Give me cause for love that I can’t hide

Give me cause for love that I can’t hide September 10, 2012

The Line: the movie.

Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.”

“You may not deride them; you may not reject them; you may not sneer at them, and you certainly cannot blame them for their own existence.”

“I really hope we can resist celebrating someone ‘letting us’ do what we have already been empowered to do.”

Then you can use your anger to bring the kelipot under the sway of holiness.”

“The proposed new facility, the Belle City Neighborhood Health Center, will serve both the preventative and comprehensive primary healthcare needs of thousands of new patients of all ages who are currently without healthcare.”

Eight of 11 states in the former Confederacy have passed restrictive voting laws since the 2010 election.”

“Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans From the Civil War to World War II” (via AZspot)

“‘Father Lambert wasn’t aware that the contribution would be made public, and it wasn’t intended to be a public statement,’ said Duluth Diocese spokesman Kyle Eller.”

“The fact that he is living … a celibate life is immaterial because if he says homosexuality is not sinful and something to be repented of and instead something to be celebrated … that would indicate that he does not agree with God about homosexuality being sinful.”

“Barton, who has made the same claim about the Seventh Amendment before, does not say how exactly the right to a trial by jury bans abortion, but because Barton is so confident that all of the founders agreed with all of his own theological and political views, he sees no need to explain the connection between the right to jury trials and the legality of abortions.”

“I imagine that fighting the perception of yokelism is hard when actual yokelism stubbornly remains the core of your movement.”

“And so the pro-life game as we currently intend to play it is all about coercing religious women who spend their lives assisting the values of life in concrete ways to demonstrate that they’re ‘pro-life’ by descending to the level of prelates who love to shower empty words across TV screens and public stages — and to call this representing the Catholic church faithfully in the public square.”

It has everything — phylogenetics, the fossil record, and plate tectonics — all wrapped up neatly in 100 million years of geological and biological history.”

“Here’s a simple rule of thumb: if your theory of the cross completely contradicts everything Jesus stood for and taught … it’s probably wrong.”

“I seem to have a real degree from a school you’ve heard of. So you can believe me when I say that everyone like me — everyone else, I mean — is lying to you.”

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