‘I know better but I don’t know better’

‘I know better but I don’t know better’ November 8, 2012

“Those of you in the so-called ultra-conservative tradition say so little about what God said so much, and so much about what God said so little.”

“You don’t stand with other folks because they agree with you or look like you or believe like you. You stand with them just because they are like you: human, fragile, vulnerable … and beloved children of God one and all.”

“They are trying their God’s honest best — as we all are — to try to be God’s woman or man. So please, be good to my kids.”

“Today, virtually anyone can claim a list of religious ideals, take in children and subject them to punishment and isolation that verge on torture — so long as they quote chapter and verse to justify it.” (via Gryphen)

“Even granting that my patience with the Clan of the Red Beanie ran out about 25,000 unpunished felonies ago, Bishop Jenky nonetheless has managed to jump on my last nerve.”

“You probably don’t know this, but the only thing women want to hear about the subject of sexual violence from male politicians is your plan to prosecute perpetrators and bring their sorry asses to justice. Everything else you say on the subject is stupid, pointless, and cruel. Stop talking.”

“Invite women who have experienced these horrific acts to come to share their stories, without fear, and listen to them. Just stop talking.”

In Jesus, God experienced this terror. And that’s what causes me to love Christ in the midst of God’s silence.”

“If you believe humanity ultimately is depraved, and that only a preordained few are to receive God’s sovereign grace, this is fertile ground for seeing much of the world as ‘less than.’

“No person can truly know the will of the Creator, other than we are called upon to love one another.”

“This unknown thief pops into the end of the story just to mess it up by asking, ‘Remember me.'”

White and aging denominations like my own, the Presbyterian Church (USA), might want to tune into future discussions and developments in the Republican Party.”

Do Christians favor the falsehoods, or the accurate observations that are in the light for all to see?”

“You’ll notice that the prophets don’t spend any time blaming poor people for their situation or trying to help them through stern lectures.”

“The Christian leaders of the US of 2020 will be comfortable with a place at a very diverse national table, not ownership of the table.”

Church Sign Epic Fails, ‘Chocolate Chip Christ’ Edition

(The video up top is the new song from Charlie Peacock. John Thompson of True Tunes Think Christian offers some background on Peacock and his “Progressive-Blue-Eyed-Rhythmic-Alt-Pop.”)

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