Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol. (x = 40-3)

Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol. (x = 40-3) October 28, 2012

If’n you cant figger out the title of this here post, you done skipped algebra…

I just puked in my mouth a little.
Wait, that didn’t exactly come out right…
Must be why all the Christians I meet are so laid back and, um, not uptight?
Yes, this is a real sign. I checked.
This propaganda brought to you by Allstate.
Yeah, like sexually accosting altar boys or, you know…that kinda thing.

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  • 2-D Man

    I’m just going to assume that Church in the Valley is attempting to hold on to their tax-exempt status by maintaining plausible deniability in asserting that there’s a notable Muslim running for some sort of public office.

  • The one from Grace Christian Church makes me think they might be using the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for a holy text. Not a bad choice really.