‘We’re here to stay. We’re here to stay. We’re here to stay’

‘We’re here to stay. We’re here to stay. We’re here to stay’ January 19, 2013

“It’s offensive to me as a Christian, as a woman, and as someone with a brain.”

“Years of irrefutable scientific evidence go down the drain, when we right-wing Catholics (or evangelicals, like the ones running Hobby Lobby and Mardel) need to prove that women are primarily baby machines.”

“Father Piero Corsi of Liguria said in a Christmas bulletin that the rise in domestic violence in Italy was caused by women serving cold food, not looking after their children, not cleaning their home, acting arrogant, and dressing provocatively.”

“I’ve noticed that people’s interest in discussing or accounting for privilege may be inversely proportional to the amount they possess. Which can be sort of a problem.”

“Women are empowered in the religious wing of conservative thought –” which seems to be more than religious progressives are doing.”

“Proponents of the [Violence Against Women Act] hope to revive the law in the new Congress, starting from scratch, but in the meantime, there will be far fewer resources available for state and local governments to combat domestic violence.”

“No matter how broad the bipartisan support, no matter who gets hurt in the process, the politics of the right wing of their party always comes first.”

“The primary stated rationale for the House GOP’s opposition to a Senate-passed version of the VAWA (as opposed to less seemly, muted rationales involving a general hostility to feminism in any form) was an objection to the extension of rights to people in LGBT couples — who presumably deserve whatever they get after defying God’€™s Law –€” undocumented folk, and Native Americans.”

“The modesty doctrine revolves around the assumption that a man has a right to sex with every woman he finds attractive.”

I can’t put a lot of faith in your good faith.”

“So here I am, days away from my son’s sixth birthday, thinking about how we need to teach our boys not to rape, instead of cautioning our daughters on how not to get raped.”

“This was a medical service that is advantageous for both women and babies, so we thought it should be seriously considered.”

“Last month a woman whose baby had died en utero was coming to the clinic to have it removed. In an awful coincidence, that was the day, Watters said, when the pro-life demonstrators collected a children’s choir on the sidewalk to sing ‘Happy Birthday Dead Baby’ to anyone driving in.”

“I have found the misunderstanding about late-term abortion to be widespread even among many of those in the public health advocacy community.”

“Developments in women’s health care were disseminated via a national game of political telephone, with information about our menstrual cycles, contraceptive options, and pregnancies filtered through the fuzzy interpretation of conservative talk show hosts, religious officials, and candidates for public office.”

“Medical and other experts say some dispense scientifically flawed information, exaggerating abortion’s risks.”

“My real problem, here, is that harmful books like these are still popular in Christian circles.”

“If you’re screening partners for how good they are at modeling future behavior, date statisticians. If you’re looking for someone who cares more about serving you than about showing off their precision of their model of you, date someone who isn’t ashamed to ask about your preferences.”


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