Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol. 36

Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol. 36 October 21, 2012

I have nothing clever to say this week, so…Ta daaaaaa!

Gud Spellurs Wellkum
I dunno. I’m a sucker for soft fabrics.
One of the more benign comparisons I’ve heard to the Prince of Darkness.
Well, at least no one can say they don’t know who they are…even if who they are sounds weird as crap.
But unlike fudge, we rope off the nuts all in one little section, waaay over there.
Oh man, and here I was in the market for a new soul.
I’m strangely excited to visit there.

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  • Keulan

    Church of the Big Wood? Hehehe…

  • Would be great if you could put all of these church signs in some kind of album format for easy browsing. Keep up the good work.