‘If we all hold hands and very quietly shout’

‘If we all hold hands and very quietly shout’ January 6, 2013

“That’s an impressive chunk of change, but please note: It’s probably not a good idea to try this on a smaller scale.”

“Perhaps the strangest assumption in both movies is not only that the Hill Valley Telegraph would exhibit such odd news judgment, but that it would also nevertheless continue to publish in print well into 2015.”

“Sometimes it’s hard to talk about the past, but talking is better than forgetting.”

“PBS premieres The Abolitionists, a three-part series, on Tuesday (Jan. 8).”

(Thank you, James McGrath.)

“Classics saved. That’s what I’m calling the line.” (via Bob B.)

“Know that if you have an ‘unspoken prayer request,’ people are going to assume porn.”

“It was a time when beer bottles were more likely to be embossed than labeled and the ribbons were likely added at great cost to Pabst.”

“A Massachusetts man has been charged with driving under the influence after he drove his car on to the lawn of the Wilson House, one-time home of Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson.”

“I just find myself wondering when I see someone fall for an urban legend like this, why they believe it.”

“There had never really been a deficit in their love. The deficit was in their acceptance. These were two separate things.”

“I have, already, spent too much of my life preparing for violence.”

“Clives Stapes Lewis had some really bad arguments against pacifism.”

“Evil is not a corrective from God to teach us a lesson. To believe so is to worship a devil.”

If that’s his baby, he needs help.”

“In the Bible, ‘salvation’ is a multi-use word, but it doesn’t mean escaping this world to get to heaven.”

These stories were not intended for children, and attempting to make them kid-friendly stretches them beyond meaning and relevance, even coherence.”

“It’s easier to answer for 30-year-olds than 3-year-olds in some ways.”

“Christmas is more than a celebration of a newborn, it is the celebration of the very exegesis of God.”

“Nearly 900 manuscripts are now online because of a partnership between the Israel Antiquities Authority and Google.”

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