Give me cause for love that I can’t hide

Give me cause for love that I can’t hide September 10, 2012

The Line: the movie.

Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.”

“You may not deride them; you may not reject them; you may not sneer at them, and you certainly cannot blame them for their own existence.”

“I really hope we can resist celebrating someone ‘letting us’ do what we have already been empowered to do.”

Then you can use your anger to bring the kelipot under the sway of holiness.”

“The proposed new facility, the Belle City Neighborhood Health Center, will serve both the preventative and comprehensive primary healthcare needs of thousands of new patients of all ages who are currently without healthcare.”

Eight of 11 states in the former Confederacy have passed restrictive voting laws since the 2010 election.”

“Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans From the Civil War to World War II” (via AZspot)

“‘Father Lambert wasn’t aware that the contribution would be made public, and it wasn’t intended to be a public statement,’ said Duluth Diocese spokesman Kyle Eller.”

“The fact that he is living … a celibate life is immaterial because if he says homosexuality is not sinful and something to be repented of and instead something to be celebrated … that would indicate that he does not agree with God about homosexuality being sinful.”

“Barton, who has made the same claim about the Seventh Amendment before, does not say how exactly the right to a trial by jury bans abortion, but because Barton is so confident that all of the founders agreed with all of his own theological and political views, he sees no need to explain the connection between the right to jury trials and the legality of abortions.”

“I imagine that fighting the perception of yokelism is hard when actual yokelism stubbornly remains the core of your movement.”

“And so the pro-life game as we currently intend to play it is all about coercing religious women who spend their lives assisting the values of life in concrete ways to demonstrate that they’re ‘pro-life’ by descending to the level of prelates who love to shower empty words across TV screens and public stages — and to call this representing the Catholic church faithfully in the public square.”

It has everything — phylogenetics, the fossil record, and plate tectonics — all wrapped up neatly in 100 million years of geological and biological history.”

“Here’s a simple rule of thumb: if your theory of the cross completely contradicts everything Jesus stood for and taught … it’s probably wrong.”

“I seem to have a real degree from a school you’ve heard of. So you can believe me when I say that everyone like me — everyone else, I mean — is lying to you.”

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  • PJ Evans

    I think that Rmoney’s in too far to drop out, even if he wanted to. He wants the title of President, not the job of President.

  • Another one is that the house majority leader believes that voter fraud has the potential to swing a statewide election and that a majority of fradulent votes are cast for Democratic candidates.

    Why would anyone believe that? 

  • It’s not actually that hard to imagine. If, for example, you think that minorities are by default dishonest, and you also believe they are more likely to vote democratic, it’s not much of a leap to say “Those evil criminal minorities will use voter fraud to help their preferred party”.

    It just rquires that you be a racist.

    Or, you can be Ann COulter and believe that *just by virtue of voting democratic*, one is a traitor, in which case, *all* votes for democrats are illegitimate.

    It’s not all that different from the logic that leads people to be absolutley sure, in the face of all the evidence, that President Obama is a kenyan-born muslim.

  • In other words, the whole point is to prevent people from voting Democrat. 

  •  Well sure, but it’s pretty straightforward if you start from the assumption that the republicans are naturally due the presidency, and any democratic president is definitionally a miscarriage of justice and the result of a broken system allowing people (blacks, women, the poor) to vote who can’t be trusted with the responsibility.

    The real shame of it is that a lot of the time, it seems like the Democrats kinda believe this too, and if they ever win an election, theytreat it like a bank error in their favor, and just tryto keep their heads down and stay out of trouble lest Real America notice the illegitimacy of their rule.

  • aunursa

    On one hand, we have laws that plainly and demonstrably make it harder for people who typically vote for Democrats.

    I didn’t look closely at the survey results.  Not only do 60% of Democrats and 55% of self-described liberals support voter photo ID laws, but so do 65% of blacks, 64% of Hispanics, 71% of non-citizens, and 73% of adults with incomes under $50,000.  Support among other groups is, of course, even higher.

    Hey, you guys have fun opposing a measure that is overwhelmingly recognized as common sense among virtually every demographic.

  • ohiolibrarian

    Well, Scott Walker closed many of the offices needed for people to obtain new IDs right after enacting the laws requiring them. He also shortened the hours of the remaining offices, many of which are not reachable on public transportation anyway. Not that people working hourly jobs who may also be caring for kids have the time to go an hour or two each way to obtain forms/documentation and then probably go to a different office to obtain ID. Even if the ID is ‘free’, the documentation and the travel is not.

    There is also the story of the elderly lady in Pennsylvania who has been voting in every election since 1960, but who doesn’t have a way to get a birth certificate (I think the office where it was held burned down in the 1930s). She is currently part of the ACLU lawsuit.

    Shall I go on?

  • ohiolibrarian

     Solving a nonexistent voter fraud problem by spending lots of money to help people obtain unnecessary IDs. Wow, what a crappy use of scarce tax dollars!

  • ohiolibrarian

     You may not be aware that Ohio legislators passed a similar law, but last year we got enough signatures to put a repeal on this November’s ballot. Because, they thought that if it came to a vote THEY WOULD LOSE, the Republicans rescinded the law making the petition drive moot.

    Our Republican SoS has since been trying everything he can to discourage voting in our cities. Initially he worked with county Board of Elections members (he gets to cast the deciding vote) to get longer voting hours in rural and suburban counties (aka Republican-leaning areas) and shorter hours in urban areas (aka Democratic-leaning areas). Now, he’s busy trying to ignore a federal judge’s order to reinstate voting on the last weekend before the election.

  • ohiolibrarian

    You MUST see the coat hangers on the Christian Sign Fail site. Reminds me of a local shop called “Easter Nails”. 

  • EllieMurasaki

    You know, the purple ink thing would be a hell of a lot less hassle all around. Not to mention neatly avoiding the probability that some people eligible to vote wouldn’t think themselves (or would actually not be) eligible for a free photo ID while still being unable to pay for one, and the probability that some people needing transportation to the DMV to get a photo ID would be overlooked, and the probability that the photo ID requirements would not be communicated to everyone who needs to know them, and the probability that some people would simply be flat out incapable of getting hold of sufficient documentation to satisfy the DMV that they are who they say they are.
    Meanwhile, can we please do something about making sure no one can hack electronic voting machines? The Internet tells me it can be done for under $30 per machine, and even one hacked machine could seriously fuck up the vote counts for a precinct, and why would someone willing to hack a voting machine stop at hacking only one?

  • EllieMurasaki

    more than a hundred thousand dollars a year [(50 states + some-odd territories)* $20,000/year
    *cough* million. probably much more than a million, considering the sheer number of people in California, but at least a million. mind your decimals.

  • EllieMurasaki

    It’s always seemed really odd to me that the people most in favor of voter ID laws seem to be least in favor of national ID cards.
    The ACLU opposes both.

  • EllieMurasaki

    Hey, you guys have fun opposing a measure that is overwhelmingly recognized as common sense among virtually every demographic.

    Used to be–for too many people, still is–common sense that women are less intelligent than men and don’t have souls or sex drives, that darker skin means more animalistic behavior and intelligence, that anal sex is fucked-up nasty wrong…shall I continue?

  • Albanaeon

     How about support of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and other atrocities of justice that were popular?

    Argumentum ad populum: still a logical fallacy.

  • Albanaeon

    Also, you really should look at how ridiculous your arguments are in this.

    First you propose that we need stricter to prevent voter fraud of one person impersonating another.  A crime that is shown repeatedly to be so passingly infrequent that most people looking at the stats would be more worried about getting hit by a meteorite.  Yet, we have a group that is hyperventilating about it.  A group who’s in serious trouble demographically and has every fricken reason to try and prevent as many non-white as possible from voting.  And you take them at their word.

    So you don’t try and defend that Voter ID would prevent any real problems, but try and say its popular.  Whooptidoo.  That’s not a logical reason for it.  And it may not even stop the non-existent problem it was meant to prevent.  Considering the giant shadowy conspiracy of black stuffing ballot boxes the hyperventilators imagine as the only reason we have a black president, you’d think that they’d create ids by the handful to keep the process going.  In fact, they’d be doing it already.

    In any case, you’ve been presented with the “purple ink” solution, which even under trained and beleaguered voting officials could quickly verify that a person hadn’t voted yet, but have ignored it because…  Voter ID is popular or something.

    Even better, you seem to realize that it is an unfair thing on some level and want free ids.  Okay.  But you want progressives to push it.  So you want progressives to go ahead and admit conservatives are in the right here, completely ignoring that they have zero evidence of that particular kind of voter fraud and in spite of the potential damage to democracy and decency, FIX THE PROBLEMS THAT CONSERVATIVES CAN’T OR WON’T BE BOTHERED WITH THEMSELVES, and then pretend everything is all kosher?  And you are surprised you are getting told to stuff it?

    Would you try and think through your points before vomiting them on the screen.  It would save everyone a heck of a lot of trouble.

  • Carstonio

     It doesn’t matter who supports voter ID laws. It matters that the pols pushing them are pushing other measures that discourage voter turnout, particularly among specific groups. 

  • AnonaMiss

     Yes, I was deliberately lowballing since I could make my point even with deliberately lowballed numbers. The $20,000/year was supposed to represent a ridiculously low salary, for a single Voter ID Procurement Professional per state/territory.

    I guess the fact that I was deliberately lowballing got lost in editing.

    I wonder if aunursa is ignoring that post because he can’t address it, or because he thinks it’s ridiculous….

  • The_L1985

    What about people who make less than $30,000?  Because those are the people that voter ID laws would actually affect.

  • Ross Thompson

    That’s one interpretation.  Another one is that the house majority
    leader believes that voter fraud has the potential to swing a
    statewide election and that a majority of fradulent votes are cast for
    Democratic candidates.

    Hrm, yes. Removing those zero fraudulent votes would certainly have a significant effect on the results.

  • Ross Thompson


    According to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party,
    the State of Pennsylvania will provide a state photo ID to any
    registered voter who does not have another valid photo ID and who cannot
    obtain or afford the needed documentation.

    So, instead of going to the polling place and saying “I’m Joe Smith, and I’m here to vote”, they now have to go to the Voter Registration place and say “I’m Joe Smith, and I’m here to get my ID card”?

    How does this stop a fraudulent registration turning into a fraudulent ID?

  • AnonymousSam
  • EllieMurasaki

    Yes, I was deliberately lowballing since I could make my point even with
    deliberately lowballed numbers. The $20,000/year was supposed to
    represent a ridiculously low salary, for a single Voter ID Procurement
    Professional per state/territory.

    There’s lowballing and then there’s math errors. A hundred thousand dollars a year would pay five such people.

  • hf

    That’s one interpretation.  Another one is that the house majority
    leader believes that voter fraud has the potential to swing a
    statewide election and that a majority of fradulent votes are cast for
    Democratic candidates.

    Well then, he must believe in an organized conspiracy to create and conceal this outcome. Otherwise the evidence would make him delusional.

    So this has an easy solution, according to his hypothetical belief system: declare any form of conspiracy to distort the vote an act of treason against the Constitution, punishable by death. This would include both fictional “voter fraud” and real voter suppression (such as Florida demanding nonexistent documentation, ‘restoring’ rights that nobody took away according to an explicit court decision, before felons with the right to vote could do so).

    As Ross and Albanaeon point out, this seems likely to have more effect even on the fraud side if we start from the assumption that a problem exists. But the real beauty of it is that we don’t need to spend a dime unless people think that a problem still exists after we change the law.

    Mind you, in order to make this fair to people in every state — especially if we argue that Congress can pass such a law due to the Fourteenth Amendment — we may have to standardize who has the legal right to vote. Otherwise this might run afoul of equal protection or some such principle (imagine someone who moved to a state with different requirements recently and now faces death because of where they live). Happily, we have an easy rule to use: say every citizen of voting age can vote. I’d bet real money you could get a sizable majority to agree to that with a context-free poll.

    (The  GOP leadership wouldn’t go for this even without that last paragraph, because they do not in fact want what aunursa claims to want.)

  • joyce meech

    My problem with voter id laws is not the documentation needed but the lack of transportation.  How many buses would a person have to transfer to in order to get to a DMV?  Are there even buses that can get you there?

  • EllieMurasaki

    Far’s I can tell from the bus schedule, in this county, the DMV is on two bus routes. I observe, however, that most places in this county are nowhere near any bus routes. For instance, my house; if I wanted to bus anywhere I’d have to walk to the goddamn Walmart first. The goddamn Walmart is five miles away on the far side of a four-lane highway.

    And people wonder why nobody in this county buses anywhere unless the bus says SCHOOL on it.