’m sure there would be more if I could just get
    iTunes working properly on the new machine.

  • erikagillian

    And maybe my favorite driving song:  Late nights,  freeway flyin’ always makes me sing, always makes me sing.

  • reynard61

    “I would like to see Fred compile a list of 50 pop songs for every state(…)”

    How “pop”-ish are we talking about here? I know that “There’s more than porn…*ahem!*…corn in Indiana!” is pretty popular amongst us Hoosiers, but that might not be your definition of “pop”.

  • Carstonio

    Pop as opposed to something like Maryland My Maryland, an anti-Lincoln diatribe in the firm of a secular hymn.

  • Rizzo

     Ha cool!