‘Disable the YouTube comments!’

‘Disable the YouTube comments!’ June 22, 2013

“I went to him and I said ‘well, what about you? Would you like to give me what you have in your hands?’ I did not want to say weapons but I thought it was better having them aimed on one person like me rather than everybody there, children were starting to leave school as well.”

I believe I will.”

I don’t like that you think that!

“By reading the [Billy] Graham script, I felt that I was betraying the caller’s real needs, but by listening to the caller I felt I was deceiving the Graham organization.”

“The Quedlinberg unicorn lives on.”

“I never set out to leave evangelicalism. I simply wanted to ask the questions I couldn’t help but ask and tell the truth as I saw it about some of these things.”

“The omnipotence of God isn’t about having all the power.”

“If young-earth creationism is correct, and geological strata we see on Earth result from a global flood, then why do we find such strata in rocks on Mars?

“But why are scholars so sure that A.J. Miller isn’t Jesus, and that his partner, Australian Mary Luck, is not Mary Magdalene, as she claims?” (via Jay Lake)

“If the citizens of Greece, New York, want to continue to hear before their town board meetings that Jesus Christ is ‘our savior,’ they are going to have to line up some Hindu priests willing to tell them that Krishna is ‘our Lord.'”

“I see people wanting to make snap judgments that allow them to remain secure in their belief that this is rare, this is weird, and therefore this is very very different from them and not something they have to worry about.”

“What’s their state beverage, A Half Glass of Warm Tapwater?

Are you out of your [bleeping] mind?

Church Sign Epic Fails: ‘He Touched Me'”


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