The angels have lost their desire for us

The angels have lost their desire for us October 28, 2012

How to give a cat a pill.”

“No, I don’t need to propose an alternative approach in order to criticize yours.”

“It continues to fascinate me that so many people think free speech means consequence-free speech, that somehow having the right to speak without government interference has morphed into the notion that no one can call you out for being a jerk.”

Portrait of Jesus by Israeli artist Adi Nes. Via “The Contested Color of Christ” at Mythical Politics.

If these cheerleaders were displaying verses from the Koran, would you be passionately defending their right to do so?”

“The retreat of climate from U.S. politics is not something that happened slowly and gradually. It was a fairly sharp break.”

“Margolis and Sances’ work should put to rest the idea that liberals and conservatives differ in the level, rather than the form, of their charitable giving.”

Bad rituals suck. They can have the opposite effect of good rituals.”

All this presents the snake-handling church with a theological problem. But the problem has less to do with snakebite than it has to do with a victory over the fear of death.”

“During the last several decades, evangelical elites have actually been subtly but significantly changing their moral reasoning about homosexuality.”

“I long for the day when our community can come out from our closet of silence and be invited to tell our own stories—in our own voices.”

“Thanks to the AFA and Focus on the Family, self-styled pro-family groups are becoming associated with resistance to anti-bullying efforts.”

“What kind of human beings behave as Cardinal Law and Ms. Glendon behaved in this encounter with President McAleese?

“Beating him up and hating him was good for my career so I started to really hate him.”

“The central driving force in the political life of conservative movements today is to preserve male domination — heterosexual male domination — in the face of any and all threats.”

“A significant majority of Catholics say that their church should spend more time focusing on poverty and less on issues like abortion, contraception and same sex marriage.”

“After 40 years of seeking to reverse Roe v. Wade, the Catholic hierarchy still hasn’t managed to convince its flock that abortion is the top social priority.”

“Morality is a rich man’s sport. While it is true that morality can occasion happiness, still the navigation of its highways and byways rests on a full stomach.”

“The Web has not only revealed evangelical publishers’ and distributors’ shallow understanding of their target demographic, but also has given authors the means to circumvent them.”

“That LifeWay will not carry Rachel Evans’ book should be something she wears as a badge of honor.”

“Policing tone is a way of diminishing women’s words and sends a clear message: good women pipe down and play nice.”

“I said to her, ‘Why don’t you come over and have a cup of tea?‘”

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