Election night open thread

Election night open thread November 6, 2012

Here’s a place to fret, vent, celebrate, console, rant, deny and discuss the day’s results.

“A Website for Misinformed, Oddly Busty, Mean Spirited, and Bigoted (but Prayerful) Romney Supporters”

“Mitt Romney will lie to you to become President and he will lie to you when he becomes President… Mitt Romney will do and say anything to become President. Anything.” — Newt Gingrich

There’s basic dishonesty and then there’s f-you dishonesty — dishonesty so blatant, so consciously abusive of facts that everyone knows, that it deserves a category of its own.”

“Nothing smells like desperation more than the falsehoods and half-truths coming out of the Romney campaign about Chrysler purportedly moving Jeep manufacturing jobs to China. The episode has been shameful.”

“Romney has managed to make it through an entire presidential campaign having openly flouted longstanding norms of disclosure by candidates.”

“You might have thought that we’d made it until Election Day without another Republican busting out another offensive comment about rape, but of course such a thing is not possible in our era of Republicans mansplaining how silly feminists have really blown this rape thing out of proportion.”

But the rape thing, you know …”

“Akin and his supporters believe that the husband is head of the household, and they’re loathe to regulate what he can and cannot do to his wife and children.”

“I’m a little doubtful, however, the pro-life religious conservative movement will begin supporting Obamacare, maternity leave, and support for impoverished mothers. If you don’t become seriously anti-poverty when Jesus tells you, I’m not sure David Frum makes much of a difference.”

“The vast majority of middle-class voters don’t understand that Medicaid may pay the bills for the future care of their own parents or grandparents.”

“Luckily, Wood had some inspirational words for the Daily Caller, before recanting his entirely [false] story.”

“This difference between how the two parties campaign will show up in how they govern.”

You’re joking. What woman in her right mind would vote for Romney or for any Republican?”

“If Mitt Romney or Barack Obama win, the increasing luminosity from our Sun will ensure that our oceans boil away and life as we know it will likely cease to exist on Earth within about 1.5 billion years from November 6th, 2012.”

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