Now I need to toil ’cause it’s good for my soul

Now I need to toil ’cause it’s good for my soul April 22, 2013

We cannot predict how research will benefit humanity, because those benefits might be years, or even decades down the road. Or they might not materialize at all.”

It’™s not my cudgel, it’™s theirs.”

“These are the same people who will rush to ‘€œdefend’€ the Bible –€“ that is, the Bible they do not read and whose contents as they imagine them to be are largely a figment of their imagination — against those of us who’ve dedicated our lives to studying those texts, when we try in vain to share some of the fruits of our research and our passion with them.”

“The Bible is many things, written by many authors, with many ideas — some horrid, some profound.”

“I think there is a need for more progressives to respond to Robert Gagnon if for no other reason than to be Las Casas to his Sepulveda.”

“Governments that elevate money and firearms over human life, that treat its people and their will with such indifference — such governments eventually lose not only honor, but credibility.”

“I am the senator. You are the citizen. You need to be quiet.”

“Guerra and Fierro cleverly took advantage of an 1848 treaty that allows free navigation for both sides along the Rio Grande.”

“After a four month investigation, the authorities have concluded that, even if you see what they determine to be ‘the nicest buck [they’ve] seen taken in Indiana County in a couple of years,’ it is not appropriate or lawful behavior to leap from your car and chase it around the side of the [Walmart] while firing multiple shots from your handgun.”

Westeros Morning Playbook is sponsored by the Night’•s Watch.”

“For us, true love waits, and waits, and waits.” (via)

Church Sign Epic Fails: ‘Ready to Die'”


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  • Shooting wildly at a deer in a Wal-Mart parking lot … is a misdemeanor. Crap like this is why I despise gun rights advocates. Because they’re always mewling about “gun rights” but refuse to even discuss the existence of “gun responsibilities.” Deliberately firing a weapon without just cause in a public place ought to come with ten years in jail, minimum. Which reminds me: did that stupid cow who accidentally shot her own husband when her gun fell out of her pocket at McDonalds ever get charged with anything? Or did she get off scott-free by saying “Oopsies!”

  • Hey there, thanks for the link Fred! I went from a few hits a day to a few hits a minute! :) Nice to see an article get some read time, I appreciate!

  • I mean the politicians specifically should not know where their money comes from, so they wouldn’t be able to make their votes based on what their owners want.

    If there was a way to rig things such that the politicians did not know but everyone else did, that would be great. But also unicorn-land.

  • Dennis

    So… is Lark news a joke?? not sure

    Anyway, this is one of the best collections of posts I have ever seen

    Great job!
    Makes up for your ‘O please’ tone that I detect from time to time. (sorry, I really, truly value this blog a whole lot. I just don’t want you to lose legitimacy over your over-zealous appeal to the obvious. we’re not all there OK. More grace, man. More grace)

  • JustoneK

    legitimacy to who now

  • I like working overnights sometimes. I find I need to take a break from being around people and it’s a good way to do it. Plays hell with my sleep schedule though.

  • Isabella Rossellini educates us in her own unique fashion:

  • His opponent just has to run that quote. Probably for free, given as how the insulted party was a NEWSPAPER PUBLISHER.

  • I’ve never read such an article, but would assume practically all modern Christians fulfill your criteria.

  • Well, someone in South Africa has invented a sort of insertable vagina dentata:

  • Good on you finding a new job, Fred, and I hope it works out well for you.

  • hidden_urchin
  • SisterCoyote

    Heh – after Fred, your name is the one that pops up as “reasonable theologied Christian,” but to be too honest, that’s probably due at least in part to your handle making it fairly unmistakeable that you are indeed a Christian, to go with the reasonable theology.

    In our opinion, the Bible is not a place you look to for fact; it’s a
    place you look to for truth. I’ve talked about that before, but the
    gist of it is that you need to engage your whole being when reading the
    Bible for truth, as opposed to simply reading the words in an attempt to
    garner facts.

    That’s a helpful way of looking at it – there are times when I still struggle with the apparent cognitive dissonance of the reasoned faith of adulthood and the blind obedience of youth. Truth and facts are so difficult to sort out, sometimes – I’ve been looking for years for the words to explain how one can be a stone-faced skeptic when it comes to things like astrology, ghosts, Bigfoot, and so on, but accept the concept of love, or God, without a shred of mathematical or scientific proof.

    Truth, as opposed to facts – it bears thinking about.

  • Chris Young

    We have deposits for national (not local) elections in Britain, and in practice it doesn’t seem to inconvenience independent candidates or stop them running. It’s £500, which I think is too high, but it’s refundable if you get 5% of the vote. For most of the 20th century it was £150, which was prohibitive when it was introduced but trivial (assuming you have at least some kind of support network for your candidacy – the law requires you to have 10 named supporters) by the time it was raised in 1985; on the other hand, the threshold for getting it back was 12.5%, which meant that even major third party candidates were often out of pocket. Somewhere between the two would work better.

  • There’s a whole series of these? HOW DID I NOT KNOW?

  • This sounds like a really neat idea, but I can’t quite imagine how rendering a rapist angry and in serious pain, but still able to move and use his limbs wouldn’t have some serious side-effects.

    I’m also curious about the horrifying potential of this leading to an arms race.

  • The inventor responded to the former concern thus: “Sadly, many women have been killed over time, as nobody can guarantee the outcome of any rape. However, the huge plus-factor is that the discomfort and pain is such that the rapist would be disabled temporarily, giving you time to get away and get help.”

    As for the latter, well, they were supposed to go into mass production in 2007, but there’s no sign yet.