Postcards from the culture war

Postcards from the culture war May 7, 2013

It will be a blessing to the babies.”

“He stated his intent was to damage the building because they ‘”kill’• and ‘”murder’• babies.”

Do we want to make the pill illegal? Yes. Do we want to make the IUD illegal? Yes. The morning after pill? Yes. The patch? Yes. Anything that’s a human pesticide, they all have to be made illegal. A woman has to go to jail if she kills her baby.”

“Most importantly, both are marked by a deep mistrust of the people they target, by the belief that, if furnished with all the relevant information, those people will make the ‘wrong’ decision.”

It ain’t true love unless you can get pregnant.”

“I want to talk to the men now. This violence is our fault.”

“We clearly live in a culture where it is safer and better to be a rapist than to be a rape victim.”

“I honestly don’t think evangelicals can come to accept marriage equality until they deal with their antifeminism problem.”

“If you really care about those issues as passionately as you say you do, you should be thanking feminists, because feminism is a social movement actively dedicated to dismantling every single one of them.”

“If you are more offended by my faithfully raw language than the twisting of scripture to provide justification for oppression then I promise you that I find your way of talking and thinking as deeply offensive as you do mine.”

“The mandate doesn’t cover abortion, I reminded him, only contraception, and emergency contraception is not abortion.”

“Women, of course, are presumed to be too dim and too delicate to see through this obvious charade.”

I can change my sexual preference tonight if I want to.”

They’•re good small business men as well.”

I have built Habitat homes for colored people.”

It was in ill-fated attempt at humor, on my personal page, not the county party’s page.”

“This is a leftist front group for the state Democratic party and we’re not going to lend a hand to their silly publicity stunt.”

They love us to death, don’t they? The same way the ancestors of many of these folks once loved Jews, witches, and heretics right to death.”

“People like to talk about ‘speaking the truth in love’ which, I have gathered, means politely telling someone they’re a horrible sinner.”

“My goal is to join with the SES family to produce an ever increasing number of graduates who will be the green berets and paratroopers of God’•s army, and who will be used by him to win tremendous victories for Christ and His kingdom.”

“But then again, the pull of the Christian-right lobbying machine in Washington may co-opt the careerist among them and produce another generation of Tony Perkinses.”

“While some are seeking to withhold Communion from pro-choice and pro-marriage-equality Catholics, I have heard no call to withhold Communion from priests and bishops who have engaged in horrific sexual abuse against vulnerable children, nor their enablers.”

Rapists can seek custody in a majority of U.S. states.”

The most important thing is gun safety.”

How dare anyone else tell them which they should do?

JESUS + Mary

The tipping point has been passed.”

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