‘I know better but I don’t know better’

‘I know better but I don’t know better’ November 8, 2012

“Those of you in the so-called ultra-conservative tradition say so little about what God said so much, and so much about what God said so little.”

“You don’t stand with other folks because they agree with you or look like you or believe like you. You stand with them just because they are like you: human, fragile, vulnerable … and beloved children of God one and all.”

“They are trying their God’s honest best — as we all are — to try to be God’s woman or man. So please, be good to my kids.”

“Today, virtually anyone can claim a list of religious ideals, take in children and subject them to punishment and isolation that verge on torture — so long as they quote chapter and verse to justify it.” (via Gryphen)

“Even granting that my patience with the Clan of the Red Beanie ran out about 25,000 unpunished felonies ago, Bishop Jenky nonetheless has managed to jump on my last nerve.”

“You probably don’t know this, but the only thing women want to hear about the subject of sexual violence from male politicians is your plan to prosecute perpetrators and bring their sorry asses to justice. Everything else you say on the subject is stupid, pointless, and cruel. Stop talking.”

“Invite women who have experienced these horrific acts to come to share their stories, without fear, and listen to them. Just stop talking.”

In Jesus, God experienced this terror. And that’s what causes me to love Christ in the midst of God’s silence.”

“If you believe humanity ultimately is depraved, and that only a preordained few are to receive God’s sovereign grace, this is fertile ground for seeing much of the world as ‘less than.’

“No person can truly know the will of the Creator, other than we are called upon to love one another.”

“This unknown thief pops into the end of the story just to mess it up by asking, ‘Remember me.'”

White and aging denominations like my own, the Presbyterian Church (USA), might want to tune into future discussions and developments in the Republican Party.”

Do Christians favor the falsehoods, or the accurate observations that are in the light for all to see?”

“You’ll notice that the prophets don’t spend any time blaming poor people for their situation or trying to help them through stern lectures.”

“The Christian leaders of the US of 2020 will be comfortable with a place at a very diverse national table, not ownership of the table.”

Church Sign Epic Fails, ‘Chocolate Chip Christ’ Edition

(The video up top is the new song from Charlie Peacock. John Thompson of True Tunes Think Christian offers some background on Peacock and his “Progressive-Blue-Eyed-Rhythmic-Alt-Pop.”)

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  • Ursula L

    “This unknown thief pops into the end of the story just to mess it up by asking, ‘Remember me.’”

    Obligatory Doctor Who reference, to the end of “Asylum of the Daleks.”

  • Magic_Cracker

    “Today, virtually anyone can claim a list of religious ideals, take in children and subject them to punishment and isolation that verge on torture — so long as they quote chapter and verse to justify it.”

    How many kids have to die (or “only” be abused) before legislators realize “You can trust me with unchecked power because GOD!” (or, in other instances, “…because MD/PhD)!”) is not a valid argument?

    People. Cannot. Be. Trusted. With. Unchecked. Power. Ever. Full. Stop. Triple. Exclamation!!!

  • JustoneK

    I think at least part of the problem here is they think it’s checked power.  That their morality itself, which they don’t even test for, checks it.

  • Jessica_R

    And because I’m a small, petty person, http://whitepeoplemourningromney.tumblr.com/

  • So what’s in the bottom-left corner of that graph?

  • Jurgan

    The bottom left corner of the graph you posted is occupied by selfish plutocrats.  There’s nothing people can do for them because they’re already rich, and (therefore?) they treat them like crap.

  • Jessica_R

    And on a more positive note, I love this photo, not the least because of the expressions on the onlookers faces, *that’s* the difference between the two parties, rejoicing when others rejoice vs. it’s not enough to win, someone has to lose. 


  • Magic_Cracker

    I think you’re right. In a reality-based community, a person’s morality is tested by looking at their actions and the consequences of those actions, with intent being a slight mitigating factor at best (say, in deciding between murder 2 or manslaughter), but Florida’s religious exemptions assume morality, which rationalizes actions and consequences, however horrendous they may be, and hand-waves the most visibly egregious cases of abuse away as unintended, totally isolated incidents.

    Also, the most disheartening part of that article for me was reading about investigators going on-site time and again to the same places, but not finding any evidence and calling it a day. I have to wonder, what kind of evidence is required?

  • I’m also enjoying http://goptears.tumblr.com/

  • Carstonio

    I might feel more guilty seeing those photos if it weren’t for Romney’s despicable appeals to racism. The campaign simply wrote off anyone who wasn’t white, rich or Christian.

  • Thrownaway

    It makes me sad to see some of those people are so afraid.

  • Jessica_R

    Yeah, I feel bad, but then I remember they’re crying over gay people being able to get married, women not having to pay more for birth control, women being allowed to have birth control at all, undocumented kids paying in state tuition fees, openly gay people being elected to office, etc. etc. and then I don’t feel so bad anymore.

  • Carstonio

    Welfare and indolence come up again and again in those responses. Saddening and infuriating, but also kind of rewarding, because it gives context to the low levels of melanin in the Romney vote totals.

  • Worthless Beast

    *Blinks at the graph* 

    Too simple, doesn’t account for certain kinds of people.  Where is the “honorble misanthrope” on there, for instance?  Just because one might be kind and do for others doesn’t necessarily mean that one would feel comfortable calling oneself a “Humanist.”   Even if I didn’t believe in silly things, I still wouldn’t call myself a Humanist because I think that takes a faith in Humanity I just don’t have.  And just because scratching others’ backs is practical for social function doesn’t mean I even particularly *like* my own species.

  • Andrea

     There’s one picture, though, of a pair of little kids sadly holding their  little hand-drawn “Mormons rock!” sign, and I cannot mock or laugh at these children.

  • Jessica_R

    I think this about sums it up, Romney apparently had no concession speech just in case, but he did have a $25,000 8 minute long victory fireworks display ready to go, http://www.boston.com/politicalintelligence/2012/11/08/mitt-romney-planned-boston-harbor-fireworks-show-that-was-scotched-election-loss/qmgtVKPq4zNnDyb9FbLWeJ/story.html

  • EllieMurasaki

    I am increasingly certain that he seriously believed that he and his supporters had bought enough votes and suppression of Democratic votes and changing of Democratic votes to Republican to guarantee him not only victory but a substantial victory…and Obama’s support is just that overwhelming.

  • everstar

    I do not know what to make of the tweet posted on GOP tears where a woman says she’s moving to Australia because “their president is a Christian and actually supports what he says.”  Like that meme says, “Cannot tell if trolling or serious.”

  • EllieMurasaki

    Hey, they called Florida. What’s that give Obama, 332 electoral votes?

  • Jessica_R

    Pretty much. Which really makes the top down cleaning house all the sweeter. I’ve had a few days to think it on it, and I really think this election was a resounding rejection of “It’s not enough that I should win, someone else has too lose.” 

    It wasn’t just just LGBT people fighing for their rights it was straight people rejecting the idea “the only reason my marriage is special is because gay people can’t get married”. It wasn’t just women fighting for our rights it was men rejecting the idea “it’s not enough insurance will pay for Viagra with no complaints, they shouldn’t have to pay for birth control at all.” We looked out for each other Tuesday night, and it was heartening to see. 

    @Andrea, oh absolutely little kids are off limits. But I dearly want to see a photo of the Romney son who “wanted to take a swing at Obama” when the election got called. His salty, salty expression would be one for the ages I bet. 

  • Lliira

     Fear leads to most of the worst evils in the world, and yet I am not sad. Because I am not an exceptionally nice person. I don’t want people who are attempting to stomp me into the dirt to be happy. Once they stop trying to stomp me into the dirt, then they can be happy. And they’d be much happier if they stopped trying to stomp other people in the dirt, too.

    As it is, it’s like watching a big strong man throw a tantrum over something ridiculous and petty, punch a tree, and break his hand. Ha-ha. Also, I’m glad he wasn’t able to punch a person this time.

  • Fusina

    I think my favorite moment in the results was when Pennsylvania went blue.

    Take that Turzai. And get rid of your stupid unnecessary voter ID laws. They delivered Nothing!

  • EllieMurasaki

    The voter ID law wasn’t technically in effect, so we can’t actually say what effect it had. The publicizing of the law with no mention of the fact that it didn’t apply to this election, that clearly didn’t do a real good job of suppressing Democratic votes, but the law itself wasn’t in play. If it’s still on the books by next election (and it had fucking well better not be–follow up on that ‘by the way we’ve got to fix that’, Mr. President, and that means dealing with the voter suppression and vote buying and vote theft as well as with too-long lines at the polling places), then we’ll see.

  •  So, I look at these people crying or speaking their hyperbolic fears about the outcome of the election, and I feel sad for them. I feel bad that they’re so miserable over this, so hurt and scared and in pain.

    And then I remember that if things went the other way, if it was “blackpeoplemourningobama” with republicans reading it, they’d be laughing, taunting and mocking.

  • Thank you so much for the link. Terribly important conversation.

  • This chart shows why that was a bad idea:


    Chart showing the white-nonwhite voting percentages by party since 1968; for Democrats it’s approaching parity, going from a high of 84/16 to 56/44 in the last election. For Republicans it’s been holding steady at about 90/10.

    from article http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2012/11/08/president-obama-and-the-white-vote-no-problem/

    Just one in every ten Republican voters were non-white. That is the story of the 2012 election.

  • cminus

    I was thinking “crabby hermit”.

  • Just one in every ten Republican voters were non-white. That is the story of the 2012 election.

    This…. isn’t really news. It’s been known for a long time  (since the mid 1990s at least) that at the very least, blacks have conistently been 80-90% Democratic in their voting patterns.

  • Tricksterson

    Wow, that makes Victor look positively coherent.

  • Daughter

    But non-white doesn’t just mean black.  The share of the Asian and Latino vote Obama receied this year were historic.

  • Fair point. Romney has committed astonishingly bald-faced incidents of faux pas: cracking nasty jokes about if he was Hispanic he’d have made out like a bandit because lol welfare, and trying to change the color of his face for Univision, and so on.

    It’s that kind of unthinking racism that really lays bare the Republican contempt for anyone who isn’t white.

  • ReverendRef

     I liked this so much that I posted this comment over on my own blog.  Nicely done.

  • Carstonio

     Yes, that was my point. Obama’s numbers look like the teens from Captain Planet and the Planeteers. I chose that analogy not by accident, since a columnist once lambasted the show’s “left-wing agenda” and fumed that the US team member was shown as less informed on environmental concerns than his teammates. Romney’s numbers look like a typical corporation’s board of directors, 20 white men plus a token woman or minority member.

  • EllieMurasaki

    I thought that was on purpose because using the show to educate its viewers on environmental issues by means of educating some other member of the ensemble would require the audience to sympathize with that other member of the ensemble, who would not be both white and male and who would also not be USAian. And of a certainty this same commentator would have thrown as loud a shitfit about having to sympathize with a not-white-US-dude.

  • The Whole Romney Ticket Believed in Unskewed Polls?

    Some people make jokes about reality having a liberal bias, but it appears that actual candidates who were taken seriously by a large segment of the press and the public really don’t want to accept thatwhole reality thing.

    Come over to the reality-based community.  We have cookies.

  • P J Evans

    I think this about sums it up,

    And to complete the picture, Romney had the campaign credit cards closed down while his campaign workers were going home. They found out when the cards were refused at the end of their cab rides.

  • Jesus Christ. The guy’s worth $100 million all on his own and he’s that much of a fucking cheapskate.

    Holy brass balls.

    EDIT: Confirmed.

  • WalterC

    That’s very true. They also think that they’re not the ones being trusted with the power — it’s really God. They’re just a humble intermediary, like God’s attorney or press secretary or something. 

  • WalterC

    I always thought that Unskewed as viewed as a joke even by right-wingers. He was consistently arguing that Romney would crush Obama in almost every swing state, even the ones that traditionally leaned towards Democrats and never favored Romney in any poll. He was far beyond even what Rasmussen was putting out, and Rasmussen is often accused of having a conservative bias as well. I didn’t realize that anyone actually used that guy as a serious statistician, any more than they used Newt Gingrich or Jim Cramer.

  • Lori

    You’re way off. That guy is worth somewhere between $190 & $250 million all on his own.

    Anyone who thinks he’s a good person and would have been a good president really needs to think long and hard about what this move with the credit cards says about him. And then catch the clue that the US just dodged a bullet, because Romney is a complete asshat.

    To be clear, I don’t feel sorry for the staffers because those people were trying to put that guy in charge of our country. They deserve worse than being stuck paying for their own cab fare. (I do feel bad for the cab drivers they no doubt stiffed on the tip.) I still think that moves says a great deal about (R)money and why he would have been a terrible president. He really is an even worse human being than W. I can’t believe we let someone that awful get so close to the White House.

  • EllieMurasaki

    I repeat: Romney-supporting superPACs, organized suppression of voters from Democratic-leaning demographics, and that NSA analyst’s findings to the effect of a whole bunch of races where ten percent of votes cast for Democrats were counted for Republicans. We did not let Romney anything. He and his supporters made a concerted effort to steal the election, and we did not let him.

    I wonder what Obama’s margin of victory would have been had this election contained no vote theft, no voter suppression, and election spending within reasonable amounts. Also what Congress would look like.

  • Tricksterson

    Speaking of polls, where’s aunursa?

  • One thing I thought spoke even louder about his character as a potential president than the credit card business was his (supposedly) not bothering with a concession speech, only a victory speech.  Do we really need another president who never bothers with a Plan B?  (Contraception jokes aside.)  Remember being greeted as liberators with open arms?

  • EllieMurasaki

    He skipped out before the polls closed Tuesday, saying he didn’t think his presence would be productive or some such shit. Shame; I kinda wanna ask him what he thought of Nate Silver before the election and what he thinks of him now.

  • I wonder what Obama’s margin of victory would have been had this election contained no vote theft, no voter suppression, and election
    spending within reasonable amounts. Also what Congress would look like.

    So, there seem to be only a few possibilities here.

    One is that we have compelling evidence that Republican vote theft/suppression is a significant factor, but the Democratic Party doesn’t have that evidence. That seems implausible.

    Another is that the Democrats do have that evidence, but for some reason have decided not to challenge it publicly, even though that means losing seats in both Houses and risking losing the White House. I’m not sure why on Earth they’d be willing to do that, and all the answers I can think of suggest far worse things than the vote theft/suppression itself.

    Another is that the Democrats have challenged it publicly, and I just haven’t noticed. I’m willing to believe that.

    Another is that we don’t have compelling evidence that it’s a significant factor. I’m willing to believe that as well.

  • Whatever you do, don’t type his name two more times.

  • EllieMurasaki

    While I think that’s supporting evidence for the contention that he’d bought, stolen, and suppressed enough votes that he was figuring on a ten-point victory.

  • To be clear, I don’t feel sorry for the staffers because those people
    were trying to put that guy in charge of our country. They deserve worse
    than being stuck paying for their own cab fare.

    It wasn’t right of Romney to stiff the people who’d been pulling for him, though. And it wasn’t like it would have been that much out of pocket for him, honestly, if his campaign budget didn’t cover it.

    I mean, no matter how repellent the dude is the campaign folks were working for, the fact is they were collecting a paycheck like all of us do, and Romney’s attitude about them is like a self-centered CEO’s on steroids.

    They didn’t deserve to be tossed aside like so much trash without even a couple days’ grace to have one last blowout and then turn in the campaign cards. :(

    So yeah, I feel sorry for them. ‘Cause the fish rots from the head.

  • EllieMurasaki

    Or nobody’s had enough time to double-check the NSA guy’s data and analysis. Which is where my money is, since it hasn’t been all that long since he published.

  • There’s room for more than one person to be in the wrong there, though.  Just because one is wrong, doesn’t mean the other must be right.

    Have you considered cutting off the head?