The angels have lost their desire for us

The angels have lost their desire for us October 28, 2012

How to give a cat a pill.”

“No, I don’t need to propose an alternative approach in order to criticize yours.”

“It continues to fascinate me that so many people think free speech means consequence-free speech, that somehow having the right to speak without government interference has morphed into the notion that no one can call you out for being a jerk.”

Portrait of Jesus by Israeli artist Adi Nes. Via “The Contested Color of Christ” at Mythical Politics.

If these cheerleaders were displaying verses from the Koran, would you be passionately defending their right to do so?”

“The retreat of climate from U.S. politics is not something that happened slowly and gradually. It was a fairly sharp break.”

“Margolis and Sances’ work should put to rest the idea that liberals and conservatives differ in the level, rather than the form, of their charitable giving.”

Bad rituals suck. They can have the opposite effect of good rituals.”

All this presents the snake-handling church with a theological problem. But the problem has less to do with snakebite than it has to do with a victory over the fear of death.”

“During the last several decades, evangelical elites have actually been subtly but significantly changing their moral reasoning about homosexuality.”

“I long for the day when our community can come out from our closet of silence and be invited to tell our own stories—in our own voices.”

“Thanks to the AFA and Focus on the Family, self-styled pro-family groups are becoming associated with resistance to anti-bullying efforts.”

“What kind of human beings behave as Cardinal Law and Ms. Glendon behaved in this encounter with President McAleese?

“Beating him up and hating him was good for my career so I started to really hate him.”

“The central driving force in the political life of conservative movements today is to preserve male domination — heterosexual male domination — in the face of any and all threats.”

“A significant majority of Catholics say that their church should spend more time focusing on poverty and less on issues like abortion, contraception and same sex marriage.”

“After 40 years of seeking to reverse Roe v. Wade, the Catholic hierarchy still hasn’t managed to convince its flock that abortion is the top social priority.”

“Morality is a rich man’s sport. While it is true that morality can occasion happiness, still the navigation of its highways and byways rests on a full stomach.”

“The Web has not only revealed evangelical publishers’ and distributors’ shallow understanding of their target demographic, but also has given authors the means to circumvent them.”

“That LifeWay will not carry Rachel Evans’ book should be something she wears as a badge of honor.”

“Policing tone is a way of diminishing women’s words and sends a clear message: good women pipe down and play nice.”

“I said to her, ‘Why don’t you come over and have a cup of tea?‘”

Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol. XXXVII

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  • flat

    Cheerleaders saying bible verses during football games, that is one incredible good way to piss of my father.

  • How to give a cat a pill: hide it in tuna. 

    Who in their right mind would try to cradle a cat like a baby while trying to force a pill down its throat? Holding a cat like a baby is not something most cats are okay with in the first place.

    Sorry, stuff has to be true to be funny.

  • “Morality is a rich man’s sport. While it is true that morality can occasion happiness, still the navigation of its highways and byways rests on a full stomach.”

    General Lucius Clay: “There is no choice between being a communist on 1,500 calories a day and a believer in democracy on a thousand.” – when justifying a more pragmatic solution than the feels-good-for-revenge Morgenthau Plan.

  • Carstonio

    Feminism is about agency, not making the “right” choices.

    My own type of feminism is that societies shouldn’t have rules or norms about the “right” choices for either sex. That’s based on the principle that the individual should, as a default, have the final say over what is best for hirself.

  • D9000

    Jesus was Jewish! Who knew?

  • Carstonio

    If the theocratic reasoning used by the church members in this article were voiced by obvious demagogues like Dobson and Perkins, I would find it infuriating. But here I find it saddening. It’s like they don’t remember that the reasoning used by segregationists was almost the same, such as in the decision that was overtuned in Loving v. Virginia.

    I’ve said before that people with religious objections to same-sex marriage shouldn’t care that it’s legal, since they’re not being forced into such marriages themselves. Frustrating that the idea of individual choice when it comes to marriage partner seems incomprehensible to them.

  • B

    That’s one thing I’ll try if I need to pill my cats, although despite the speed with which they wolf food, I think that might result in a bowl empty of everything except a neatly-licked-clean pill.  I’ve seen treat pockets suggested, or using a pet-piller.

    Since one of my ladies steadfastly refuses to eat treats of any sort, I’ve been lucky that I’ve only had to give her liquid medicines.  (Which is another possibility for some medications — get a compounding pharmacy to make it in a liquid form.)

    Actually, I find laying my cats on their backs in my lap fairly effective for a variety of things, not because they like it (they don’t) but because with their little legs waving in the air it’s harder to get purchase to struggle away.

    One thing that’s never worked for me is the wrap-the-cat-in-a-towel thing.  I’ve always found it harder to get the cat into the towel than it was to do whatever it was without the towel.

  • I find the easiest way to give pills to the cats is to get the cat in the bathroom sink. We have a divided bath with double sinks in a separate room that can be closed off and the configuration of the sink makes it easy to pin the cat there. I have learned the hard way to make sure the drain is closed, though.

    It is easier to get a pill into our Siamese than our rescue cat, though. The Siamese has a narrower throat and he can’t spit the pill out as easily as his little brother can once I get it far enough down.

  •  Who in their right mind would try to cradle a cat like a baby while trying to force a pill down its throat?

    Only way to get my last cat to take a pill. You could put in her food all you liked, she eat the food and spit out the pill every time.

  • “No, I don’t need to propose an alternative approach in order to criticize yours.”

    I biochemist on a gaming board once said:
    I haven’t got a clue how to design or make an internal combustion engine, but if someone designed one that ran by burning kittens, I’d be perfectly entitled to criticise it.

  • Certain internet posters and politicians have brought to mind this Yogi Berra line:

    “I never said half the things I said.”  Something like that. I like this version, even if it’s not quite accurate.

    Anyway, he meant something completely different from what these folks are trying to do, and we have evidence that they did say it.

  • P J Evans

     I’ve pilled a cat. The trick is keeping its mouth closed long enough that actually swallows the pill. Otherwise, you end up with situation we had once: the pill, having been given to the cat twice, was still lying on the counter.

  • My dog would do the same thing.  We’d wrap the pill in cheese, even try to fool her by giving her some just-cheese then cheese-with-pill, but she’d take the cheese, carefully chew it off, and *click* the pill would fall to the floor.

  • PandaRosa

    The first two links, “How To Give a Cat a Pill” and “No, I Don’t Need to Propose An Alternate Approach” have an interesting overlap. How many of us out there are going to resist saying, esp if they see a friend desperately to attempt said feat with a determined-not-to-take-the-pill cat, “No no, you’re going about all wrong! Listen, what you should do is…” with results about as successful as you’d expect.
    At least our dog could always be fooled by peanut butter.

  •  Yeah, we went through many variations for pilling our dog. With most pills she’s willing to be trained to take the pill, but for the really foultasting ones we eventually had to use a piller. Once we realized that she doesn’t seem to have a gag reflex, it was a lot easier.

  • P J Evans

    The most interesting time I had doctoring a pet was having to give a liquid antibiotic to a pet rat. The PDR described it as having a ‘pleasant lemony flavor’, but they never saw the reaction the rat had: trying to clean it off without getting any of it in its mouth (a neat trick when it’s using its paws).

  • Mary Kaye

    The article on bad rituals is so true.

    One of the most powerful lessons I learned in 14 years of leading rituals in a CUUPs chapter happened at Samhain, at the festival of remembrance of the dead.  We had planned a very careful, orderly Samhaim–it’s a messy holiday and we didn’t want things getting out of hand.  Then someone smelled gas, and we ended up having to evacuate the building.  We had the ritual in the parking lot, on a slightly rainy Seattle October night (brr).  In that venue it had to be cut to the bare bone, meaning the part where people spoke in remembrance of their dead.  And we really had no control–all the ritual elements meant to direct how this would go had been left indoors.

    It was incredibly powerful.  People said things that they usually don’t say.  “I remember X, whom I hated, and now s/he is dead and there’s no possibility of redress.”  “I have lost my job/home/dream and I mourn that as a death.”

    Afterwards we looked in through the church windows at the Feast for the Dead, which was in a carbon-monoxide cloud too dangerous to risk entering (a chimney had collapsed).  Only the dead partook of it.

    The lesson I took from this is that we were trying for too much control, and the gods took it from us, as a blessing.

  • If the pill is in a solid form, I would recommend grinding it up into powder, then mixing that in with some wet cat food.  

  • My vet taught me a pill-administration trick that I have now used on five cats of varying temperaments. 

    Put the cat on a flat surface.  Pin the cat against your side with your left elbow.  Then, with your left hand, pull the cat’s head just about as far back as you can.  Holding the pill between the index finger and thumb of your right hand, push the cat’s mouth open with your right middle finger.  Drop the pill in, then hold the cat’s jaw shut with the right hand and wait for the cat to lick his/her nose.

    With the head back in the position it is in, the only way a cat can swallow involves licking the nose.  So once the cat has licked his/her nose, you know that the cat has swallowed the pill.

    More than one cat has tried to wait me out.  This resulted in the poor thing having to swallow a half-dissolved pill.

    I have never tried this technique on my dog (she’s more than twice the size of my cats).  Fortunately, she seldom has needed to take any pills.  In her case, I just crush the pill up and mix it in with Underwood Chicken Spread.

  • AnonymousSam

    The Church in the Valley has a history of such signs. A few others from their recent history:

  • B

     As long as the vet says it’s OK to crush…

    One of my cats I’m sure would go for it: nothing comes between her and anything she deems edible (which includes pretty much any meat, dairy, fat, or bread product). 

    The other I’m not sure… I’m imagining her standing at her bowl looking up at me with the skeptical look she puts on when she’s not sure whether the substance I’ve put in her bowl is really food for cats:

    “Are you sure?”  :licks bowl contents tentatively: “Because I’m not sure.”

  • flat

    I have found an incredible easy sollution not to run in trouble if I have to give my cat a pill.
    I don’t have a cat.

  • EllieMurasaki

    “Don’t have the problem to begin with” is not an appropriate answer to “how do I solve this problem?”, you realize.

  • PandaRosa

    Simple, just don’t own a cat.

  • Ross Thompson

    “How do we ensure that poor people have access to affordable health care?”

    “Simple; just don’t have any poor people.”

  • PandaRosa

    I meant no disrespect to the poor, I know it’s a bigger problem than that and does need to be addressed, and that anyone who ignores it deserves all the scorn   she gets. I was only looking at the cat thing, trying to keep it low key.

  • LL

    Man, that next to last link,, is awesome. 

  • thanks so much for sharing my post, fred. and whoa, that storyline post was powerful. i always appreciate the thoughtful content you curate.

  • banancat

    My cat has chronic medical conditions so I’ve given him both pills and liquid medicine.  The way to do it (even with only one person) is to stand with the cat level to your middle on a table or counter.  Stand behind the cat and hold firmly on the scruff of its neck.  Force the pill into the side of the mouth and use your pointer finger to set it right at the throat.  Do not try to hold the cat’s mouth close, because can’t swallow that way. 

    For liquid medicine, use the same technique except aim the syringe on the tongue instead.  The cat will naturally want to swallow it that way, and aiming for the throat is more likely to cause choking.

    Both of these methods take some practice for both the person and the cat.  Once you have the liquid technique down, you can use it to give a few milliliters of water after a pill (especially the large ones like Baytril) to help it go down.

    It’s really not difficult if you know how to hold the cat properly.

  • AnonymousSam

    It’s no good if the liquid in question is something which makes the cat sick, though… we had to give up giving our cat a certain type of medicine because he would throw up every single time. Apparently it just tasted that bad.