Church Sign Epic Fails, Miraculous Mashup (Vol. 31)

Church Sign Epic Fails, Miraculous Mashup (Vol. 31) September 15, 2012

This week, we have a kind of mashup of kitsch, signs and other stuff I’ve collected recently that’s just too good to wait for a theme to share. So enjoy this Jambalaya-style dish of Church Sign Epic Fails…

A reasonable question.
Please tell me this isn’t a dripping, blood-drenched piece of candy.

Kinda gives new meaning to casual Sundays. And yes, please wear something underneath.
Yeah, can I trade this one for Brad Pitt’s life please?
I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess they wear overalls on more Sundays than just Labor Day weekend.
There’s so much about this cup that pisses me off, I’m not sure where to begin.
Welcome to hell.
Yeah, it rhymes and all, but…blech!

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  • Robin

    My mind went straight to the gutter with that swallow and follow sign.

  • elizabeth

    we may not agree on a lot of topics, but i really enjoy the church fail stuff you post on sundays. thanks for the weekly chuckle.

  • That last one with swallow and follow just LOL’d me! I used to travel a lot with my previous job and I always see those funny church signs which gives me a second look. Funny how these church signs would give you time to rethink and would always gives you a ‘what-was-that-again’ look.

  • jelly andrews

    Well, what else can I say? This is
    really funny. I can’t wait to read more of this.