‘Gazing at a distance at our own resurrection’

‘Gazing at a distance at our own resurrection’ October 22, 2012

“Efforts like these too often go unnoticed or uncovered by journalists because they are earnest and have the goal of bringing people together instead of tearing them apart.”

Nothing fills me with more rage than the prosperity gospel.”

“If it is your land, and your crops, then who has the right to tell you to leave the edges for someone else?

5. Some fundamentalists are on a journey out of fundamentalism, even if they do not yet know it, and they need a place to land. 6. Vocal fundamentalist gatekeepers do not speak for all those they claim to speak for, and so all fundamentalists should not be grouped together. …”

“Oh, people with vaginas work at LifeWay. And they sell lots of books by people who have vaginas. But LifeWay only associates with vagina people who know and respect the rules they have in regards to people with vaginas.”

“By the time we had gotten kicked out the first time, we expected to get kicked out the second time.”

“The Philippines is a favorite destination of these smuggled elephant tusks, maybe because Filipino Catholics are fond of images of saints that are made of ivory.”

“If all you want to do is be a creep, then please don’t drag free speech into it. Free speech really does deserve better.”

‘Viciousness masquerading as righteousness’ is an apt description of D’Souza’s whole ‘ministry.'”

“My question is: Why are so many Christians OK with that?

“They have millions of adherents who believe in a literal six day creation and a literal Adam and Eve — so it’s not a stretch to believe that President Obama is a Kenyan-born secret Muslim bent on destroying the country.”

“He has wildly oversimplified his enemy, plucked a handful of studies out of a field larger than he imagines, and then dismissed a whole world of human investigation and experience.”

“Like Romney, these dragons are long on vaguely inspirational platitudes and as slick as the devil.”

America’s view on Jesus matches its view for Allah, Buddha, even Satan. As long as your religion is peaceful, who ‘God’ is referring to on our money is up to you. Jesus’ name is nowhere to be found in our Constitution. It is not America’s job to go out to the ends of the world preaching and baptizing in the name of Jesus.”

“I am theologically conservative, meaning that I believe all that stuff in the Nicene Creed about the virgin birth and the resurrection. Especially the resurrection. But theological conservatism and political/social conservatism are entirely different things.”

Don’t even get me started on where the government places icy roads.”

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