Are you discovering the truth about you?

Are you discovering the truth about you? July 9, 2013

Jesus cares more about what we do than what we believe.”

“It may not be possible for us to create a world in which no innocent children suffer, but it is possible to create a world in which fewer innocent children suffer. If we try to do that, if we look to the Christians and do not find help, where else will we go?”

“The implication is that this is some sort of victory, a notch in ‘our’ belts. But when we frame evangelism as warfare, it means there will always be loss.”

“Following the young man’s principled opposition to 50 years of settled law concerning the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution, atheists everywhere were heard to hiss ‘I’m melting!’ as they gave up on their plans to secularize the nation and institute Sharia law. Or they may have just rolled their eyes; reports are mixed.”

“The two trends are mutually reinforcing — the one a manifestation of a darkening time, the other a world view in which those who are not with us are beyond redemption.”

“In the future, everyone gets to be canonized for 15 minutes.”

“Yes, it’s another Objectivist For Christ, on fire with the pure, sweet gospel of selfishness.”

“No it’s not a lie it’s well-documented is phantom hands.”

“Even though energy drink makers might brag about awakeamine, dontfallasleepaurite or other ‘special’ proprietary concoctions designed to keep you peppy, energy drinks don’t work any better than ordinary caffeine at helping people pay attention.”

“It’s like the most interesting whodunnit ever, and somebody’s ripped out the last three pages.” (via)

“Perhaps the most important thing to remember about the MacGuffin is that it contains the word ‘guff,’ which means a load of nonsense.”

“A person capable of repentance has greater possibility than a person who, for the time being, has all the right opinions.”

“We’re moving both toward and away from certainty; we may be less sure about abstract theological questions, but we’re becoming positive that loving our neighbor and do unto others as you would have them do unto you is a good place to start.”

“She sat me down in a chair which I believe had been his chair and she said, ‘Please … just talk to me.'”

Where’s the sanctuary?

Like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again.”

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